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23 of the best 2 Story Foyer Chandelier Ideas

2 story foyers are grand spaces that can be designed to suit any style. There are many facets that go into defining a room's aesthetic, but the chandelier is one key area to consider. This light can capture the entire room's style while providing essential lighting and setting the mood. To give you inspiration and guidance in how to use chandeliers in these rooms, we've created a list of tips, tricks, and 2 story foyer chandelier ideas.

Dimensional Design

While this pendant light uses all perfectly rounded shapes, it does so with different sizes and different heights. The consistent shape and inconsistent size makes this piece a work of modern art fitting for today's two-story foyers.

Lovely Lanterns

Lantern chandeliers and pendant lights are some of the most popular options for today's homes. Like this chandelier, your lantern may present an aged aesthetic with an unpolished finish and vintage candles. However, lantern lights are available in many different styles. Whether your home is cottage, industrial, modern, or another style, lantern lights are versatile and diverse enough to work in a variety of styles.

Abstract Artistry

Imperfect glass globe lights are the main draw of this light. In highly linear contemporary homes, you can choose an abstract pendant light like this to contrast those perfect lines and create a bold artistic statement.


To make the most of a two-story foyer, consider using a long chandelier. When placed in the middle of the staircase, it can serve as a central accent. It can also serve as a work of art the entire path and keep guests mesmerized as they ascent to the next floor.

Grand Spaces

When illuminating and decorating grand two-story foyers, it is important to choose a light that casts its radiance over a large enough area and fits the scale of the room. Large candelabra chandeliers like this can be centered in the middle of the foyer to balance the room's layout and provide that necessary lighting for the first and second story alike.

Elevating Industrial

Industrial style can sometimes come across as unpolished and unrefined. However, modern chandeliers can transform the style to feel more streamlined and clean. Black iron chandeliers come in many shapes and styles, and when they're used in modern industrial homes, the space is automatically elevated to feel more classy and finished.

Connective Colors

Lighting fixtures that are visible on two floors can serve as a bridge to connect two spaces. The colors alone can tie the two together to create a natural bridge between rooms and define a connective line throughout your home's overarching color scheme. Along with that, shapes, imagery, and motifs can serve as thematic ties to unify your home's grand design.

Thematic Consistency

Your foyer serves as an introduction and prelude to your entire home's style and tone. The light that you use in your two story foyer is a huge part of that plan, but it can also serve as a guide in choosing other lights for the home. This foyer uses a tall lantern chandelier in the main space, but the second story loft has a similar lantern light. This thematic consistency and cohesive style goes a long way in tying multiple spaces together in tone and aesthetic.

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Unmeasurable Elegance

Crystal, glass, and resin are three popular materials that elevate any lighting fixture. In the case of this elegant foyer, the chandelier uses cast resin to mimic crystal and create a cascading chandelier. The materials of your foyer's chandelier defines the tone of multiple spaces, so it is a vital aspect to consider.

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Tight Focus

Large, sprawling candelabras and cascading chandeliers are frequently used in foyers with 2 floors. However, these spaces can equally benefit from a smaller chandelier or a chandelier with a smaller footprint. This bowl chandelier fits the scale of the room and is different from other types of chandeliers, which makes this entryway stand out as something unique.

Tantalizing Textures

Texture is a great way to create a dynamic foyer without cluttering the room with a lot of decorations and accents. This entryway is fairly simple with clean white walls and limited furniture, which allows the chandelier to be more detailed and textured. The balance between the chandelier, room, and other accents is what makes this entryway so stunning even if it is fairly bare.

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Architectural Inspiration

When choosing a light for your two story foyer, you can find inspiration from the room's architecture and existing features. This luxurious entryway chandelier clearly ties to the iron of the stairwell and takes inspiration from the swirling designs of the railings. Simple connections with similar shapes, materials, and detailing make a big difference with creating a cohesive, masterfully designed foyer.

Highlighting Height

Part of the appeal of two story foyers is how tall the space is. While large hanging chandeliers can highlight that dimension, so can smaller chandeliers and pendant lights. Like this room, you may choose to go with a smaller chandelier instead of a large draping or cascading one. As you can see, this is a valid way to create a beautiful and calm entryway.

Double The Design

Instead of using one large chandelier to accent your two story foyer, consider using two lights. You may use two equally sized lights to create a classic foyer like this, or you may play with lights of different sizes and finishes to create a eclectic entryway. In any case, using more than one central light gives you great freedom in designing your personal entryway.

Art Gallery

Like this 2 story foyer, you may have an array of artwork and statues to show off to guests. It's only fitting in situations like these that your light also acts as a work of art. Allow that light to focus on that purpose along with providing ambient lighting to create a moody contemporary gallery that everyone will appreciate.


You may have specific inspiration for designing your entryway. Lighting designers are similarly inspired by fellow artists and the world around them. The Prosecco Chandelier from Corbett Lighting shows one artist's reimagining of fine leaves and crystal raindrops. Other designers may be inspired by other aspects of nature or designs, so you can find a light that blends with your perfect vision.

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Symmetrical Spaces

Symmetry is commonly used in more traditional settings to create a sense of balance. If your 2 story foyer features symmetry in the room's architecture and furniture, your central lighting fixture can stay within that mold or do something new to create a more modern space. As you can see by this foyer, even symmetrical lights can create a great designer statement.

Practical Placement

The flowing chandelier shown here masterfully decorates the stairwell, but it also practically brightens the small seating area. If your entryway has a separate conversation space, consider how your foyer's light can create the proper ambiance and balance the room's grand design.

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Star of the Show

When designing any room, it's important to establish focal points that the eye will naturally be drawn to. One option is to use a large chandelier or pendant light as the foyer's main focal point. In these cases, it's wise to let the light stand alone as the star of the show so that it does not compete with other artwork, accents, or furniture. This may mean leaving the area near the light empty of any wall art, but the space won't feel lacking with the gorgeous light properly balancing the space.

Tiers of Design

Chandeliers with multiple tiers are right at home in two story foyers, since they have plenty of room to flourish. The natural dimension and height of these lights will complement tall foyers or foyers with an inset portion of the room like this.

Custom Design

No two foyers are identical with architecture, furniture, and design. Because of that, you may be looking for a very specific chandelier to perfectly fit your foyer. Fortunately, custom chandeliers are quite popular for homes and businesses. As an example, this light from PureEdge Lighting comes in different finishes, various sizes, different numbers of lights, custom lighting temperatures, and one of two wattages. Don't be afraid to customize your light to suit your home's unique aesthetic and needs.

Vaulted Ceilings

Entryways and foyers with vaulted ceilings have great potential when it comes to chandeliers. You may choose to center a chandelier at the tallest height of the ceiling, or you may decide to place it in line with a table, seating area, or open space. Regardless, there are plenty of options to consider when it comes to placing chandeliers on vaulted ceilings.

Primary Purpose

Chandeliers do provide essential general lighting to the room, but as you shop for your ideal light, it is important to consider just how much light you want spread over your foyer. This chandelier may be sprawling and large, but the lights are small and cast little light. That may be ideal for this ambient, airy foyer, but brighter and larger lights may be better for different types of two story foyers.

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Two story foyer chandeliers are incredibly versatile with how they can be used in these grand spaces. Classic candelabras and lantern lights are tailored to suit modern and traditional homes alike, while other fixtures are specifically designed for contemporary spaces. Now that you've read our article of two story foyer chandelier ideas, tips, and tricks, you can now create your personal style in your foyer.


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