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Porch Chandelier Ideas to Elevate Your Exterior

Porches are spaces that are both beautiful and practical. These areas can be used for casual conversation on a warm summer's night, lively outdoor dining, games, and many other functions. Because these areas can serve so many purposes throughout the year, it is vital to consider lighting and how it impacts the porch's aesthetic, tone, and functionality. Porch chandeliers are great options for these outdoor spaces, and they can be used in many different ways. As you design your ideal porch, consider these porch chandelier ideas along with tips, tricks, and guidelines of how to design a beautiful and practical porch.

Creating Balance

This homey porch has plenty of rustic, outdoorsy elements to it with the stone fireplace, wood piles, and wood coffee table. With all these natural accents, it is only fitting that the porch chandelier fits into that scheme. This particular light has many beautiful details to it, but the antiqued finish on the glass is paramount in adding natural "blemish" to the lights and reinforcing an organic, natural design. You may similarly use antiqued glass like this or use other finishes to reinforce your homey outdoor aesthetic.

To New Heights

Some porches, patios, or porticoes may have vaulted ceilings. This feature gives you greater freedom in how and where you incorporate a porch chandelier. With this streamlined outdoor living space, the lighting fixture is centered in the middle of the seating area and anchored in the tallest portion of the ceiling. As you can see, this placement helps tie the entire porch together visually and ensures that light is cast equally over the entire area.

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The Complete Picture

When you're choosing a chandelier for your porch, you will need to consider the space as a whole. Not only will that help you choose a light that stylistically fits the space, but it will also show you if and where you may need other lights to round out the porch. With larger porches like this, it's common to use different types of lights like outdoor wall sconces, pendant lights, and chandeliers together to create a well-rounded lighting scheme. One of the best ways to create a unified design is to use lights with similar shapes and structures, or choose lights from the same collection/designer.

Black and White

Black and white is a stunning color palette that uses contrast as its main point of visual interest. Like this porch, you may use a dark black wall alongside white lighting fixture and accents, or you may invert the color palette. In any case, this color scheme is aptly suited for creating a dramatic, stylish porch.

Beautiful Symmetry

Symmetry is a powerful design tool. The symmetrical architecture of this home helps reinforce a very traditional, homey aesthetic. The central porch light only reinforces that tone thanks to its perfect placement in the middle of the porch and home as a whole. You may similarly place a porch chandelier or porch pendant light in a central location like this to reinforce the traditional symmetrical architecture of your home.


Instead of selecting a singular outdoor pendant light for your porch, you may use several smaller lights to illuminate the space. By using multiple lights, you can further customize your porch's layout and lighting scheme. You may even create an artistic design with the placement of your lights by varying their height and placement.

Modern Rusticity

The Compass Outdoor Chandelier from Hinkley Lighting is a perfect example of blending modern and rustic styles. With the simple structure and clean finishes, this light exudes modern style. However, the thick metals, hand-crafted lighting fixture, and dramatic black helps draw the light into more rustic territory. If you are looking to create a sleek yet homey porch, a modern rustic lighting fixture may be the perfect accent for your space.

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If you're looking to create a light and airy porch, then it's important to choose a porch chandelier that doesn't feel heavy or dense. Lights like the Arctic Outdoor Pendants shown here are ideal for this scenario, since the light cages use thin metals and let light pass through them. Even though these lights are black, they still feel airy thanks to their structure. This porch showcases how the structure of your light is just as important as the finishing colors.


Most people don't fall into a singular interior design style; there are aspects of different styles that each person prefers, and with that, plenty of opportunities to blend different aesthetics to create something new. This simple front porch has both traditional and modern elements with the classic posts, ornate front door, modern color palette, and contemporary chandelier. Allow this porch to serve as inspiration: your lighting fixture can bridge the gap between two styles and create a well-rounded, one of a kind aesthetic that suits your personal preferences.

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Matching Materials

Whether you're designing your porch from scratch or you're adding a light to an existing scheme, it's beneficial to consider what furniture, landscaping, and architecture you'll be decorating with. This porch's design is highly intentional with the cohesive use of rattan and woven fibers in the light and chairs. While it may be a simple connection, using similar materials, colors, or finishes across the porch can help establish a cohesive, comfortable deck.

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Fine Dining

On some porches, you may have either a large or small dining space. In these scenarios, it can be helpful to place lights directly above the dining table. Since porches are such large spaces, having lights helps set the dining area apart from the rest of the porch. Plus, it is always beneficial to have ample task or ambient lighting above your dining table. Like this home, you may elect to place two chandeliers above a long table, or you may select a larger single chandelier. Outdoor ceiling lights are incredibly diverse with different sizes and styles, so you can find one that suits your table's size and aesthetic.

The Proper Height

When you add an outdoor chandelier or porch ceiling fan to your space, it is important to place it intentionally within the space. This includes not only the light's relationship to the room's architecture and furniture, but also with its height. Different heights can impact how the light is dispersed over the porch, what tone the light sets, and how it stylistically connects to nearby elements. This applies to ceiling fans as well, since different heights and placements will impact the fan's reach and air flow.

Completely Contemporary

Contemporary design balances modern minimalism and abstract artistic details. While this porch features very simple furniture and architecture, the chandelier adds an artistic detail that brings life and visual interest to the space. Contemporary fixtures are designed to be both practical and stylish, so you may choose an artistic light that functionally serves your space well.

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Fantastic Ideas

An outdoor ceiling fan can help establish your porch as a comfortable space even on the hottest summer days. Many outdoor ceiling fans also include lights, which gives you the ability to illuminate your porch and encourage airflow at the same time. Whether you place a porch fan over a dining table, seating space, or an outdoor kitchen, you can customize your porch to meet your practical needs while making the porch more comfortable.

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Porch chandeliers can help establish your outdoor space as a comfortable, welcoming place to gather. Since the lights are so diverse with different sizes, finishes, and aesthetics, they can complement any design aesthetic. With the porch chandelier ideas and guidelines detailed above, you can now design your ideal porch so that it suits your unique needs, aesthetic, and daily use.


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