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20 of the best Hallway Pendant Light Ideas

Pendants aren’t just for the kitchen; these fixtures work well as a series to light hallways. Whether you are lighting an entryway or hall extending between bedrooms, pendants are a great choice that come in many sizes and styles. Read on how to best use pendants to light your hallway.

Create Variation

These sleek disc pendants are staggered throughout the hallway to create interest. You don’t necessarily have to hand pendants in an evenly spaced, aligned sequence. Have fun by varying the spacing and the depth of the fixtures.

Open Yet Separate

Jill Shevlin of Jill Shevlin Designs created a warm and inviting hallway with artistic flair. Simple glass bell pendants guide you from one space to the next, while tray ceilings define a bit of separation in keeping with a more traditional feel. Generous natural light ties the spaces together.

Simple and Refined

This pendant features a delicate black metal frame and opaque drum that emits soft, diffused lighting. Black-framed photos work well with the fixture design in a hallway. A gallery wall is a great way to add interest to your hallway and coordinate with your pendant fixture finishes.

Punctuate Your Space

These black cone pendants feature conical shades with a metallic lining and geometric chains. The effect is sleek and sophisticated, and punctate this modern hallway with style. The black fixtures relate to the door and window frames.

Mix Multi-Pendants

Multi-pendant fixtures work well over kitchen islands, dining tables and in entryways, but they are also an excellent choice for a hall. Look for multi-pendant fixtures with a linear format for your hallway. These sculptural black fixtures work well in a modern interior.

Carve Out Space

There are a variety of ways to define a hallway within an open plan. Install a ceiling feature such as this tray ceiling with wood slats and complementary wood pendants. You can also use a rug or carpet tile to mark the procession on the floor plane.

Relate to the Space

This elegant entryway pendant plays off the round shape of the brass mirror, while its black metal edge detailing relates to the black front door. Consider the context of your hallway and any decorative or architectural details within the space. See if you can find a fixture that relates with one of more the elements.

Create a Grouping

Try grouping similar pendants of different lengths together in your hallway or stairwell. These crystalline cylinder pendants quickly become a focal point in the space and contrast the otherwise darer surfaces. While groupings of odd numbers usually work best, two is just fine for a narrower space.

Statement Design

These glamorous, sculptural pendants make a statement in this over-the-top hallway space. A wavy tray ceiling design corresponds to patterns in the floor. High-end, neutral materials make the space feel sophisticated and grounded while making a statement.

Add a Mirror

Adding a mirror at the end of your hallway will make it feel more expansive. These black pendants incorporate a candelabra effect and tie into to black-framed art not he walls. Neutral finishes round out the space.

Go Bold

These hallway pendants feature elegant black shades that add little edge to this modern interior. Textured concrete floors and walls lend to the look. Don’t feel like you need to stick with white shades or simple metal pendants—go bold.

Whimsical Decor

Kristina Phillips Interior Design created a fanciful entryway hall with bold wallpaper, mudroom-style storage and bright pops of color. A white artichoke-style pendant fits perfectly with the fun decor. A table lamp on a console table rounds out the lighting scheme.

Light as Art

Lights can be art—case in point, these swirly abstract pendant lights that perfectly punctuate this modern hallway. A contemporary space calls for a contemporary statement, and these fixtures deliver on all fronts. Have fun with your hallway lighting scheme.

Go for Globes

Sometimes the simplest look is the best, depending on your space. These elegant globe pendants emit a soft glow of light throughout a hallway. This style works with almost any style of decor, from traditional to modern.

Happy Place

Jill Shevlin of Jill Shevlin Design selected elegant black and white marble for this light-filled entry hallway. An open frame pendant fixture with candelabra design plays into the traditional architecture. Wouldn’t you be as happy as this adorable dog to occupy the space?

Eclectic Vibe

Designer Nadia Watts went for a lush feel in this hallway. Plants and an oriental rug add color and texture. A statement-making pendant draws the eye upwards and ties the space together.

Statement Chandelier

A multipendant fixture is an excellent choice for above a stair. Utilize the double-height space for a fixture that hangs at varying levels. This will draw the eye up and create a focal point within the entryway.

Sophisticated Look

Black and white is a timeless combination. White walls with black accents in the form of mullions and picture frames make for a sophisticated hallway design. Choose coordinating black and white pendants to complete the look.

Pop of Color

If you are working with a neutral hallway, try adding a pop of color through the lighting. These bright orange pendants perfectly punctuate the space and guide you along your way. Keep the walls, floors and ceilings as neutral as possible for the best effect.

Common Thread

Try varying the size and shape of pendants within a hallways long as they fit similar aesthetic profiles. This creates a feeling of rhythm and sequence that draws you along the space. These fixtures are unique but share the same opaque white shades.

Pendant lights draw the eye up and bring a lot of character to a space. They lend themselves well to hallways as they can hang in a series and create rhythm. We hope these ideas have helped to guide you to the right pendants for your hallway.


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