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25 of the best Cathedral Ceiling Lighting Ideas

If you are lucky enough to have cathedral ceilings in your home, then you have a great opportunity to select a show stopping light fixture to fill the space. Whether your style is modern or traditional, there are many stunning lighting options to illuminate your grand space. Read on to learn 25 creative ideas for lighting cathedral ceilings.

Arch Rival

This design by Nadia Watts of Nadia Watts Interior Design features dramatic arched supports for a cathedral ceiling which take center stage. A couple of simple metal chandeliers work well without competing too much. The rest of the decor is neutral with subtle textures.

Focal Point

This cathedral ceiling features painted wood beams, creating white surfaces all around, which reflect lots of natural light. The black sputnik chandelier becomes a focal point in the room. If you want to use a statement fixture, keep the rest of your space fairly neutral.

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Touch of Drama

Kristin Phillips Interior Design went for a moody look for this office with a cathedral ceiling. Moody gray walls and sumptuous draperies lend an elegant feel. A unique black light fixture adds a touch of drama to the space.

Draw Eyes Up

Nadia Watts Interior Design draws the eye up with this ethereal chandelier. It keeps the focus on the bold arches that support the cathedral ceiling. Patterned draperies emphasize the height of the space and frame the mountain view.

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Modern Counterpoint

An outdoor cathedral ceiling can be approached the same way as an indoor one. A focal point fixture can pull the space together. This pavilion benefits from warm wood slats, columns and beams and a textured stone fireplace. The chandelier offers a modern counterpoint.

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Simple and Exquisite

Farah Prochaska created a sweet bedroom design within a wood-framed cathedral ceiling. Space is tight but white surfaces and bedding make it feel more expansive. A simple yet exquisite chandelier completes the look.

Add Wood

Wood paneled cathedral ceilings add a lot of warmth to a space. Combine the wood with the texture of a brick fireplace, and this space feels cozy and inviting. A spherical metal chandelier creates a central focal point for this welcoming living area.

Wood and White

This cathedral ceiling is white with contrasting dark wood beams. The light fixture was selected to complement this look. It features sculptured glass globes and black fittings, offering a modern play on the sputnik style.

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Create Contrast

A cathedral space with white walls and ceilings reflects a lot of natural light. Opt for a contrasting light fixture such as this black chandelier that takes cues from both modern and mid century design. The light becomes a focal point in the space.

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Sculptural Effect

This open kitchen and dining area with skylights doesn’t need much help, but this sculptural chandelier does the trick. It features a system of silver and white globes connected by a brass framework. Strategic spotlights handle the rest of the lighting load in this modern space.

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White Out

This artful dining area features a glazed cathedral ceiling. The white walls reflect the ample natural light. Continuing the white theme, a multi-armed chandelier is at once an eye catching and also blends right in.

Rustic Vibes

This barn-like cathedral ceiling features weathered boards painted white. To cater to the rustic feel, a round wheel-like chandelier with “candles” glows within the space. Furnishings and accents are also rustic, creating a cohesive feel.

Be a Fan

For an outdoor dining area with a cathedral ceiling, a large-scale outdoor fan is a must to keep the air moving. This stainless steel design feature three blades. Its minimal, modern form keeps the air circulating without detracting from the space.

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Open Living

This design by Megan Dufresne of MC Design emphasizes the grandness of the wood-framed space. The open living and dining area enjoys ample natural light, so doesn’t need too much help. A cluster of LED glass globes forms a chandelier above the dining table.

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Farmhouse Meets Cathedral

Vantage Design Studio created a bright, open living area with a bar. The white walls contrast the dark wood ceiling beams. Simple wall sconces glow above the var area and provide the perfect counterpart to the natural light.

A Fan of It

In this design by Melissa Fields of Shades of Gray Design Studio a large-scale black fan relates to the beams of this cathedral ceiling. While you might thing you should pick a white fan so it “disappears,” black ceiling fans can actually look sharp if they relate with other black architectural or decorative features.

Cool Off

This cozy sunroom benefits from ample natural light, balanced by the warmth and texture of a brick wall. With all the natural light, including from a skylight, all that’s needed is a ceiling fan with a light. This modern white fan blends right in.

Go for Multiples

Why pick one fixture when you can use multiple? If you have a large cathedral ceiling that encompasses living and dining areas, for example, choose several fixtures in similar finishes and styles to hang throughout the space. The result can be magical.

Full Circle

Vantage Design Studio used a circular chandelier in this bedroom with a cathedral ceiling. They played off the contrast between the black-painted beams and white wood slat ceiling, bringing black and white features into the decor. Warm wood floors and barn doors add a rustic touch.

Big Fan

This bedroom with a cathedral ceiling maximizes on space. A bunk bed nestles against a brick wall. A large fan above moves the air to create maximum comfort. It’s also high on style and blends with the design of the space.

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Outdoor Seating

This outdoor ceiling area features a cathedral ceiling lined in wood set against a cut stone wall. Two drum-shaped black pendant fixtures define an intimate seating area. These simple fixtures look equally at home indoors and out.

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Size Matters

A classic brass candelabra chandelier is always a great choice for a cathedral ceiling. This modernized version works well in this all-white space. Don’t be afraid to go to large for your fixture when lighting a bigger space.

Cluster Effect

With the large interior space afforded by a cathedral ceiling, you have some room in which to have fun. These spherical, mesh-style fixtures of varying sizes and heights add interest to the space. Try grouping them above a seating area or dining table.

Keep It Light

This sterling ceiling fan feature three blades and a cool and sophisticated look. It blends in well with the architecture of this white cathedral ceiling. In a tall space it’s important to keep the air moving as hot air rises.

Like Jewlery

Approach your ceiling light for your cathedral ceiling like selecting a piece of jewelry. This brass lantern chandelier is delicate and simple, like the perfect earring or necklace. It accessorizes this white cathedral ceiling and establishes a focal point.

Now that you’ve learned some effective ways to light your space with a cathedral ceiling, you should be able to choose the perfect fixture. Good lighting can make all the difference, not only in terms of how you use the space but also from an aesthetic perspective. We hope these ideas have been helpful!


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