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25 Bathroom Pendant Lighting Ideas to Transform Your Bathroom

Bathroom pendant lights offer practical lighting to vanities, sinks, mirrors, tubs, and showers. Not only do these lights fulfill a functional purpose in the room, but they also convey their own style and tone based on their design and placement. Since pendant lights are so full of potential, here are 25 bathroom pendant lighting ideas, tips, and tricks to inspire and guide you.

Perfect Framing

One of the most popular layouts for bathroom pendant lights is to align them along both sides of a mirror. This placement visually frames the mirror and sink as a well-defined focal point, but these lights are also perfectly placed to be practical task lights.

Light and Shadow

The lighting fixture itself makes a statement in the room's grand design, but so does the distribution of light. Hammerton Studio's Aalto Starburst Chandelier is stunning on its own, but with the glass bulbs designed as they are, the light bounces throughout the room and creates unique shadows. This unexpected design element elevates the room to a new level of sophistication.

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Time To Reflect

Mirrors are often used in interior design to maximize the impact of light in the room. This principle is heavily used in bathrooms, since the room is used for practical purposes like putting on makeup and getting ready each day. Placing pendant lights directly in front of a long mirror can positively impact the room's lighting scheme and create a highly practical vanity.

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Abstract Artistry

Abstract pendant lighting fixtures are commonly used in contemporary bathrooms. In these situations, you may have a very simple bathroom that requires a simple spark or visually interesting piece to transform the space. Abstract and contemporary pendant lights are perfect for doing just that.

Monochromatic Marvels

Monochromatic color palettes are popular in a variety of interior design styles. When choosing a pendant light for a black and white bathroom, your light can use one of those two colors, a brand new color, or a subtle complementary finish. In this minimalist bathroom;, the light features a simple chromatic finish to complement the stark, cool color scheme.

Master of Design

While lighting fixtures themselves can act as art, they can make even more impactful statements based on where they're placed and how they're aligned with key accents. The circular pendant lights shown here are intentionally paired with the mirrors to create dimension fitting for a contemporary bathroom. You may similarly mimic the shapes and forms of lights and mirrors to create a masterful design.

Star of the Show

Sculpture-like pendant lights are aptly suited for illuminating bathrooms and acting as works of art. While it is vital to choose practical pendant lights for your bathroom, know that you have the freedom to choose a light that is both functional and stylish.


Many modern pendant lights feature a singular light. However, there are other options that use branching lights to illuminate a wider area. These lights give you greater freedom in brightening your bathroom and can conform to your room's unique layout.

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Lighting fixtures are sometimes inspired by the natural world or other works of art. The Hudson Valley Flooring Pendant is clearly inspired by flower petals, and as such the light is fitting for a home that celebrates nature and the great outdoors. Many pendant lights are inspired by nature or flowers, which gives you great freedom in including a subtle natural motif in your bathroom.

Crystal Clear

Crystal pendant lights exude elegance with their refined shapes and natural structures. Whether the lights are complimenting a modern rustic bathroom like this, a homey cottage bathroom, or something highly contemporary, gem lights are a great option for elevating any room's aesthetic.

Elevated Design

Bathrooms with taller ceilings naturally feel more grand than rooms with standard or lower ceilings. If your bathroom features a tall ceiling or an inset ceiling like this, then you can strategically center a pendant light in that space to draw attention to the room's height and grandiose nature.

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Beautiful Balance

There are many ways to illuminate a double vanity. If the bathroom features great natural lighting and light colors, then you may choose a singular pendant light to rest rest between your two mirrors and sinks. This placement provides ample lighting to both mirrors and allows the light to serve as a key focal point.

Modern Farmhouse

Black crystal pendant lights are a great accent for modern farmhouse bathrooms. Since black is such a universal color, you can choose traditional black pendant lights, vintage black pendant lights, or more modern black pendant lights to suit your iteration of farmhouse style.

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Complete Customization

Since bathrooms are highly custom rooms, it is natural that bathroom pendant lights are equally custom. Many designers and brands offer different options with lighting finishes, colors, sizes, land lighting temperatures. This gives you the freedom to select a light that is truly perfect for your one of a kind bathroom.

Boho Vibes

Bohemian style is known for being light, airy, and youthful. Boho pendant lights come in many shapes and forms, but Hudson Valley's Brookville Pendant light is one example of boho lighting. Through neutral colors, simple design, and plenty of texture, this light shows the potential of whimsical boho styles.

Rustic Retreats

Rustic bathrooms often use dark wood and other dark colors to create a more moody atmosphere. Pendant lights should not detract from the room's moody ambiance; instead, they should highlight these moody elements and shine a light on them. By using bright pendant lights like these, you can maintain a moody rustic bathroom while still creating a functional and warm room.

True Relaxation

Large bathtubs are the perfect place to experience rest and rejuvenation. Centering a pendant light directly above the bathtub can set the proper mood for your soaking session and create a spa-like experience in your own home.

Stunning Accents

In black, white, and gray bathrooms, it's wise to incorporate warm metallic details through your room's pendant lights. The warm metal does not have to be overbearing; in fact, it can be as simple as the light shown here. Even in small doses, warm metals make a dramatic impact on the room's tone.

Personal Placements

Oftentimes, pendant lights or bathroom chandeliers are centered in the middle of the room. While that is an effective design choice, you can also place a pendant light closer to your mirror and vanity. That closer position will create a more functional station for getting ready each day, and it will also reinforce your vanity as the room's key focal point.

Finding Inspiration

Bathroom tiles, accents, and vanities can inspire your room's lighting choices. For example, this modern bathroom highlights linear lines through the accent wall, wood flooring, and rigid vanity. These features all inspire the use of a linear pendant light, and the inclusion of the light further reinforces the rest of the room's aesthetic and tone.

Natural Beauty

Natural materials like rope, jute, and rattan are commonly used for boho, coastal, and farmhouse pendant lights. The use of a natural material along with undyed colors and texture make rattan lights ideal for homey and natural bathrooms.

Ethereal Ambiance

White is a color that can evoke a sense of calm in the bathroom. Even if the majority of the room uses white, your bathroom pendant light can still use this color in a new, fresh way. Look at white lights that use different finishes, designs, and detailing to complement your bathroom's ethereal tone.

Cool Contemporary

Contemporary homes make the most of everyday fixtures by showing them off as works of art. The Blossom Cluster Pendant Light shown here perfectly suits a contemporary aesthetic with its abstract design and artistic details. Allow this bathroom to inspire you: bathroom pendant lights are practical works of art.

Cluster Lights

Pendant lights that feature a cluster of bulbs are ideally suited to add dimension to your bathroom's lighting scheme. These multi-faceted pendant lights range in sizes and number of lights. Along with that, these lights can convey a formal, modern, or vintage aesthetic based on their style and the style of the bathroom they are placed in.

Setting The Mood

Not all bathroom lights have to work as practical task lighting. Instead, your room's pendant light can serve as ambient lighting to set your desired mood. Whether you are hoping to create a light and bright bathroom or a moody room like this, there is a pendant light perfectly suited to your needs.

When accenting your bathroom with pendant lights, you can use fixtures as boldly or as subtly as you please. There is great freedom in bathroom pendant lights, which means that you do not have to settle for a light that is less than perfect. With the 25 bathroom pendant lighting ideas shown above, you can now begin designing your perfect bathroom.


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