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20 of the best Bathroom Night Light Ideas

Bathroom lights are an essential part of the room's design and ensuring that it is a practical space. However, it's also worth considering how these lights will work at night and potential work as bathroom night lights. Since there are so many possibilities for designing bathrooms and incorporating lights, we've created a list of our favorite bathroom night light ideas, tips, and tricks.

Quiet Radiance

Bathroom wall sconces with lamp shades are also ideally suited to convey a soft light over your bathroom at night. Since these lights have their bulbs behind fabric, the light is softer than bathroom lights with exposed bulbs. Although bathroom lights with shades are commonly associated with traditional styles, they are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes as well.

Renowned Designers

Within the lighting industry, there are some brands known for their unique fixtures and styling. Corbett Lighting is the brand behind the Alibi wall sconces shown in this bathroom. Within this light, you see the brand's intentionality with material and commitment to creating lights that can serve as works of art. When shopping for bathroom lights, consider specific brands and designers that align with your aesthetic and design principles.

Directional Design

When choosing bathroom lights, it's important to consider their aesthetic along with their lighting direction. In this jungle-inspired bathroom, two rattan wall sconces direct light downwards to illuminate the sink and lower walls. This lighting direction obviously impacts the practicality of the room, but it also allows the dark green of the upper wallpaper to remain dramatically dark by not casting light directly on the upper wall. Even in bathrooms vastly different from this one, the placement and direction of your light has a big impact on both style and functionality.


Since bathrooms are such small spaces, many people choose to use a very limited and cohesive color palette in the room. Your lights can fit into that scheme through matching the room's other colors and connect to other metallic details. This bathroom's wall sconce has the same metals as the faucet, soap bottles, and drawer pulls to fit into the room's overarching scheme.

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Unique Stylings

Bathroom wall sconces are typically placed right alongside the mirrors, but not all bathrooms allow for this layout. In this transitional bathroom, the double vanity is marked by two side walls enclosing the area. To further emphasize the intentionality of the double vanity, the wall sconces are placed on both the back wall and the two side walls. Specifically choosing lights to complement your room's layout is a great way to create a highly unique, personalized bathroom.

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Unexpected Design

If your bathroom uses symmetry in its layout, consider how the lighting fixtures can reinforce that scheme or break the mold. This bathroom is highly symmetrical with the wall sconces and recessed ceiling lights, and even the light placed above the tub balances perfectly in the middle of the room. However, that same light breaks the mold with bulbs hanging at various heights and placements. As you can see with this room, intentionally using balanced lights or asymmetrical designs has a great impact on the room's overall balance and mood.

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Unconventional Balance

Many of today's designs feature perfect symmetry or asymmetry to create balanced spaces. However, you can also balance a bathroom by how and where you place accents. This elegant historic bathroom has a large mirror and sink on one side with a light and flowers decorating the other side of the vanity. Even though the space isn't balanced in the traditional sense of being symmetrical, balance is still achieved through the wall accents, elements on the vanity, and wallpaper.

Reflective Design

A common trick of interior design is to brighten a room by using mirrors and glossy surfaces. These materials serve to bounce light throughout the room and create a better-lit space. In the case of bathroom night lights, you can place wall sconces directly onto a mirror. This is both a unique way to style the bathroom and an ideal way to further brighten the room.

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Cool Design

The metals you use in your lights, hardware, and accents all convey their own unique towns. Metals that lean towards silver, chrome, and steel all tend to create cool tones, while gold and brass serve as warm accents. With that in mind, the finishes of your lights impacts style as much as the actual light, so consider this aspect seriously when choosing bathroom lights and bathroom night lights for your room.

Sleek Design

While rounded shapes give off a softer tone, rigid squares and rectangles feel more sleek and contemporary. This room features soft shapes in the tub and faucet, but linear lines are present in the architecture and lights. When designing a modern bathroom, consider how to balance those round and rigid shapes to create your desired tone.

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Bold Choices

If your bathroom features a bold color palette, detailed wallpaper, and unique accents, your lighting fixture can either add more complexity to the design or reign it in. In the case of this bathroom, the lights are subdued and classic to draw the eye towards those more detailed elements. The light doesn't have to be a focal point of the room; it can serve as a supporting accent to highlight other accents like mirrors, vanities, and wallpaper.


Wall sconces are often placed by a vanity or sink, but they can be used elsewhere in the bathroom to subtly accent other spaces. This unique bathroom uses a gold wall sconce at the end of the tub to give off soft lighting and serve as a decorative accent on an otherwise empty wall. Look at your bathroom's unique layout and consider how you can use lights as both practical and stylish accents.

Form and Function

Vanity lights and wall sconces are often paired with other lighting fixtures to fully illuminate the bathroom. If you'd like your ceiling lights to provide ample lighting while not stealing the spotlight, consider recessed ceiling lights. These fixtures are versatile enough to suit modern, traditional, and vintage styles alike with their practicality and simplicity. Along with that, you can choose which lights will serve as bathroom night lights to accommodate your needs.

Beautiful Elegance

Crystal bathroom lights convey a highly luxurious style with their classic material, scattered light rays, and structures. Lights like these are great for casting ambient light both day and night, and with intentional placement and lighting temperatures, they can also serve as your primary vanity lights.

Soft Design

When it comes to design, rounded edges and curves give a softer vibe than rigid rectangular shapes. Since this bathroom has so many soft edges with the room's architecture and vanity, it's only natural that the lights also feature soft shapes with its base, torch, and lamp shade. Simple details like these are vital for creating the proper tone and style for your bathroom.

Perfect Pendants

Bathroom pendant lights are becoming increasingly popular for conveying unique stylings in bathrooms. Like other lights, these fixtures come in various styles, finishes, and designs to suit different interior design aesthetics. They can be used to accent a vanity light this bathroom, or pendant lights can be placed to decorate other areas of the room.

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Mixed Metals

Although many people choose to use matching metals in the bathroom, you can choose to use mismatching accents to further develop your room's color scheme. Since this bathroom has black lines in the wallpaper, it makes since that some metals would be black. However, gold accents are also fitting for hte room to add warmth to the style. Even with these mixed metals, you can see how you can create a balanced bathroom with different metals in the lights, faucets, handles, and accents.

Bohemian Whimsy

This bathroom has great boho personality with the pops of color, soft shapes, and warm metals. When designing a boho bathroom, your lighting fixture can further define that scheme by incorporating unique textures and whimsical design into the light. Boho wall sconces and pendant lights are just two examples of lights that can complement a whimsical boho aesthetic.

Soft Ambiance

When using the bathroom in the middle of the night, you want light that is bright enough to light your way without blinding you or further waking you up. Soft, ambient wall sconces can serve both those purposes by emitting a soft glow near your bathroom sink and over the nearby vicinity. Many of today's bathroom lights feature dimming options, so consider these lights for soft night lights and practical task lighting in the rest of the day.

Thematic Ties

The lights you choose can reinforce any imagery or motifs in the bathroom through its structure or detailing. This boldly accented bathroom uses a floral torch wall sconce to further define the room's natural wallpaper and earthy style. Outside of this style, there are many wall sconces that display geometric shapes, sculptural designs, and other artistic designs to fit various interior design styles.

Bathroom lights are both practical and stylish with their designs and lighting capabilities. With the bathroom night light ideas detailed above, you can now go about decorating your own bathroom to convey your style and ideal tone.


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