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25 of the best Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Farmhouse bathrooms are known for being welcoming spaces for you or guests. However, since its original conception, farmhouse style has gone through many transitions and is now frequently blended with other interior design styles. To help you navigate those branches and create your ideal bathroom, here are 25 of our best farmhouse bathroom lighting ideas.

Functional Farmhouse

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, farmhouse bathrooms must also be highly practical with their furnishings and fixtures. The lights that you use over your vanity and mirrors have a great impact on the room stylistically as well as practically. With that in mind, choose lights that work with your mirrors, cast light in the proper directions, and use the ideal lighting temperature for any tasks done at the vanity.

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Perfect Symmetry

Traditional farmhouse bathrooms frequently utilize symmetry to create very classic, neat bathrooms. While your built ins and vanities all impact that layout, you can use your lights to further that scheme. This bathroom uses three wall sconces to balance the large vanity, but pendant lights could also be used between in the same areas to create a balanced design.

Subdued Presence

Lights do not have to be primary focal points of your vanity's wall. With a highly patterned wall like this, it's perfectly acceptable to use simple vanity lights that blend into the background and don't compete with the wallpaper. Even so, the lights should fit into the room's overarching style through similar materials, tone, and shapes to create a cohesive and consistent style.

Coordinating Creams

Farmhouse bathrooms that lean into cottage or country aesthetics often use light browns and creams to create a welcoming, soothing bathroom. With that in mind, you can mix and match various beige tones and textures to create a cozy bathroom. The cream pendant lights, vase, flooring, and brown accents all work together in this bathroom to make a stunning statement, and similar methods can be used in your own bathroom.


This rustic modern bathroom has glorious wood walls everywhere the eye can see. Because of that, the accents used in the bathroom are minimal and highly intentional. For bathrooms like these, you can use subtle lights in recessed lighting or small, subdued lighting fixtures. That way, the details of the walls, flooring, and tub can all shine as the main accents.

Classic Design

Wallpapers, wall sconces, and roman shades are a perfect match for classic farmhouse bathrooms. Each of these facets come in many different designs, finishes, and aesthetics, so you can lean into an elegant country style or a modern farmhouse with a limited color palette. In any case, the sconces you use and the elements they're paired with should all work towards the same style goals.

Grand Farmhouse

The lights you use in your farmhouse style bathroom dramatically impact the overarching tone and style. When combining farmhouse style with more elegant aesthetics, look for lighting fixtures that convey the warm tones of farmhouse style and show off elegant structures. The Astoria Chandelier shown here fits into a grand farmhouse style through its use of round shapes and warm metals, but it is elevated with its dynamic structure and size.

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Soft Design

As a more traditional style, farmhouse style often uses softer shapes and edges to create an approachable style. This means that with your farmhouse bathroom, you can intentionally include vanity lights that convey that tone. Lights that use rounded shapes and circles are well suited for traditional farmhouse bathrooms and can create a very welcoming space.

Countryside Spa

Nothing says "elegance" quite like a bathroom chandelier or pendant placed above a soaking tub. A country style chandelier like Crystorama's Broche Round Pendant fits into farmhouse style through its color and rounded shape, but even more than that, the motifs of natural leaves and candles perfectly convey a countryside aesthetic.

New Trends

In this bathroom, there are several recurring numbers. There are two lighting fixtures, two mirrors, two sinks, two soap dispensers, and so on. However, the lighting fixtures partly break the mold by featuring three lights each. This subtle difference is a great way to fit into the room's overarching design while also setting a new trend for the entire vanity space.

Light and Bright

Farmhouse style bathrooms tend to feel very light and airy with natural light and lighting fixtures. The placement of the lights can also help further that lighting scheme and define the room's tone. In this example, the lights are mounted onto a mirrored wall. The rays of light will extend outward into the rest of the room, but they will also reflect off the mirror to create an even brighter space. While you do not have to mimic this layout, it is definitely worth noting how light is cast over the immediate area and room as a whole.

Masterful Pairings

In your farmhouse bathroom, you can use lights that you wouldn't necessarily consider farmhouse style. The linear, rigid lighted mirrors here definitely convey a more contemporary aesthetic, but they still work within this farmhouse bathroom. One of the main reasons they work is because of how they match other farmhouse elements in similar shapes. The rustic countertop boldly suits a rustic farmhouse style, and since it mimics the shape of the mirror and lights, the pieces tie together perfectly.

Matching Metals

If you have a more traditional farmhouse bathroom, you'll likely match elements to create a very cohesive design. The warm brass of the wall sconces tie in very well to the warm metals of the mirror and faucet, even if they are not exact matches. Matching metals is handy not only in traditional spaces, but in small bathrooms that you want to feel cohesive and classic.

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Elevated Style

Bathroom mirrors with lights are becoming increasingly popular for their sleek style and practical lighting. These mirrors can even be used in farmhouse style. When using mirrors with lights in farmhouse bathrooms, consider what farmhouse elements you pair with the mirror. Natural materials on the walls, farmhouse ceiling lights, farmhouse sinks, and other elements can all be tailored to match your mirror and create an elevated farmhouse style.


Another element that helps your farmhouse style bathroom feel welcoming is what metallic tones you use in the room. This room features warm metals as the primary accents through the vanity light, faucet, and hangers. Although these accent pieces pale in comparison to some of the other elements of the room, they are an essential part of creating a warm tone.

Traditional Tastes

Wall sconces are commonly found in more traditional farmhouse bathrooms. Sconces with cream/white lampshades like this fit into that traditional farmhouse aesthetic, but the clear accents and cool metals elsewhere in the lights break the bold. Blending traditional farmhouse fixtures with unconventional finishes can help you create a one of a kind farmhouse bathroom.


Farmhouse style frequently highlights different materials and textures to create dynamic spaces. This bathroom shows off that principle with the shiplap walls, tasselled towel, wood vanity, surfaces, and the wall sconces. Even though the wall sconces may not blatantly convey a farmhouse style, they do fit into the scheme thanks to their use of texture and soft shapes.

Best of Both Worlds

Like we said before, black and white is a classic color combination for modern farmhouse bathrooms. If you want to break that mold and add in warmth, look no further than your lighting fixtures. Designer lights that use black, white, and warm metals can further the room's color scheme and convey the natural warmth of farmhouse style.

Vintage Detailing

The type of metal and finish used in your bathroom light has a big impact on its tone, but there is another element to consider: glass. If your bathroom pendant lights or vanity lights feature glass, consider a clear seedy glass that features bubbles floating throughout each shade. These details show beautiful imperfections and texture in the lights, which makes them ideal for homey farmhouse and vintage country bathrooms.

Beautiful Barn Style

Barn style bathrooms will often use imagery of wildlife, natural fields, and plants to convey their style. This bathroom uses those pictures prominently throughout the bathroom's vanity wall. With that sort of setup, you must carefully choose a lighting fixture that complements those surrounding accents. In this case, the soft shapes of the lights complement the soft details of the photos and the vintage finish further connects to the antiqued photos. Details like these go a long way in creating a cohesive style.

Intentional Design

In this warm farmhouse bathroom, a single pendant light serves to illuminate the vanity. Even though this room brings in a lot of natural light as well, it needs more lights to provide essential task lighting. That's why recessed lights are subtly incorporated into the room's vaulted ceiling. Recessed lights are often used in living rooms and kitchens, but they can work well in bathrooms to create task lighting without detracting from any other focal points or accent lights.


Although many bathrooms have all the fixtures, faucets, and handles match, this isn't necessary for all bathrooms. Having differences in finishes, metals, and materials can help you create a more modern or eclectic bathroom. In this scenario, the light matches the draw pulls and handles, but the faucet's color ties back into the wallpaper. Don't be afraid to vary your finishes and details to create a unique farmhouse bathroom.

Modern Rustic

If your version of farmhouse style uses more rusticated or distressed accents, you may want to use more modern lighting fixtures to contrast those finishes. For example, this bathroom features a distressed set of cabinets on the other side of the mirror and a weathered wood vanity. The use of a sleek, modern mirror helps balance those aesthetics and draw the room into the modern day, but it does so without detracting from those classic farmhouse details.

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Marvelous Motifs

Lantern lights are frequently used in farmhouse style thanks to their intrinsic charm and class. However, even lantern wall sconces come in many different variations to help you customize your bathroom. The lights displayed here lean into contemporary aesthetics by straying away from traditional square/rectangular lanterns, but you can easily choose a lantern wall sconce that fits your specific brand of farmhouse style.

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Classic Colors

Modern farmhouse style is often defined by its use of black and white. Whether you have white shiplap walls like this bathroom or painted white walls, you can use black throughout the room's mirrors, lights, and hardware to create that classic color palette. Matte black is the most popular finish for farmhouse style lighting fixtures in this color scheme, since glossy finishes tend to be more prominent in contemporary styles.

When you're creating a farmhouse bathroom, the lights you incorporate into the room have a great impact on the room's overarching style and tone. Modern farmhouse, country farmhouse, and traditional farmhouse are only three of the most popular branches of farmhouse style you can display in your bathroom. As you create your ideal bathroom, consider the ideas listed above for your farmhouse bathroom vanity lights and other lights for your home.


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