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10 of the best Lamp Post Ideas Landscaping

Lamp posts can be part of a great overall exterior lighting strategy. Enhance your landscaping and use them to provide way finding for guests. Read on to learn about lamp post ideas for your landscaping project.

Focus on Landscape Design

Outdoor lamp fixtures integrate well with rock features. These simple fixtures cast light where needed and improve curb appeal for your home. Opt for a straightforward style to keep the focus on your landscape design.

Vertical Emphasis

This lamp post guides the way to the pool beyond. Its vertically oriented design complements the pool fencing. Try and tie your lamp posts into the aesthetic of your outdoor space and the architecture of your home.

Coordinated Collection

Rustic stone and wood exteriors call for traditional fixtures such as this coordinating outdoor wall lights and lamp post. Try to find a collection of outdoor fixtures to use so you can create a cohesive look. Brass looks right at home against these warmer finishes.

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Focus on View

This outdoor floor lamp comes in a neutral color but packs in a lot of texture and has an expressive form. It allows the focus to remain on the stunning landscape. These versatile fixtures can be moved around as needed.

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Projecting Arm

Need to light a particular surface but don’t want to deal with a lamp nearby? Try an angled floor lamp like this one that cantilevers above the surface. A textured shade is ideal for outdoors as it stands up to elements and softly filters light.

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Avoid Light Pollution

A bollard-style fixture casts light down just where you need it, on a pathway or other surface. This sleek style blends in well with modern architecture. Fixtures of this type are compliant with dark-sky lighting principles, which seek to avoid interference with wildlife or creating other light pollution.

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Stately Lantern

This stately lamp post offers a modern take on the traditional lantern. A black metal post and shade conceals a clear glass globe. This fixture cast light down and avoids unnecessary light pollution, in line with dark sky lighting principles.

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Go for Texture

This outdoor lamp features a textured shade that filters the light. It emits a soft glow without any glare. Following the forms of indoor floor lamps, this fixture looks right at home in an outdoor living area.

Multiple Uses

These exquisite floor lamps feature a round globe resting atop a geometric framework. They work well flanking a pool. These flexible fixtures would also well serve a lounge area or outdoor dining space.

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Indoors, Outdoors

This outdoor lamp post looks just as sleek as an interior floor lamp. It brightens this dark space and provides way finding to the stairs. This type of fixture is easily moved to accommodate a variety of needs.

We hope these ideas for integrating lamp posts into your landscaping project have helped guide your vision. These flexible fixtures can deliver light where needed, aiding in safety while emphasizing important features. Try out some of these lamp post ideas in your project today!


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