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25 of the best Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Ideas

Low voltage landscape lighting not only helps you save on energy costs, but it is also better for the environment. Bright outdoor lighting can interfere with wildlife and disrupt natural patterns, and also upset the neighbors. Keep reading for ideas to light your yard without excess light.

Spotlight Landscaping

Low voltage landscape spotlights can be used to illuminate architectural features of your home or landscape design. Here, minimal profiled spotlights were aimed at a series of slender trees against a pebbled stone wall. The lights help guide guests to the front door while improving the home’s curb appeal.

Highlight Your Entrance

Jacklyn Graniczny of Sublime Homes conceived this stately brick home with a rustic stone entryway. Further setting the entryway apart from the rest of the home are elegant wall sconces. These sconces repeat flanking the garage doors, providing a consistent look at all points of entrance.

Lantern Lights

Lanterns can be mounted on posts or columns as well as installed as wall sconces. This idyllic stone house features both options, with two sconces flanking the front door and another lantern mounted on a stone wall. The fixtures coordinate with the style of the home and contribute to the charm.

Give Bollards a Try

Bollard lights are a great way to light a pathway. Choose fixtures that cast the light downward, where it’s needed, rather than creating a disruptive glare. Bollard lights not only improve safety but also can add style to your landscaping.

Create a Sequence

To define an inviting entry sequence, draw your visitors up a lighted path to your well-lit front door. Modern, low voltage path lights illuminate the pavers and stairs for safe passage. A pair of wall sconces frames the doorway, welcoming your guests.

Taking Cues from Architecture

When selecting the right wall sconces, it’s important to pay attention to the architecture and detailing of your home. These elegant sconces have a black finish that picks up on the window mullions, and the horizontal banding echos a trellis. Pay close attention to where you hang the sconces and try to align with architectural datums, such as with this beam.

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Lit From Above

A farmhouse style home by Jacklyn Graniczny of Sublime Homes utilizes wall sconces in an unexpected way. Mounted beneath the peaks of the roofline, these simple farmhouse style fixtures cast light along the home’s facade. They are also mounted to frame the garage doors.

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A Roundabout Way

Round wall mounted outdoor lights are an excellent way to illuminate exterior stairs. These modern light fixtures direct light down where it’s needed, on the steps. They can be used to illuminate other surfaces without creating unnecessary light pollution.

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Spanish Charm

Pamela O'Brien of Pamela Hope Designs created this stunning patio area with pool and waterfall. Torches provide a dramatic lighting scheme for the pool, but elegant wall sconces complement the Spanish-style home’s stately architecture. The sconces are mounted to columns to provide even outdoor lighting.

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Lit From Within

This home literally glows from within, but strategically placed outdoor lights complete the effect. Path lights safely lead visitors to the front door, while spotlights illuminate the rustic stone facade. A lantern-style wall sconce adds charm that ties in with the architecture of the home.

Traditional and Homey

A traditional wall sconce is the perfect complement to this rustic cottage. Aside from marking a front door, wall sconces can be used to lead someone around the side of your home along a path. This fixture is charmingly placed next to a window, contributing to a homey feel.

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Two Are Better Than One

A pair of sleek modern outdoor wall sconces draws the eye to your front door. Particularly if you have a recessed front door, wall sconces are needed to brighten up your home’s entry. This sleek cylindrical design provides just enough indirect light to lead the way.

More Than One Type

A bright front door, such as this one in a design by Jacklyn Graniczny of Sublime homes, always feels cheerful and welcoming. This home features entryway lighting, but also post lighting and wall sconces mounted on the face of the garage. For most homes, you’ll need at least two or three types of outdoor light fixtures.

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Sublte Wall Sconces

Wall sconces can be mounted fairly low to the floor. In this case, streamlined wall sconces wash light up and down a half-height exterior wall. These low voltage fixtures provide ambient light without being intrusive.

Maintain Symmetry

For this design by Nadia Watts of Nadia Watts Interior Design, two bollard lights mark the path to the front door. They are mirrored by two wall sconces framing the door. The home’s facade is perfectly symmetrical, so it makes sense for the lighting to follow suit.

Unconventional Shape

While wall sconces are typically rectangular, so why not consider an unconventional shape? These rounded sconces cast light both up and down, washing the exterior wall with light. Consider matching the finish of your sconces to your window frames.

Step Into the Light

Low-voltage wall-mount step lights lead the way to this cheerful front door. A single wall sconce that is dark-sky compliant further marks the entry. If you have stairs leading to your front door, consider installing step lighting to prevent tripping.

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Lit From Within

Indoor and outdoor lighting designs can work together. If you have a modern home with lots of glass, the interior lighting can create a lantern effect. Then you can get away with much lower voltage for exterior lighting, as with these pendants and sconces.

Don't Forget the Garage

This design by Jacklyn Graniczny of Sublime Homes features garage lighting int the form of wall sconces. Garage lights are helpful when you are returning home at night, but also make your home feel more inviting to guests who would pull up in the driveway. Traditional sconces complement the traditional brick architecture of the home.

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Columns Two Ways

There are a variety of ways in which you can light an exterior column. One idea is to use a wall sconce that projects light onto the patio around it. Another idea is to light the column itself by using well lights that showcase the architecture of your home.

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Keep it Modern

Angled wall sconces project light where it’s needed while making a modern statement. These sconces are far from the typical lantern styles you typically see. If you have a very modern home, find exterior light fixtures that look equally as contemporary.

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Pay Attention to Spacing

Flush-mounted wall sconces add to the clean and modern look of this home. These fixtures emit a soft glow of light, marking the entryway and wrapping the corner. Pay attention to the spacing of your outdoor sconces and align with architectural features.

Focused Lighting

The front door is one of the most important focal points of your outdoor lighting scene. Low voltage up and down wall sconces cast light along the surface of the facade. This creates ambient lighting without being overwhelming. Here a single spot light further illuminates the door.

Brighter Is Not Always Better

Outdoor lighting doesn’t need to be as bright as many people think it does. Low voltage lighting is better for the environment—both in terms of energy use and not interfering with wildlife. Downlight sconces can meet all of these criteria while still adding style to your outdoor patio.

Conversation Corner

Wall sconces can be used for patio lighting. Here the fixtures are placed above a seating area, creating a great spot for entertaining. Downlight sconces aim light exactly where it’s needed without creating a glare.

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Sometimes a more subtle approach is the best. When lighting your yard, you want to use the least amount of voltage possible while still guiding your guests safely and illuminating outdoor activities. It's key to create a balance between form, function and the environment.


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