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25 Unique and Stylish Lamp Ideas

Table lamps and floor lamps are highly practical accents that can be used in any room for the home. Whether you are decorating a living room, dining room, bedroom, home office, or another space, there are plenty of unique lamps you can use in your home. To help inspire you, we've compiled 25 of our favorite lamp ideas, tips, tricks, and inspiration photos.

Classic Symmetry

Symmetrical layouts can help make any room feel more traditional and classic. This is true in bedrooms, offices, dining rooms, and living rooms like this. By balancing your lighting fixtures on either side of a loveseat, you can create visual balance and convey a classy tone.

Beautiful Black

Black is a stark, dramatic color. Whether you are decorating a highly modern space, a rustic room, or even something more traditional, black table lamps can serve as a defining accent and elevate your room's aesthetic.

Balancing Boldness

This living room brings in a bold, vibrant color in the built-in bookshelf. To ensure that the shelf remains the focal point of the room, the rest of the space is subdued with more muted colors, finishes, and patterns. Choosing a simple brass table lamp can help balance the room and ensure that nothing takes away from the room's primary focal point.

Black and White

Black and white is a popular color palette for modern spaces. While this home features black in the wallpaper, books, lamp, and table, you can use that color however you please in your own monochromatic space. With that, you can choose a stark black lamp or a bright white lamp to suit your room's one of a kind design.

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Subverting Expectations

Instead of creating perfect visual balance and scaling your accents, decor, and furniture normally, you can intentionally break the mold by using an extra large table lamp. This design choice will make your lamp stand out as one of the room's primary accents.

Soft Design

In general, shapes with rounded edges and swirls convey a softer tone than rigid, linear shapes. Your lighting fixture can fit into either scheme and impact the room's tone. As this room shows, a curved table lamp can create a softer impact, especially when paired with a round table, swirling patterns, and other rounded elements.

The Wonderful Potential Of Wallpaper

Wallpaper is coming back into style as a vintage, traditional, and modern accent. Even in cases where your room has a busy wallpaper, you can still choose a table lamp with its own unique detailing. There are plenty of ways a table lamp can complement your room's wallpaper and other decor, so you can choose a lamp that perfectly fits your room's unique design.

White On White

If your room's walls are white, you may be wary of adding a white table lamp or floor lamp to your room. However, if you choose a light that presents a unique finish, shape, and/or texture, then your lamp can still stand out as a beautiful accent.

Glorious Gold

Gold is a color that exudes class and elegance. It has become a staple of modern and contemporary styles, since it feels both elegant and warm. A gold table lamp on your nightstand can help you convey your contemporary style and create a cozy, warm bedroom.


In interior design, "scale" simply refers to the visual balance of different elements. In the case of this living room, you can see lights scaled to different elements. The distant lights are scaled to balance the tall artwork, while the two sofa lamps are scaled to balance the furniture nearby. By intentionally choosing the proper lamp size and shape, you can create a complementary designed and a well-balanced room.

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Only Natural

Lighting designers often take inspiration from the world around them. In the case of this table lamp, the artist has clearly found inspiration in the natural world and woods. Choosing a lamp like this for a rustic room can truly highlight the room's style and bring in a unique accent.

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Simple Sculptures

Table lamps come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. The bedside table lamp shown here clearly leans into a more modern aesthetic with its unique structure, multiple lights, and gold finish. Let this light serve as inspiration and a small example of how diverse table lamps are.

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Consistency and Diversity

Using different types of lights is a great way to diversify your room's grand design. Within that, you may choose lights with stark differences to create an eclectic style or you can lean heavily into a matching style to create a more traditional space. As you can see with this home office, the floor and table lamps perfectly match one another, which helps define the classic style of the room.

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Vogue and Vintage

Vintage lights can make even the most modern home feel more authentic and aged. Even though many of the other elements lean into a clean modern style, the inclusion of a vintage desk lamp serves to soften the space and make it feel more cozy. Whether you purchase a true vintage lamp or a modern lamp that is designed look vintage, you can customize your home office with this beloved lamp style.

Amazing Ambiance

Not all table lamps have to be used for task lighting. Instead, consider how a table lamp can provide general ambient lighting and improve the tone of your room. The small desk lamp shown here emits a soft light that complements the warm tones elsewhere in the room. Take a moment to imagine the possibilities for table lamps in your unique space.


Traditional and classic homes tend to use very neat, tidy patterns to convey their aesthetic. On the other hand, modern and transitional homes may use more freeform and abstract designs to serve as unique works of art. The table lamp shown here is a perfect example of transitional style; its classic structure is complemented by a freeform design that perfectly suits the room's grand design. You may similarly use a transitional table lamp to blend modern and traditional styles.

Flexible Design

Table lamps should be both stylish and functional. The T.O. Table Lamp from Pablo Designs is a perfect example of this design philosophy. The beautiful marble base supports a flexible light rod that can easily be moved to suit your room's practical needs and aesthetic. When choosing a lighting fixture for your room, be sure to put equal weight on appearance and practicality.

Metallic Accents

Whether you are decorating a living room, dining room, or bedroom, you'll likely have metallic accents in the room's drawer pulls and furniture. These metals can stand alone as their own accent, or you can show off that finish in other elements like table lamps. Even if the metals do not match exactly, a consistent tone and scattering of metallic accents can help you define a well-rounded space.

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Modern Boho

Bohemian style comes in many iterations, which gives you great freedom in designing your own boho space. This room is one example with the floating tassels, prominent pampas grass, and the youthful modern table lamp. The lamp in particular shows off a boho style by being light and airy with both the clear finish and the warm bold/white colors. This type of light is ideally suited for modern boho homes.

Delicate Details

The Tharold Table Lamp from Hudson Valley presents an LED lamp unlike any other. With its simple sculptural base and delicate curves, this lamp is highly dynamic in its presentation. Thanks to its abstract design, the lamp will look different depending on how it is placed and where the viewer stands. Lamps like these are truly unique works of art fitting for any modern home.

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Accentuating Accents

Table lamps and floor lamps can highlight any accent colors you have in the room. In the case of this bedroom, blue is a very rare color that's only fairly present in the bedding and curtains. The blue table lamp draws that color to the forefront and draws out the blue accents that may otherwise be unnoticed. Although this is a very simple approach, it creates dynamic and stunning results.

Let In The Light

This living room celebrates natural light by leaving the windows exposed and using translucent shades/curtains. To further emulate that airy feeling, the blue table lamp in the corner doesn't feature a solid, opaque color. Instead, the light's base is glass and the light is allowed to pass freely through it. This is a very minimal detail, but it truly reinforces the room's airy tone. You may similarly use a translucent light to make your room feel lighter.

Choosing Colors

Perhaps you want to include a colorful table lamp in your room, but you are unsure of what colors to choose. One surefire way to choose a complementary lamp color is to look at the room's wall art and rug. In the case of this room, the lamp draws on those colors and presents them in more vibrant tones, thus creating a bolder statement and reinforcing the room's overarching color scheme.

A Pop of Color

Lamps can introduce a new color to the room or reinforce the room's color scheme. Blue/teal are two accent colors in this living rom, and the lights further fit into that scheme with their colored bases. Simple touches like this can help you create a well-rounded color scheme in any room of the home.

Conversation Starter

Atypical table lamps like this can inspire conversation and unique style. Combining this sort of designer table lamp with other sculptures, furniture, and general decor is a fantastic way to create a highly dynamic, contemporary design.

Lamps should be chosen for their practicality and style. When you look at your room as a unit, you can easily select a lamp that suits your room's aesthetic as well as its functional needs. The 25 lamp ideas detailed above have given you inspiration; now it's time for you to take action and choose the best lamps for your home.


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