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15 of the best Hallway Ceiling Light Ideas

Hallways are often thought of as simple pathways to get you from one part of the home to another. However, hallways offer great potential with their different footprints, layouts, and furnishings. As a part of that, the lighting fixtures you place in these spaces can act as unique works of art or simply add necessary lighting to the room. To help you decide what's best for your home's hallways, we've created a list of our favorite hallway lights and hallway ceiling light ideas.

Long Hallways

Long hallways often need multiple lighting fixtures to brighten the space. In these cases, intentionally space the lights throughout the space to provide lighting through the whole hall and near staircases, doorways, and arches. In long, narrow hallways, it's wise to use the same lighting fixture throughout the hall so that the space doesn't feel too busy or cluttered.

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Subtle Coastal Style

Coastal style is all about warm, calming colors and moods. Although the central pendant light may not exude coastal style on its own, it masterfully fits into the room's subtle coastal style through the use of a warm metal and soft glass dome. Even if your light doesn't boldly convey a certain style like coastal, farmhouse, or rustic, it can lean into those schemes depending on what accents it is paired with.

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Similar Styles

Oftentimes, entryway hallways lead right into a living room, dining room, or another room that may feature its own lighting fixture. In these cases, it's beneficial to choose an entryway light that has some stylistic similarities to the light in the adjoining room. Similar metallic finishes, levels of detailing, shapes, and presentation of lights are just a few areas where you can have overlapping styles. While this elegant hall and living room each feature candle lights with rounded cages, you can mix and match lights to convey your personal aesthetic.

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Finding Inspiration

If you're struggling to choose ceiling lights for your hallway, look at your nearby decor, accents, and architecture for inspiration. This classic hallway features rounded edges as far as the eye can see with doorways, mountings, and the ceiling. The lighting fixtures are inspired by those arches through their domed glass cages and lack of rigid corners. By connecting your lights to the architectural features, you can create a masterfully designed hallway.

High Luxury

There are several factors that go into luxurious, elegant lighting fixtures. Materials, structures, and finishes are three of the most prominent features. However, you can also elevate your room by intentionally placing these lights throughout your hallway and by using various heights, sizes, and finishes. This grand, elegant hallway features a flow of transparent chandeliers while gold lights of the same style decorate the nearby bar. While your hall may not be this large, you can still follow its example in intentionally placing lights and mixing finishes of the same fixture.

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Casting Shade (And Light)

The structure of your light will naturally impact how the light is dispersed throughout its shape and finishes. This round chandelier from Oly Studio is stunning on its own, but when the rest of the room is darker, the light will pass through the light's structure in many artistic, dynamic ways. The shadows the fixture creates and how the beams of light disperse are all factors in how practical your light is and how it may accent the room through shadows.

Modern Elegance

Modern styles often lean into cool grey marbles and black accents to create a sleek statement. However, you can intentionally use a warmer color in your ceiling light to create a more welcoming tone and still work within the elegant style. When using a different color from the rest of the room, be sure the light fits into the room's overall style with its shape, texture, and level of detailing.

Blending In

If your room has a natural focal point like a door, fireplace, or adjoining room, you do not have to choose a bold ceiling light. In fact, simplicity may be the best route to go. By choosing a simple light that blends into the rest of the room's color scheme and aesthetic, you can ensure your focal points receive the necessary attention and make it so they don't have to compete with nearby hall lights.

Elegant Touches

Your hallway ceiling light is a great place to add a new finish to complement you room's overarching style. Gold is a finish often associated with modern, contemporary, and elegant styles, so it's only natural that the lighting fixture add that elegant touch with some fine gold finishes. There are many finishes to choose from, such as brushed finishes. aged finishes, and polished finishes to help you create your desired mood.

Contemporary Recessed Lights

Round recessed lights are the most popular option available, but square recessed lights are becoming increasingly popular for contemporary homes. These fixtures naturally strike a chord as being different from the norm. Another benefit of square recessed lights is how they can complement sharp, rigid shapes elsewhere like in mirrors, rugs, paintings, furniture, and other accents.

Marvelous Monochrome

The hallway ceiling lights you use in a monochromatic room can either fit into that style or add a fresh pop of color to the room. In this example, the light holds true to that color palette with a matte black finish. If you do want to introduce a new color to a monochromatic hallway, consider using a light that has secondary accents and pairings like black and gold or black and silver.

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Recessed lighting fixtures and can lights are highly versatile lights that work well in any hallway. They can easily blend into the ceiling when they're not in use, and while they are lit, they can instantly change the tone of the hall and provide essential lighting. Although many people associate recessed lights with modern interior design styles, they are appropriate for even traditional, rustic, and vintage homes.

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To New Heights

Depending on the scale of the room, you may not have the sufficient space for a large chandelier or a pendant light. Before eliminating those options though, rest assured that pendants and chandeliers come in various sizes and structures to accommodate rooms even with standard ceiling heights. If this still doesn't suit your hallway, semi-flush and flush-mount hallway lights are highly stylish alternatives that can complement your hall.

Warm and Cold

In order to convey the proper tone in your hallway, you must consider the lighting temperature of your ceiling lights. These fixtures can convey warm tones, cool tones, or mimic sunshine depending on their specific lighting temperatures. This monochromatic space wisely uses warm lights to bounce off the cold black tones and create a welcoming hall. Whatever tone you wish to create, remember that lighting temperature is just as important as the fixture and the brightness of the light.

Artist Expression

Hallways don't have to be a boring access point to get from point A to point B. Instead, your hallway ceiling light can serve as a work of art to dress up that space. This works especially well in hallways with tall ceilings or ceilings with insets, but even standard ceiling heights can accommodate small chandeliers, pendants, and ceiling lights.

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When it comes to decorating and finishing hallways, ceiling lights are an essential part of the plan. Even if you are solely looking for the most practical lighting fixtures for your room, you can confidently do so. If your goal is to infuse your style, then you now have the knowledge and inspiration to do so. Regardless, the hall is yours to design!


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