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24 of the best Bathroom Chandelier Ideas

Bathrooms are unique spaces that require intentional design. Aside from choosing the proper vanities, showers, tubs, and other furnishings, your room's lighting fixtures are also an essential part of the room. To help you choose the best bathroom chandeliers and ceiling lights for your unique space, we've created a list of tips, tricks, and inspiration photos to give you bathroom chandelier ideas and guidance.

All In the Details

When choosing a chandelier for your bathroom, consider what metallic finishes or materials your light will primarily use. These tones/colors give you opportunities to connect to the rest of the room's handles, faucets, lighting fixtures, and other smaller accents. Small details like these are essential for creating a cohesive bathroom.

Luxurious Relaxation

Your tub is a prime spot for utter relaxation. A beautiful chandelier can set the mood for rest and relaxation with its lighting dispersal and temperature, but the fixture itself can also elevate the tone of the room with classic candelabras or timeless crystals.

Stunning Sculptures

Lights do fulfill a practical purpose, but they also exude style with their various finishes, lighting temperatures, and lighting dispersal. This sculptural chandelier emits a soft light through the glass to radiate warmth throughout this warm bathroom. Consider how your light can serve your bathroom practically and stylistically in every way.

Singular Pendant

Minimalist bathrooms rarely add excessive decorations and detailed lighting fixtures. In an effort to keep the room sparse and open, this room uses a singular pendant light. This works perfectly for this room, since there is an abundance of white and light colors. When designing a minimalist modern bathroom, consider how limiting your lighting fixtures and choosing a simple light will help further the room's design.

Masterful Design

The lighting fixture itself obviously conveys the main style, but the way the light is dispersed and how it creates shadows also heavily impacts the room's overarching aesthetic and tone. In the case of this chandelier, the lights are dispersed through glass to create burst of light on all the walls. These details go a long way in creating a wholly unique, masterfully designed bathroom.

Beautiful Boho

Boho bathrooms often use natural rattan ceiling lights to highlight a natural material and texture. Along with that, boho style often uses rounded shapes to convey a welcoming and youthful aesthetic. The lighting fixture used above this bathroom tub perfectly exudes boho style, but it is only one example of how you can infuse bohemian style into your bathroom.

Tradition With a Twist

Woven lights and chandeliers are often made of natural materials or thick iron pieces. The Kalatos Ceiling Light Fixture takes that woven design and reimagines it with modern materials like polycarbonate or transparent Lentiflex. This twist on tradition makes for a wholly unique bathroom light.

Seeing Double

Two is better than one in the case of this bathroom. Since the room has so many dark features with the stonework and wood beams, the lights present themselves as much-needed accents. With their modern structures and materials, they also completely change the tone of this bathroom to feel more contemporary and artistic.

Something Different

Instead of using a singular chandelier above your tub, consider three smaller pendant lights. This modern marble bathroom shows how three singular lights can line up with the tub and create visual interest against the marble walls. There's great freedom in how and where to use pendant lights, so you can line up three lights in a uniform way or stagger them to create more artistic variations.

Cool and Calm

Bathrooms with cool color palettes like this one need lighting to balance the moody colors. By placing a chandelier directly in the middle of the room, you can cast light over a wider area and define the room's tone with your desired lighting temperature.

Focal Point

When designing a bathroom, consider what focal points you'd like to have throughout the room. Since the bath is a natural point of interest, you can line up a chandelier to complement the tub and its nearby vicinity. Whether you hang it closer to the tub or in an inset ceiling, you can choose a chandelier that perfectly rounds out your room's grand design.

Modern Traditions

Modern and traditional styles can easily be combined to add an element of class in a definitively modern way. This modern candelabra features a contemporary frame and finish, but the internal candles bring in traditional flair and class. Combining these two aesthetics is a great way to show create an elevated yet approachable bathroom.

Natural Beauty

With the curtains open, this tub has a perfect view of the nearby sea and scenery. With the curtains closed however, the space could feel too dim or cold. That is why ceiling lights like the ones shown here are essential in setting the proper tone and warming the space. While the central ceiling light would do a fine job at that, it's also wise to include small recessed lights to fill the room's lighting scheme and help you set that balance.


Monochromatic black and white bathrooms are popular in today's modern homes. In these cases, your lighting fixture can either reinforce that color scheme or add in a unique burst of color. As you can see with this bathroom, the light uses a simple silver globe to balance the room's distinct colors. This is effective in creating a very streamlined and focused design.

Elevating Architecture

Aside from casting light over the main portion of the bathroom, this chandelier draws attention to the room's ceiling height and inset portion. Because of that, this bathroom feels even larger than its actual footprint. If your room has an inset portion like this or a tall ceiling, use your bathroom chandelier to accent the room's height.

Another Classic

Chandeliers with various arms and lampshades often suit more traditional bathrooms. However, these lights are often tailored to suit modern aesthetics as well by limited the amount of detailing and simplifying the design. Transitional chandeliers with lamp shades are incredibly versatile and fitting for today's modern bathrooms.

Light and Airy

True to its name, the Fluffy Pendant from Modern Forms creates a soft tone in this bathroom. The cluster of frosted petals already feels ethereal on its own, but when light is cast through the petals, it is diffused over a larger area to create unparalleled warmth and comfort.

Coastal Bathrooms

Coastal style is quite popular in today's bathrooms, since this style makes any space feel like a calming retreat. Coastal chandeliers often feature natural materials like rattan, wood, or glass beads to round out the room's style. In the case of this light from Hudson Valley, the light highlights a natural material and does so in a highly artistic, contemporary way that is fitting for coastal and modern bathrooms alike.

Mirrored Design

If your bathroom is too small for multiple lighting fixtures, consider placing your lights close to a reflective surface. The floating lights here are placed directly in front of a mirror, which helps bounce the light back into the room and create a brighter scheme. Along with that, polished marbles and tile also reflect light throughout the room to create an ideal lighting scheme and ambiance.

Glass Globes

Glass is a timeless material that is frequently used in bathroom lights. Perfectly shaped glass bowls like this can suit traditional spaces such as this the one shown here, but uniquely blown glass can convey an artistic aesthetic fitting for more contemporary bathrooms. In any case, there is great potential with using glass globes and glass chandeliers in your bathroom.

Classic Candelabras

Candelabra chandeliers are one of the most popular options for bathrooms, since they have in innate class with their branching arms and vintage lighting sources. Many of these lights also include glass or crystal tears to round out the fixture's aesthetic and firmly define your bathroom as highly luxurious.

Gold and Black

Gold and black is a stunning color combination for modern bathrooms. Your bathroom chandelier can easily fit into that palette by using gold as the primary accent. However, depending on your room's exact scheme, black chandeliers are also available to suit these spaces. Truly, the possibilities are endless with black and gold bathrooms.


Elegant candelabras and cascading chandeliers can easily elevate any bathroom, but they are not the only options for defining an upscale bathroom. Even a simple chandelier like this can convey class through its simple shape, timeless color palette, and balanced placement.

Linear Lights

Chandeliers that use light rods are a great fit for small dining rooms. The lights may take up a larger footprint, but since there is so much empty space between each of the rods, the light doesn't feel clunky or overbearing.

Bathrooms come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and styles. That can make it tricky to design a bathroom, since no space is identically like another. Instead of perfectly mimicking another bathroom, lean fully into your unique space and create something wholly personal. Your bathroom's chandeliers and lighting fixtures go a long way in defining your bathroom's tone and style. With the bathroom chandelier ideas, tips, and tricks detailed above, you can now go forward with confidence and create your best bathroom.


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