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25 of the best Foyer Chandelier Ideas

Foyer chandeliers are beautiful accents that define the style of that room and can foreshadow the style of the rest of the home. Since foyers and chandeliers come in so many different aesthetics, it can be difficult to choose the lighting fixture ideal for your home. That's why we've created a list of 25 of our favorite foyers and foyer chandelier ideas to inspire and guide you through designing your entryway.

Versatile Designs

Candelabra chandeliers are incredibly popular thanks to their timeless structures and versatility. These lights can be crafted to fit transitional, contemporary, coastal, and other aesthetics based on their overarching structure, shapes, and final touches. While this chandelier conveys a very transitional aesthetic, you can find a candelabra chandelier that perfectly conveys your unique style.

Fabulous Focal Points

This entryway highlights various beige, cream, and brown tones in every aspect of the room. However, one difference is the warm wood doors at the end of the room. To highlight those doors as the focal point, the room's chandeliers are intentionally placed to the sides so they do not overlap with the focal point. While you do not have to follow this formula exactly, it is vital to know your room's natural focal points and ensure nothing competes with them or detracts from them.

Completely Contemporary

Sputnik chandeliers are well suited for entryways, since they often add a unique design element and pops of color. This chandelier from Hudson Valley Lighting masterfully displays retro coil bulbs in ballooning glass, cut crystal disks, and handcrafted glass throughout the lighting fixture to add essential lighting in very sleek, artistic ways. Lights like these can serve as a highly detailed accent in a minimalist foyer or blend into more eclectic contemporary foyers.

Transitional Spaces

Transitional homes often feature off white and cream tones throughout the walls, furniture, and accents. The lighting fixture you use in your foyer is a great opportunity to further develop that color scheme and reinforce the room's tone. Not all the shades of cream or white have to match one another; in fact, as long as they convey the same tone, you can confidently use different shades throughout a common space.

Similarities and Differences

Foyer chandeliers can match nearby wall sconces, table lamps, and other lighting fixtures perfectly if you want to create a very classic space. However, entryways that lean into modern or contemporary aesthetics often have lighting fixtures that are not part of the same collection or exact same style. The modern rustic chandelier shown here uses different materials and structures from the wall sconces, but all the lights still work together thanks to a common lighting temperature and a use of curved, rounded shapes. Highlighting similarities among different lighting types is essential in creating a cohesive contemporary foyer.

Black and White (And Gold)

Monochromatic foyers have plenty of drama on their own with the use of bold colors. Even so, you can add one or two pops of color throughout the room to diversify the space and create visual interest. One area to consider is the chandelier you use in the foyer: you can choose a scheme that fits into the black and white color palette, or you can infuse different metals like gold, brass, or nickel to further develop the room's color palette and cement the light as an essential accent.

Softening The Space

Modern minimalist entryways often feature rigid rectangular and square shapes in the furniture, architecture, and decor. The lighting fixture you choose can easily reinforce that style, or it can diversify the space by using softer, round shapes. As you can see in this foyer, the modern globe lights are distinctly set apart from the rest of the room, which makes them a natural focal point and artistic addition.


In this global style entryway, the chandelier's finish intentionally takes inspiration from the wallpaper and warm gold tones. Not only does the chandelier highlight the accent colors of the wallpaper, but it also fits into the room's theme with floral detailing. If your entryway leans heavily into theming, don't shy away from those aspects: highlight them in every facet of the room, including the lights.

Defying Expectations

Even if your room's architecture leans heavily into traditional aesthetics, your lighting fixture can break the mold to express your style. The contemporary chandelier shown here has no commonalities with the style of the doors and architecture, which actually furthers the light's impact as a unique accent. You can similarly use a lighting fixture to defy expectations and add a completely new style to your foyer.

Low Profile

Chandeliers can hang far down into the room or remain set closer to the ceiling. The variety of chandelier sizes and configurations means that you can choose a chandelier perfectly fitting for your foyer. Even foyers with standard ceiling heights can use a small chandelier or a chandelier like this to accent the room.


In a previous example, we saw how a rounded lighting fixture can soften a foyer with rigid shapes. In this case, the chandelier very intentionally uses the same rigid, rectangular shapes as the door and wall to impact the room's tone. With this setup, you can create a very modern, streamlined foyer.

Making the Most of Metals

Your foyer's chandelier will likely feature a warm or cool metallic finish. Even if you don't use that exact finish elsewhere in the room, you can still tie it into nearby accents, furniture, and walls. In this room, the warm metals in the chandelier connect to the warm beige tones in the walls, mirrors, side tables, and floor, which helps create a cohesive warm tone throughout the space.

Works of Art

To maximize your entryway's impact, consider using a pendant light or chandelier as a work of art. One option is to hang the light lower into the room and have it rest directly at eye level. When you have this setup, place a table directly below the lights. That will ensure that no guest walks under the light and the fixture will not be bumped into.

Sources of Inspiration

When choosing a lighting fixture for your entryway, look at nearby architecture, furniture, and artwork for inspiration. In this example, the traditional staircase features rounded swirls throughout the posts. These round shapes then inspire the shape of the chandelier, which carries over those round shapes and traditional design in its candelabra. You can similarly find inspiration from the room's elements to guide your search for the best foyer chandelier.

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Stunning Symmetry

Symmetry is a key part of traditional and transitional foyers. These details can be presented in architecture, furniture, artwork, and lighting fixtures. The chandelier used in this grand foyer is anchored perfectly in the middle of the room, which helps further the room's symmetry and establish the tone of the room.

Same Material, Different Design

This foyer has white wood panelling on the ceiling alongside a white wood bead chandelier. The use of a common material in different shapes is a great way to create a cohesive design throughout the room. If you wanted to create a different tone but use the same material throughout the room, consider different wood tones, finishes, and colors. This same chandelier with black wood beads would have been a great addition, but it also would have changed the room's tone, which is not the goal of this homeowner. But if that is your goal, then choosing that solution is a simple way to customize your foyer.

Eclectic Foyers

Eclectic, bohemian entryways and living rooms can all benefit from geometric lighting fixtures. Since this room leans heavily into rounded shapes with the accents and artwork, it is natural that the lighting fixture uses similar shapes. Even with this idea, you can take your own creative liberties with the room. The beauty of eclectic spaces is that you can make unconventional, unique design choices and own it!

Simple Sophistication

If you are determined to use a grand, luxurious chandelier in your entryway, we recommend keeping the rest of the decor at a minimum. Allow your chandelier to serve as the most prominent work of art through its structure, materials, and detailing. With that, you do not need to worry about the rest of the room feeling flat, since each element helps support the chandelier as the main focal point.

Rustic Elegance

Rustic style is rarely thought of as luxurious or elegant, but that style can easily be elevated with the proper materials, finishes, and detailing. This light's branches have leaves to mimic a charming outdoor setting and classic candles to convey a traditional aesthetic. Even if you fall into two different styles that seem incompatible, you'll find there are chandeliers that convey that style perfectly.

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Cohesive Collections

In order to create a cohesive foyer, you can intentionally use lighting fixtures from the same collection or designer. Both the chandelier and wall sconce shown here are from Hammerton Studio's Gem Collection and feature exactly the same materials, finishes, and detailing. If your ideal chandelier does not come from a specific collection, shop from the same designer or brand to find similar style lights.

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Foyer chandeliers can serve as essential general lighting or ambient lighting depending on your needs. This large chandelier features a series of small candle lights, which is not sufficient for illuminating the room as a whole. However, this is an intentional design choice that is complemented by the natural light pouring in through the door and nearby windows. Whatever your goal is for your chandelier, be sure the lighting it provides fits your purposes.


In a grand foyer with many works of art, it is only natural that the room's chandelier also serves as a work of art. Handcrafted chandeliers like this Liaison Glass Candle Chandelier from Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting perfectly reinforces the style of the nearby art and acts as a work of art with its masterful design and personal craftsmanship.

Bright Ideas

The lighting fixture you choose can serve as a highly decorative accent, but another aspect to consider is how that light casts shadows. This stunning crystal flush mount light casts many shadows through its natural structure and glass beads. These details add to the artistic nature of the light and add flair to this minimalist foyer.


Believe it or not, this chandelier is the exact same light from the previous photo. It's barely noticeable at first because of how different each light looks in its unique settings and color palettes. This is very important to keep in mind when you choose a chandelier for your entryway: the tone and aesthetic of your light comes across differently based on nearby accents, furniture, and colors, so your light will look unique in your foyer.


If your luxurious entryway features a tall ceiling or one that reaches to the second story, feel free to use an oversized chandelier to decorate the space. When you do so, establish the chandelier as the main accent at that height to ensure no artwork or other features compete with that lighting fixture.

Whether you are creating a grand, elegant foyer or something more homey, the chandelier you choose has a great impact on the room's style and tone. With the 25 foyer chandelier ideas and tips listed above, you are now one step closer to finding your ideal chandelier and creating your perfect foyer.


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