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25 of the best Entryway Table Lamp Ideas

Entryways are key spaces of the home, since they serve as the path to delve further into the home. Your entryway can be a preview of the entire home's style and convey a warm welcome to your guests. While your furniture and general design are key parts of that messaging, your room's lamps are equally important in setting the mood and showing off your style. With that in mind, we've created a list of tips, tricks, and entryway table lamp ideas to inspire you and guide you through designing your personal entryway.

In The Right Direction

Some entryways and foyers have enough room to accommodate a single chair or bench in the room. Even if the seats are not used often, consider how the light placed next to them impact their functionality. The table lamps shown here cast light upward and downward, which makes that space more practical for putting on shoes or casually reading a book. Lighting direction is paramount in defining the tone and functionality of your entryway.

Clean Lines

This modern entryway uses clean lines as far as the eye can see. Between the table, mirror, wallpaper, and table lamp, the room's main accents all use clear lines and structures to create a streamlined design. Consider how your entryway lamp's structure can complement similar design elements in the same space to create a fully composed, clearly defined style.


As you look to create your ideal style in your entryway, you'll likely find inspiration from past decades and styles. Each era has its own unique patterns, furniture, details, and colors. With that in mind, you can find table lamps that perfectly suit vintage spaces with muted or bright colors, types of detailing, and various finishes.

Complementing Your Decor

The decor we use throughout are homes often has significant personal connections and meaning. Or, perhaps you simply have decor that you want to be at the forefront of the room's design. No matter the case, your table lamps can complement that decor. In these situations, use lamps with simple designs and straightforward textures to allow larger, more intricate accents to stand at the forefront of the room's design.

Secondary Accents

Before this blue table lamp was placed on the table, red was clearly the primary accent color of this entryway. Since that vase includes so many colors and finishes, the blue lamp and accents used next to it are perfectly complementary and fit the room's aesthetic. Your room's existing accents and decor can serve as inspiration and guidance in choosing colorful table lamps perfectly suited for your entryway table.

Crystal Clear

Crystal is one material that can instantly elevate the room's style. Combined with the dark tones of this room, the crystal works wonders as it doesn't weigh down the room's design despite its larger size and height. Crystal, glass, and resin table lamps are all ideally suited to complement elegant modern entryways with dark color palettes.

Setting The Mood

Although many entryways are light and bright, others may be moody and ambient. In these cases, consider using smaller lights or lights that aren't as bright. Fortunately, today's lights often come with dimming options, so you can customize your entryway to create drama or convey a warm welcome.

Whimsical Pairings

Boho entryways tend to feel quite youthful with lots of texture and unique elements. This table lamp from Currey & Company shows off multiple facets of boho style even if the lamp can be used in many types of homes. The textured shade, unconventional shade structure, the dotted terracotta stand, and level of detailing all fit into the boho style and help reinforce the whimsical tone of the room.

To Scale

When designing an entryway, it's important to consider the scale of the room. "Scale" basically refers to the visual balance of the room, furniture, and accents. The goal is to be sure that no item is too large or too small in comparison to one another or the room. Note how the table lamps here are the perfect height to balance the mirror and the height of the room. This balance also helps you create the right amount of light for that space.

Purposeful Placements

Depending on the size and layout of your entryway, you may have multiple lighting types scattered throughout the room. In the case of this elegant entryway, a chandelier is centered between the staircase and the open portion of the room. Since that light sufficiently covers that portion of the room, it's natural to place the table lamp further from that central light. Purposeful placements like these help you create the optimal lighting balance in your room.

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Perfectly Balanced

Traditional homes tend to utilize symmetry to create very neat, tidy entryways. Your entryway table lamps can reinforce that style with their perfectly crafted structures and placement in the room. Even if your home leans into more modern aesthetics, you can still use symmetry to add an air of class and order to your entryway.

Marvelous Mixing

Instead of the table lamp featuring just one color in the base, why not choose something more abstract and colorful? This table lamp uses two very different colors in an abstract design to add a dramatic element to the room. In minimalist entryways like this, a table lamp that features multiple colors can add an element of interest to the room.

Unconventional Designs

Lamps are often symmetrical in their designs to balance other elements of the room. However, you can choose to use a lamp that uses a unique material or structure as well. Lamps like these flourish in more simple entryways, since they can stand out with their unique material and structures as a key focal point.

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Artistic Liberties

Yes, lights are highly practical in illuminating entryways and conveying your desired tone. However, today's lamps have another purpose: serving as works of art. Mid century modern, industrial, contemporary, and other style table lamps can all serve as unique works of art to decorate your entryway and fulfill a practical purpose in your room.

Design Psychology

One general principle of interior design is that different shapes create different tones. For example, rounded shapes create a softer impression than rigid rectangular and square shapes.You can see how this entryway balances rigid corners with soft edges through the furniture, artwork, and table accents. The table lamp is one element that uses soft edges and warm lighting, which goes a long way in defining the room's tone and aesthetic.

Bountiful Blues

When designing an entryway, it's important to consider the scale of the room. "Scale" basically refers to the visual balance of the room, furniture, and accents. The goal is to be sure that no item is too large or too small in comparison to one another or the room. Note how the table lamps here are the perfect height to balance the mirror and the height of the room. This balance also helps you create the right amount of light for that space.

Matching Metals

Metal colors and finishes often connect to one another in modern homes. In this case, the golden color appears again and again in the lamp, the wall art, and the hardware for the table. These simple connections create a very streamlined design that feels cohesive and masterfully put together.

Mixing Modern and Traditional

Even if the room leans heavily into a traditional style, you can still add modern flair to the room. If your room's main furniture and architecture all lean into that classic aesthetic, use a purely modern table lamp to break the mold. Even in these cases, we recommend using a traditional color scheme that complements your room's overarching color palette so that the styles are compatible and complementary.

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Multiple Lamps

Practically speaking, you may not need two lights placed directly next to each other. Stylistically though, there's great potential in staggering lights like these. Using the same style light in different shapes and sizes next to one another is akin to using multiple vases next to each other. The balance of patterns, colors, and structures can act as a work of art with a practical purpose.

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Transitional Tastes

Transitional style is quickly rising to popularity thanks to its classic aesthetic and modern appeal. This style balances the tone of traditional styles and the streamlined design/detailing of modern aesthetics. Table lamps are a great way to infuse this style into your room and create a classy yet approachable foyer.

Creating Class

The materials used in your lamp go a long way in defining the tone of the lamp. Plastics often feel more artistic or whimsical while marbles exude luxury and class. Although this marble table lamp is situated in a highly elegant contemporary entryway, you may use marble table lamps in more traditional or homey spaces to infuse class into the room's overarching aesthetic.

Finishing Details

Using the same color in multiple shades and materials is a great way to create a dynamic entryway. If your main color is blue, consider adding in other shades of blue through vases, flowers, and table lamps to create a well-rounded space.

Finding Inspiration

If your table lamps are the last accents you're adding to the room, look at your existing decor and furniture for inspiration. Not only will this help steer you in the right direction of the lamps' styles, but it will also help you choose lamps that are the right size for that table.

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Wonderous Whites

White and off-white tones are known for creating light and airy spaces. Whether your home leans into that coastal ambiance or something more modern, using white in different materials, structures, and decor elements can help you style the room in that very focused color palette.

Stunning Sculptures

The Autumnus Table Lamp from Cyan Design clearly takes inspiration from nature with its name and design. This sculptural lamp features branches made of iron and detailed with a shimmering gold finish. Sculptural lamps like these often feature specific or subtle motifs back to its source of inspiration, which can help you infuse a certain image or style into your entryway.

No two entryways are perfectly alike. Between different color palettes, unique styles, and personal accents, these rooms are a reflection of the person who lives in that home. Your entryway table lamps have an important purpose in creating the proper lighting tone and complementing your personal style. With the tips, tricks, and entryway table lamp ideas we've shared, you can now go create your unique entryway and feel pride in your home's first room.


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