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Elevate Cozy Spaces: 15 Small Bedroom Chandelier Ideas

Small bedrooms can be difficult to design. With their limited footprints and necessary furniture, they can sometimes feel over cluttered and overwhelming. Fortunately, your room's lighting fixtures can help maximize the room's potential and even create balance. Small bedroom chandeliers are incredibly diverse with their different sizes, finishes, and designs, so you can create a bedroom that perfectly conveys your aesthetic. With all that in mind, peruse these small bedroom chandelier ideas, tips, and tricks to inspire you.

The Ties That Bind

If your bedroom features multiple modern lighting fixtures, it is important to have some connective thread that unifies the lights' designs. Color, finishes, and similar structures are three areas that different lighting fixtures typically overlap with. In this room, it is the simple gold accent that shows up in all the lighting fixtures that ties them all together. Remember, even the most subtle connection can create a cohesive scheme.

The Complete Package

Since your bedroom will likely use more than one lighting fixture, it's important to choose lights that coordinate with one another. The easiest way to accomplish this is by using lights from the same collection. If that is not an option, considering purchasing lights from the same designer. This will help you create a cohesive, fully realized design.

Modern Marvels

Modern lighting fixtures take inspiration from a variety of sources. In the case of the Soscik Chandelier from Terzani, inspiration comes from more traditional and classic structures. However, the modern finish and unique use of flowing chains draws this light into the present day, making it ideal for elegant contemporary bedrooms. There are many modern lights that take inspiration from classic designs, which is ideal for transitional or elegant modern homes.


When you select a light for your bedroom, it is essential to consider the entire bedroom's design and layout. The height and placement of your furniture will naturally impact the placement of your room's central chandelier. While you may place the light inside the frames of a post bed, you can also elect to hang the light outside of this frame. By placing the light outside the bed like this, you can have an unobstructed view of the light and still provide ample illumination to the rest of the room.

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Statement Piece

In small bedrooms, you can choose a similarly sized bedroom ceiling light or intentionally use an oversized chandelier to fill the space. As this bedroom shows, an oversized light can extend further into the room to cast light over your bed and create a cozy, comfortable space. Plus, if your light is one the main accents of your small bedroom, then it can act as a key focal point.

Totally Tropical

Tropical and jungle aesthetics are perfect for creating a luxurious retreat in your home. While the presence of plants and palm leaves are essential in creating that style, your lighting fixture can similarly reinforce the aesthetic. Basket lights or rattan chandeliers can further cement your room's style and define your bedroom as a lovely tropical escape.

Unique Opportunities

Some bedrooms present unique challenges with their size, layout, and ceilings. This is especially true in vaulted rooms like this one. However, instead of viewing the room as a challenge, approach it as an opportunity to create a unique space. One way to accomplish this is to center a chandelier at the maximum height of the ceiling and align it with the bed. This placement and layout is perfect for highlighting the room's height and drawing the eye upwards towards a unique accent piece.


Modern styles often use very rigid, clean-cut lines to create a streamlined minimalist design. As this bedroom shows, that design principle can apply to the room's bed frame, nightstands, and lighting fixtures. By intentionally using straight lines throughout the room's furniture, lights, and architecture, you can create a very focused and simple contemporary bedroom.

Night Light

While it's common to place bedroom table lamps on your nightstand, there are other ways to illuminate your bedside. By hanging narrow chandeliers or pendant lights above your nightstands, you can customize and optimize your lighting to suit your room's functionality and tone. In addition to that, using hanging lights elevates the aesthetic of the room and creates a more unique design.

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Floral Motifs

Flowers, greenery, and other natural motifs are beautiful in more traditional and feminine bedrooms. While you can limit your floral elements to wall art, pillows, and blankets, you can also follow this room's example and include floral motifs in another area: the chandelier. The Broche Chandelier from Crystorama is a perfect example of how you can subtly include floral motifs in your room without over saturating the room with the imagery or leaning too heavily into the theme. Subtle details like this can help complete your room's scheme and convey your ideal aesthetic.

Cool Chromes

Chrome is a popular finish in modern homes. The cool color of the metal naturally conveys a more calm, subdued vibe than warm metals like gold or bronze. With this color theory, you can create a cool, soothing bedroom with chrome finishes in your ceiling light, side lamps, and other metallic accents.

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Textured Traditions

Traditional interior design styles often feature more detailed accents to complement the elegant/elevated tone of the room. With that, you may choose to include detailed elements in multiple areas of the room. Like this room, you may feature different levels of detailing and texture in the room's bedsheets, pillows, curtains, rug, and even artwork. Your small bedroom's ceiling light is yet another opportunity to introduce a unique texture and finish to your room to increase visual interest and traditional aesthetics.

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Modern Tastes

Chandeliers are designed to suit many different interior design styles. While most chandeliers take on a more traditional structure with tiers and vertical height, there are other lights that suit more contemporary spaces. The Alphabet of Light Circular Chandelier is one example of a modern chandelier with its unique layout, lack of depth, and width. Allow this light to inspire you and show just how diverse modern chandeliers truly are.

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Maximizing Small Bedrooms

If your bedroom has a small footprint, you are likely looking for ways to make your room feel larger. One way to do this is to highlight the room's natural height. Like this room, you may have a tall ceiling with beautiful crown moldings. These types of rooms can be made to feel larger with a central chandelier or ceiling light that draws the eye up and around the entire room's space.

Transforming Bedrooms

Step into the enchanting world of this bedroom, where elegance and flair harmonize to create a space that is both sophisticated and whimsical. The focal point of the room is an exquisite crystal chandelier that hangs gracefully from the ceiling, casting a radiant glow across the entire space. The walls are painted in a delicate light pink hue, creating a soft and soothing backdrop that sets the tone for the entire room. The furniture pieces in the room are a vision of soft white elegance, seamlessly blending with the light pink surroundings.

Small bedroom chandeliers are stunning lighting fixtures that can be used in many different ways. By customizing the light's placement, size, and finishes, you can optimize your bedroom's aesthetic and utility. Now that you have seen our best small bedroom chandelier ideas, you can go about designing your own bedroom.


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