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20 of the best Backyard Fence Lighting Ideas

Outdoor lighting is vital for creating practical, ambient outdoor spaces. Fence lighting in particular can complement these structures and impact the tone of your backyard. To help you choose lighting fixtures for your backyard, we've created a list of backyard fence lighting ideas to inspire you and guide you.

Famous Designers

Choosing outdoor lights from well-known designers can easily elevate your outdoor aesthetic. These wall sconces are designed by George Kovacs, one of the most innovative designers in the lighting industry and interior design world. Whether you choose his lights or fixtures by another prominent designer, you can add designer touch to your home through your main accents.

Hidden Details

Depending on your landscaping, the lighting fixtures may not be visible at all times. That is perfectly acceptable, especially if you want a subtle addition of light during the evening to hide in the landscaping. When you design your yard and fencing, consider how bold you want the lighting fixtures to be and how they complement nearby architecture, fences, and landscaping.

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Intentional Design

Lighting fixtures and fences don't have to highlight similar materials or colors. In fact, it's wise to look at your entire outdoor space and look for creative ways to establish a color scheme. Here, the cream colors on the fence and windows masterfully connect to one another, while the outdoor wall sconce ties back to the nearby furniture. As you can see with this example, it is helpful to consider the entire area's color scheme and design to help you choose how and where to use different colors.


To connect multiple areas of your yard, consider using fixtures and decor with similar levels of detailing. The fence surrounding the pool is extremely simple with vertical posts and a small, round accent between each series of fencing. The light then reinforces that style by using vertical lines and simple structures. These details may seem minimal, but they make a big difference in tying multiple outdoor spaces together stylistically.

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Whimsical Charm

A well placed outdoor pendant light or chandelier can complement your fence, doorways, landscape, and architecture. Since outdoor pendant lights come in so many different styles, sizes, and lighting capabilities, you can truly customize your outdoors to convey whimsical charm or modern artistry.

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Breaking the Mold

Whether your outdoor deck primarily features vertical or horizontal lines, you can use your lighting fixtures to break the mold and add a new design element. This beautiful outdoor kitchen has a horizontal wood backsplash while the lights show off a vertical design. Another option to consider is using an entirely different geometric shape for the lighting fixtures to soften the scheme. In any case, using your lights in unexpected and different ways can help define your outdoor space as something special.

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Small Details

Perhaps your outdoor space doesn't need permanently built-in lighting solutions. In that case, you can use a portable table lamp or outdoor floor lamp to illuminate your outdoor area and complement the nearby fence. These fixtures are often rechargeable and approved for wet and damp areas to suit your practical needs.

Traditional Tastes

If your fencing features very bold scrollwork and classical detailing, you can lean fully into that scheme with your nearby decor or present simpler furniture and fixtures on your patio. Using detailed, classic furniture and fixtures can help create a very elegant space, but by simplifying those accents, you can establish your fence as the main focal points and detailing. Both methods are approved for your outdoor space, so just keep in mind how they have different end goals and tones.

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Practical Lighting

Outdoor wall lights can be mounted onto the fence itself to highlight that structure and create practical lighting. These wall lights from Kuzco Lighting intentionally cast light vertically to accent the fence's height and direct light onto the nearby path. Wall lights and stair lights are two practical lighting types you can use on the fence or nearby to define your pathways.

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Modern Minimalism

Even minimalist spaces can be visually interesting in their design. To make the most of a minimalist area, use different textures and finishes in your architecture, lighting fixtures, flooring, and fences. However, to keep the area minimal, limit the structures and detailing to simple, consistent lines and shapes.

Reinforcing the Mood

If your fence and lights are used in a moody, rustic outdoor space, allow both the fences and lights to reinforce that scheme through their structures, details, and finishes. In this example, the lights cast a very low, warm light and feature a dark finish to complement the fencing and dark wood tones. By leaning into the moody aesthetic with all the accents, you can create a masterfully designed patio, deck, or porch.

Reflective Design

When you add outdoor lighting near a fence, consider the material used in the fence and how that will impact the dispersal of light. These silver metallic fences present a naturally cool tone, but the nearby lighting fixtures emit warmer tones. The warm lights then reflect off the fence and create a warmer tone throughout the space that balances with the reflective fence and cooler material.

Perfect Placement

The placement of your outdoor lights in relation to the fence is as important as the lights themselves. Post mount and pier lights like this one can be used in various scenarios and different locations to customize your space. While this home chooses to place the light atop the fence, you can use these lights in many different ways to compliment your exterior's layout and landscaping.

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Classic Style

Lantern wall sconces and other lantern style outdoor lights are timeless lighting fixtures that can easily complement your home and the nearby fence. Lanterns are available in very classic, traditional styles as well as contemporary iterations that use more streamlined designs. No matter what style you fall into, you can choose a lantern light that suits your specific space.


Outdoor decks, patios, and porches frequently use multiple lighting fixtures and lighting types to illuminate the entire space. With that in mind, you can choose lighting fixtures from the same collection to create a very cohesive outdoor deck. If your ideal lighting fixture isn't part of a collection, shop from the same designer or brand, since their lighting fixtures often convey a similar aesthetic.

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Transitional Style

Transitional style is a blending of traditional and modern aesthetics through traditional motifs and modern detailing. Many people fall into this style without even realizing it is one of the most popular interior design styles right now. When you want to express a transitional style, look for classic ways to incorporate traditional structures in the fences, lights, furniture, and other accents while keeping the actual detailing at a minimum. This is a great way to convey your style and create a timeless design.

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If you want a very streamlined design, consider using the same color and finish application across the lights and the fencing. The fixtures here and the black fence/pergola each feature black as the primary finish, although the black lights are a bit more glossy than the fence's black. Even so, similar colors and tones across both areas is ideal for creating a cohesive outdoor space.

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Similar Structures

This gorgeous home features many linear lines with the shape of the building, its panelling, and the fence. With that, you can choose lighting fixtures that highlight similar shapes or break the mold. In this case, the lights feature straight lines throughout the design as well as a curved light, so it connects to the linear design of the home and softens the scheme at the same time.

Contemporary Tastes

Contemporary glass fences can be complemented by highly modern wall sconces, chandeliers, and pendant lights. This home leans heavily into that modern aesthetic with the fencing as well as the lights, which feature a simple rectangular shape and a cool lighting temperature. The design of the light and its lighting temperature are equally important for defining the tone of your landscape and fencing, so it is vital to consider those aspects and other details to choose your perfect light.

Black and White

Black and white is a classic color combination that works well in traditional and modern spaces alike. With that, you can choose to pair white fences with black lights or vice versa. This versatile color scheme can help you create a fully monochromatic area or simply use two beautiful colors as the main accents.

When you add backyard fence lighting to any outdoor space, you dramatically improve the style of the space and create practical outdoor settings. Whether you are using your lights near the home's front fences, side fences, or backyard fences, you now have plenty of inspiration and guidance for adding lights to your home's fences and outdoor settings.


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