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16 of the best Bathroom Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Bathroom lights are an essential part in creating practical, stylish bathrooms. Aside from the obvious need for vanity lights, bathroom ceiling lights also provide general lighting and task lighting for specific areas. With that in mind, we've created a list of bathroom ceiling light ideas and provided tips to help you create your ideal bathroom.

Showing Restraint

In rooms that feature highly detailed vanities, wallpaper, and walls, showing restraint can help you create a visually appealing, balanced bathroom. This room intentionally uses many detailed accents on the walls themselves and the vanity, which results in a stunning focal point with the double vanity and mirrors. To keep that area as the main focal point, this room uses recessed ceiling lights instead of chandeliers or other detailed ceiling lights. Following this practice, you can add essential lighting to your bathroom without detracting from nearby decor and accents.

Elegant Balance

If your bathroom has many details like marble surfaces, marble walls, and detailed flooring, consider how the finishes of your lights and other metallic accents can coordinate with one another. By intentionally using the same accent colors and metals throughout pendant lights, faucets, accessories, and furnishings, you calm the entire room's scheme and ensure that there are not too many details, textures, and finishes to overwhelm the eye.

Smooth Transitions

Whether you are choosing a light for a master bathroom or another bathroom in the home, your bathroom's ceiling light can connect to the adjacent room's style through its materials, structure, and overall aesthetic. This farmhouse ceiling light seamlessly connects to the door, which allows for a smoother transition between two spaces and creates a cohesive style in both areas.

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Simple Elegance

Chandeliers aren't the only ceiling lights that convey elegant tones. Flush mount and semi-flush ceiling lights can also convey luxurious aesthetics through their materials, finishes, and designs. Because of those features and the lower profiles, these lights can be used in bathrooms with standard ceiling heights, low ceilings, or even tall ceilings.

Classic Design

Candelabra chandeliers are classic fixtures fitting for any interior design style. Lights in this style may feature multiple tiers with sprawling curved arms, or they may take a modern approach with linear lines and contemporary candle votives. Whether your style is transitional, farmhouse, or mid century modern, you can find a bathroom candelabra chandelier perfectly suited for your space.

Open Invitation

This transitional bathroom uses grey throughout the flooring, shower tiles, and surfaces. With those details in mind, this room makes use of warm lighting fixtures to balance those cool colors and create a welcoming room. Bathroom lights are available in warm and cool tones as well as lights that mimic sunlight, so it is essential to consider what lighting temperature to use throughout all your lighting fixtures to set the proper tone.

Effective Accents

This bathroom uses many square and rectangular shapes throughout the room. The tiled walls, square floor tiles, rectangular vanity, mirrors, and tub are just a few examples of rigid shapes. In order to diversify the room's style, consider doing what this homeowner did and incorporate a uniquely shaped lighting fixture. This round contemporary light suits the room well and breaks up the pattern of square, rectangular shapes to soften the room's scheme.

Highlighting Architecture

This simple elegant bathroom intentionally uses a single chandelier to highlight the end of the bathroom, which naturally draws the eye to the gorgeous tub, window, and inset ceiling. No matter what shape your bathroom is, consider how the placement of a ceiling light or chandelier can highlight the room's layout and noteworthy architecture.

Black and Gold

When it comes to luxurious contemporary bathrooms, black and gold is a stunning color palette. Although this bathroom intentionally places a gold chandelier near a black curtain, you can style your bathroom differently so that both colors are used in ways that suit your room. Vanities, mirrors, furniture, lights, and tubs are all ideal places to use either black or gold, so don't be afraid to use these finishes to suit your specific bathroom.

Grand Design

The ceiling light you include in your bathroom is instrumental in reinforcing the room's style and tone. By using a grand luxurious chandelier in the middle of the the room, you ensure that the entire room conveys your luxurious aesthetic in each area. Lights are an essential part of any bathroom, so they may as well use them show off your personal style.

Statement Piece

If the rest of your bathroom has a very minimalist design with limited accent colors, patterns, and accessories, go bold with your ceiling light. The light can still subtly tie into the reset of the room to create a cohesive style, just like this star light ties into the bathroom's flooring. Creating connections like these aren't necessary, since the light can easily stand on its own as a primary statement piece or tie into the room's larger theming. In either case, using a light as a statement piece is great for adding visual interest to the room or a particular space.


Vanity ceiling lights such as hanging pendants can accent the space stylistically and provide practical lighting. However, by pairing pendant lights with lighted mirrors, you can use the pendant lights solely for ambiance and allow the mirrors to provide practical task lighting. Lighted mirrors come in many styles and shapes, which allows them to work with many different ceiling lights and bathroom vanity lights.

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Distinctive Design

Another great way to style a bathroom is to use different lighting types in different spaces. In this scenario, a small candelabra chandelier highlights the tub while vanity lights accent the nearby sink and mirror. By using two different types of lights, you establish each area as unique and present distinct design in each space.

Contemporary Creations

The Fluffy Pendant from Modern Forms perfectly captures contemporary style through its use of materials, shapes, and final detailing. However, any light is only as good as its placement and connections to nearby lighting. The details in this light subtly reflect the marble tones elsewhere in the room, and the placement of the light perfectly balances the natural lighting above the centralized tub. When choosing a light for your bathroom, consider its placement and how that layout fits into the room as a whole.

Deeper Design

Two pendant lights frame this bathroom's small mirror with great impact: the lights themselves interact with the mirror, the glossy focal wall behind them, and the reflective wooden vanity. When using lights in a bathroom, consider their placement and how they interact with nearby surfaces and reflections. These details go a long way in defining the room's style and transmitting light over larger or smaller spaces.

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Intentional Design

Pendant lights hung near or above a vanity likely provide task lighting for those using the sink and mirror. With that in mind, look for pendant lights that intentionally direct light over those spaces. The two vanity lights displayed here have very focused beams to illuminate the sinks and nearby mirror. Even with that, this bathroom uses a recessed light in the middle to reinforce the lighting scheme and sufficiently illuminate the space. Therefore, when choosing lights downward pendant lights, recessed lights, or other ceiling lights, be sure they are practical in their lighting direction and location.

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When you shop for bathroom lights, consider vanity lights along with chandeliers, pendant lights, and other ceiling lights. These different lighting types each offer their own strengths with brightening the room, conveying your style, and tying into the room's overarching design. With the bathroom ceiling light ideas detailed above, you can now plan your bathroom and choose the lights best suited for your unique space.


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