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Illuminate your dining experience with Dining Room Wall Lighting Ideas

Dining room wall lights can improve both the utility and aesthetic of your dining room. While it may be simple in theory to incorporate wall lights into dining rooms, there are many different ways to do so. The lights may be used to accent key works of art or furniture, or they may fade into the background and serve as a soft accent. In any case, to choose the best wall lights for your dining room, consider these dining room wall lighting ideas, inspiration photos, and guidelines.

Unconventional Design

Wall sconces are often imagined as a single light mounted on some sort of backing. However, dining room sconces are so much more than this stereotype. The Perrin Wall Sconces displayed here take on a much more modern design with their hanging orb lights and aged brass finishes. This room shows just one option for using contemporary wall sconces in modern dining rooms and homes.

Front and Center

Although it's most common to use a ceiling light like a chandelier or pendant light directly above a dining room table, you can choose an unconventional wall light to serve the same purpose. This homey dining room shows off a wall light with a far-reaching arm hovering above the dining table. This unique fixture and layout establishes this dining room as unique and stylish.


Whether your dining room connects to the kitchen or not, you can follow this room's example by using wall sconces to highlight open shelving or cabinets. By placing gallery wall sconces with downlighting above open shelves, artwork, or other accents, you can highlight your favorite decorations and accents.

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Subtle Details

Wall lights for dining areas can be as bold or as subtle as you choose. In this mid century modern dining room, the wall sconce in the corner tends to fade into the background as the curtains, warm wood tones, and other colors rise to the forefront. This layout creates the perfect balance in this dining room, and it may similarly round out your dining room's grand design.

Cohesive Design

When pairing dining room wall lights with other lighting fixtures, it is important that the lights have some similar details. Some areas to consider include similar detailing, finishes, structures, or color. This dining room masterfully uses the color white to tie the wall sconces to the chandelier, but even the narrow, linear structures and minimal detailing helps tie the room's lighting scheme together.


If you are a lover of art and handcrafted items, then handcrafted lighting fixtures may be the perfect accents for your dining room. The Solstice Wall Sconces displayed here are merely one option for handcrafted lighting fixtures. These lights can complement other artistic wall art, sculptures, and accents in your contemporary dining room.


When you are shopping for the best wall lights for dining rooms, it is important to consider what purpose you would like the light to fulfill. In this romantic, tucked away dining space, the wall sconce is purposefully centered within the wall and casts a warm light over the table. This placement along with the intensity of the light establishes the dining room as romantic, ambient, and classy. You may similarly place your dining room's wall sconce(s) to create your ideal ambiance and mood. This is merely one of many dining room wall sconce ideas that can be used in your home.

Tasteful Traditional

Traditional style dining rooms often use symmetry to create a visually balanced, classic space. In the case of this dining room, two brass wall sconces contribute to the room's symmetrical design by completing the wall art, blue chairs, and the central cabinet and table. The placement of these lights is not only visually appealing, but also practical in illuminating artwork and the chairs.

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A Modern Twist

While the wall sconce displayed here finds inspiration in traditional style, the finishing details and curvature transforms the wall sconce to being wholly contemporary. The combination of bent metals, soft curls, and cool metal makes this light from Corbett Lighting ideal for elevated contemporary dining rooms.

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Modern minimalist dining rooms often work in limited colors and details. Instead of filling walls with artwork or busy wallpaper, consider using a wall light to accent the space. Not only will this create a more subdued impression, but it will serve as a functional work of art.

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With the wall lighting ideas for dining rooms detailed and shown above, you now see how these wall sconces can personalize and optimize different spaces. Whether you use the lights as subtle accents or key focal points, you now have the knowledge and inspiration to choose the best wall lights for your unique dining room.


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