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The Best Walk-In Closet Chandelier Ideas

Closets house clothes, shoes, and accessories that are unique expressions of individuality. With that, it makes sense that the closets themselves should convey specific styles and tones fitting for the person who uses the closet. Closet chandeliers are one great way to express that unique style and create a stunning closet space.

Youthful Elegance

Crystals and glass tend to convey a very elegant, luxurious tone through the material and how it refracts light. The chandelier shown in this walk in closet features clear glass flowers to add that elegance but also convey a sense of whimsy. This chandelier shows how diverse this category of lighting is and shows the potential for creating a design that is both elegant and youthful through the luxurious material and their theming.

Breaking The Mold

Walk in closets often feature many straight, clean lines for the hanging systems, shelving units, and jewelry storage. By choosing a more abstract chandelier for this space, you break up that repeated shape and do so in a very artistic, stylish way.

Small Closets

Even smaller closets can benefit from a centralized chandelier. When adding a chandelier to these spaces, it is important to balance it with the nearby shelves, the size of the room, and the room's height. Also be sure that the chandelier is hung high enough so that you do not hit your head. If your closet space does not accomodate a chandelier, flush and semi-flush ceiling lights are also well suited to add stylish light to closets.


The central chandelier featured in this closet highlights a warm metal throughout its structure. Although this metal does not appear elsewhere in the room, it is complemented by the nearby shelves with warm wood tops. Simple connections through color, finishes, and tone can connect your closet's chandelier to the rest of the room to create a cohesive space.

Maximizing Minimalism

Minimalist closets can serve as a neat, modern way of presenting your clothing and jewelry. When creating a minimalist closet, keeping simple furniture and color palettes is an ideal way to set that style. However, in order to make the most of that style, consider what chandelier you add to the space: since the rest of the room will be simple, you can add a chandelier with a bit more detail to highlight it as a unique accent.


As stated previously, semi-flush and flush-mount ceiling lights are great for closets with low ceilings or smaller footprints. This particular closet provides another important facet of closet lighting: lighting distribution. Since this light has an exposed bulb, it will naturally disperse light over a wider area and provide essential lighting. No matter which chandelier you choose for your closet, be sure it is both aesthetically pleasing and practical for your space.

Closet chandeliers are diverse in style, size, and lighting capabilities. When adding a chandelier or ceiling light to your closet, it is vital to consider how it practically illuminates your space and creates the right tone. With those facets in mind, you will be able to choose a light that functionally benefits your room and conveys your unique aesthetic.


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