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25 of the best High Ceiling Chandelier Ideas

Chandeliers are stylish lighting fixtures fitting for nearly any room of the home. This is especially true for rooms that have tall or vaulted ceilings, since the chandelier can naturally draw the eye upwards towards the building's architecture. It can be difficult to choose a light for these rooms though because of the pressure to get things right. That is why we have compiled 25 high ceiling chandelier ideas and given tips for how to maximize your room's style through these stunning lights.

Standing Out

Chandeliers can blend into the room's color palette or stand out as a key focal point. This charming room chooses draw attention to the chandelier through its dark tones against the cream fireplace in the background. The shapes of the light also contrast the fireplace and back wall by featuring round shapes instead of straight lines. Consider the light's colors and shapes when deciding if a light should stand out or fade into the background.

Transitional Tastes

Transitional style is a blending of modern and traditional aesthetics. One way to combine these styles is to choose a lighting fixture that highlights a different style from the architecture. The beautiful entryway shown here has many traditional features with the wainscotting, ornamental trim, and glass door paines. By intentionally choosing a chandelier that expresses a modern style, this room is immediately transformed to fit into a transitional aesthetic.

Pairing Chandeliers

When using chandeliers in open rooms or areas where multiple lighting fixtures are visible, consider certain similarities to subtly pair the different lights. In this case, both chandeliers feature geometric lights hanging from wires, but the shapes and finishes are different. This room is a fine example of how you can pair pendant lights and chandeliers through similar motifs, structures, and aesthetics.

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Complementary Design

Some tall ceilings have beautiful designs imprinted on their surface or decorating the inset. In these cases, you can still add a highly detailed chandelier to accent that space. In fact, choosing a light that reinforces the existing design is a great way to complement the present design and further that style.

Reflective Design

The impact of your chandelier can be maximized by using mirrors and other reflective surfaces throughout the room. By adding in these different elements, the light's beams create greater light throughout the room and cast it in many different directions. This simple practice is a great way to brighten a tall room where you want a singular light to illuminate the space.

Conventional Dining Spaces

This dining room features a far more traditional layout with the chandelier hanging high above the table and not extending past the table's sides. It is a far more subtle statement, but even at a higher placement, the light still has an obvious impact on the room's style and tone. Therefore, when placing a light in your tall dining room, you can still make a statement with your light in traditional placements, sizes, and heights.

Unconventional Dining Spaces

Tall ceilings definitely give you the freedom to use larger lighting fixtures, but they still must be practical for the room. For example, lights above dining room tables should be at least 30-36 inches above the table's surface to ensure no one will bump the light. We often recommend not having the light extend past the sides of the table, but you can do so if you want to create a big statement with your light and it is hung so nobody will bump it.

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Central Style

Some rooms with tall ceilings have a smaller space beneath them. Even in these cases, a chandelier can be used to balance the room's size and height to complement whatever is beneath it. This room shows how a more narrow chandelier bridges the gap between the ceiling, windows, and table to create a unified space that feels like the perfect size.


If the home's architecture naturally features symmetry through its structure, nearby staircases, doors, and windows, you can choose a chandelier that either furthers the symmetrical style or breaks it. Both options are valid, but it is worth noting that symmetrical pattern tend to create a more traditional tone while abstract chandeliers can create a more contemporary style.

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Classic Elegance

Candelabra chandeliers are some of the most classic fixtures available for today's homes. Thanks to their various structures, detailing, and finishes, these lights can fit vintage and modern styles alike. Since it is such a popular, diverse style, these lights come in many different heights and sizes to fit rooms with two story ceilings or other tall rooms.

Rustic Charm

The style of a light is often determined by its structure, detailing, display of lights, and finishes. Hinkley Lighting's Dakota Single Tier Chandelier has a definitive modern rustic style thanks to its traditional candelabra design, oil rubbed bronze finish, and unique faux leather straps and buckles. No matter what style you want to convey, consider the four aspects listed above to determine the light's style and how it can fit into your room with a tall ceiling.

Mid Century Contemporary

In some cases, the home's architecture will lean heavily into one style and the accents will highlight a secondary style. This stunning modern staircase, highlighted by a contemporary pendant light, is stationed within a mid century modern building with the wood accents and stylish panelling. When combining two different interior design aesthetics, consider how the lighting fixture can highlight either the main or secondary style.

Unified Design

Whether you are using a chandelier in a large foyer or elsewhere, it is essential to consider what other lighting fixtures are used in the same areas as the chandelier. In this example, the chandelier matches the light beneath it with similar colors and even ties into a distant light in the living room. Using similar finishes and styles across multiple lighting fixtures is ideal for creating a unified, stunning design.

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Beautiful Bedrooms

Chandeliers often decorate living rooms, dining rooms, entryways, and other public spaces with tall ceilings. However, even private rooms like bedrooms deserve upscale lighting fixtures. Take advantage of tall vaulted ceilings in your master bedroom to create a room that expresses your style and conveys the same grandiose style as the other large rooms. Even if this space is not shared with guests, it is worth it to create a special space for yourself.

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Inset Ceiling Design

Ceilings with insets built into them are naturally appealing architectural details that can be further emphasized with the proper lighting. When adding a chandelier to an inset ceiling, be sure that it still hangs a bit past the lower portions of the ceiling to make a dramatic impact and help draw the eye upwards and throughout the space at large.

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Marvelous Materials

The materials used in your chandelier have a large impact on the light's overarching tone. The stunning elegant chandelier shown here uses cast resin to mimic cascading crystals and create a luxurious lighting fixture. If you are looking to elevate your room with tall ceilings, consider chandeliers with resin, crystal, or glass.

Soft Shapes

In general, circles and other rounded shapes convey softer tones than rectangular of square shapes due to their lack of sharp corners. Using a round candelabra chandelier in any room with tall ceilings can help soften the scheme and connect to other rounded elements. The round chandelier can also soften rooms that feature rigid shapes like it does with this entryway's diamond floor.


Ceilings with wood beams or paneling can convey a rustic, modern, or farmhouse aesthetic depending on the finish of the wood and its overall tone. The lights you choose can also reinforce the tone of the wood. In this case, the wood has many dark knots to create a more rustic vibe, and the contemporary lighting fixture emphasizes those dark tones through its own dark accents.

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Distinguishing Spaces

Rooms with large ceilings are sometimes staged as open concept spaces where living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens all share the same area. In order to set those spaces apart, you can station a chandelier over each area or one particular space. This home shows how a chandelier intentionally placed over the dining room table separates that area from the nearby living space and expresses the homeowner's style.

Elegant Offices

Home offices can often feel drab as a place to get work done and then exit. However, by incorporating a chandelier and highlighting the tall ceilings, you can create an office that feels masterfully designed and enjoy your time in that room. Chandeliers for this space can be moody and elegant, light and coastal, or some other tone to suit your unique preferences.

Stunning Staircase

Chandeliers can cascade deep into the staircase, but they can also be effective when they are placed overtop a landing. With the light placed there, you have a stunning focal point for people walking up the stairs and a great focal point for those descending the stairs.

Oversized Design

In entryways with grand open spaces and tall ceilings, you can intentionally choose a chandelier that is enormous. When you choose a light of this size, be sure to make it the focal point of the room and not have art or other decorative elements on the nearby walls. Crowding the space around an oversized chandelier can quickly make the room feel cluttered and detract from a stunning lighting fixture.

Highest Heights

Oftentimes, lights are hung at the heights point possible in the ceiling. This is hardly a requirement, especially since each home's layout and daily functions differ so greatly. With that in mind, place lights where they are most practical, whether that is centered over a living room or stationed above a dining room table. The light may not be at the tallest point of the ceiling, but it will still draw the eye upwards.

Setting the Tone

Lights are often used to create essential lighting, but they are also key in establishing the tone of the room and creating ambiance. Lights such as the Atlantis Three Tier Chandelier create beautiful shadows through the nickel chains atop its base. The light may not travel as far in this fixture, but as long as the light is fulfilling its goal of creating ambiance and dim lighting, then it is well suited for its space.

Grand Potential

Large, winding staircases naturally convey an elegant style on their own, but when they are paired with the proper lighting, the style is unfathomably luxurious. The 14 Series Random Square Multi-Light Pendant from Bocci comes in many iterations with different sizes and numbers of lights to fit into different layouts and ceiling heights. This light is great for situations like this one to accent the middle of the staircase, but it can also be used elsewhere is an inspired work of art.

There are many ways to style tall rooms with chandeliers. Ultimately, you must choose a light that suits your aesthetic, fits within the room's size and layout, and provides your desired lighting. With the 25 chandelier ideas for high ceilings detailed above, you now have the knowledge and inspiration to choose a light perfect for any room of your home.


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