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20 of the best Stairway Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Lighting a staircase properly is important not only for safe egress, but it also presents an opportunity to make a stunning design statement. There are a variety of ways to light a stair, from pendants and chandeliers to other types of light fixtures. Read on to learn some ideas to best light your stair.

Artful Touch

Elizabeth Ryan Interiors articulated this stairwell with white wood trim, creating a grid pattern on the walls. With this much visual interest, the light fixture needed to be fairly straightforward. This modern black lantern pendant adds an artful touch without distracting too much.

Add Some Sparkle

This grand entryway by Sublime Homes features neutral tones of warm gray and beige. The space feels warm and inviting. A chandelier adds a bit of sparkle without trying to dominate the calm, soothing space.

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Add Color and Pattern

One way to liven up your stairway is to add color and pattern. This stair features bold wallpaper and a carpet runner in coordinating colors. The railings are painted teal to tie into the wallpaper. A floral-inspirited semi-flush fixture also picks up on the wallpaper pattern.

Multiple Focal Points

This stunning wood stair has a lot of potential focal points: the beautiful materials themselves, the breathtaking view and the exquisite chandelier that hangs like a bead of pearls down the center. A double-height space with a stair calls for a multi pendant fixture that can handle lighting both levels.

Go for Multiples

A multi-pendant fixture comprises a single canopy with multiple wires suspended from it. Each wire can support a single fixture, which hang at varying heights. This fixture comprises varies sized smoked glass globes that lend depth and interest to the stairway.

Coming Full Circle

Jill Shevlin of Jill Shevlin Design gives us the birds’ eye view of a stair lighting solution. This glass fixture features a circle circumscribed into a square. This ties into the geometries of the curved stair set within a regular grid of tile.

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Grand Gesture

Grey Joyner Interiors opted for a statement-making 3 tiered chandelier for this entryway. The white walls and simple aesthetic called for a grand gesture. Wood accents and pops of color round out the design.

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Lit Above and Below

Kelly Taylor Interior Design created a modern stair with lit risers that guide the way. White walls contrast warm wood steps. A simple but statement-making multi-pendant chandelier ties it all together.

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Go for Multi-tier Fixtures

This grand traditional space featuring a curving stair has plenty of architectural details that can steal the show. Exposed beams, arches and detailed railings do plenty to engage the eye. A 2-tier chandelier complements the architecture and the style of the space.

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Black and White

This white double-height entry with black accents benefits from a simple multi-tier round chandelier with crystal accents. The fixture is eye catching but fits in with the clean, transitional design. If you want a crisp look, go for black and white.

It's in the Details

Staircase lighting doesn’t need to be complicated. You can simply select a beautiful stairwell chandelier that complements the architecture of your space. This intricate design plays off the complex metal stair railings and other architectural details.

Lighting as Sculpture

Lighting can be art and sculpture all at once. Stair lighting is not just for leading the way but mainly for making a statement. This multi-strand chandelier features sculptural glass globes that cascade through the space, contrasting the warm wood paneling.

Simple Sometimes Is Best

This white and wood interior is anything but plain thanks to some exquisite architectural detailing. Patterned walls lend interest, and a simple white semi-flush pendant ties it all together. You don’t always need to rely on a dramatic chandelier to light a stair.

Amorphous Forms

This draped chain chandelier takes on a sculptural form that feels fluid—much different than your typical chandelier. It makes sense for a stairwell, where motion is the name of the game. This amorphous form adapts to any space in which it hangs.

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Infuse with Character

Double-height entries with stairs are a perfect scenario to showcase a statement light fixture. This brass candelabra chandelier with crystal droplets is a modern play on a traditional style. Eclectic accents such as a zebra rug and a patterned carpet runner up the stairs add character.

Focus on Art

Nadia Watts Interior Design kept the focus on a colorful work of art hung in the stairwell. The chandelier is intricate but doesn’t distract from the scene. Its form echoes the arch-shaped windows as a motif throughout the space.

Supporting Act

Stephanie Parisi Studio created a show-stopping stair interior complete with stained glass domed ceiling. This feature will inevitably attract attention, so the light fixture must play a secondary role. This circular metallic fixture blends with the architecture without overwhelming it.

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Play into Warmth

Stairway lighting doesn’t necessary mean you need a grand crystal chandelier. This warm copper pendant relates to the polished wood banister and steps of the stair. A wall sconce rounds out this stair lighting scheme.

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Neutral Palette

Sublime Homes opted for a simple chandelier in this double-height stairway. The chrome fixture with faux candles works well within the transitional interior. The neutral palette comprises white, gray and black.

Maximize a Multi-level Space

This dramatic winding stair is an aspirational space for most of us, but you can easily draw inspiration for your own stair. A fixture with a canopy and multiple strands of light can make a dramatic impact. These pearls of light seemingly cascade down through the double-height space.

A stair is not only utilitarian but can become a focal point of your home. If you light your stair well, it will become a showpiece from a variety of perspectives. We hope these stairway ceiling lighting ideas have helped you take your interior design to the next level.


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