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Guiding Light: 18 Lamp Post Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Brighten up your landscape, patio, deck, or front yard using outdoor lamp posts. With a variety of options in different sizes and styles, you'll easily discover the perfect choice that compliments your unique aesthetic.

Light Up Your Front Yard

Bring sophistication and timelessness to your front yard with a striking black lamp post. Standing proudly in front of this white house, this lamp post features a classic design that radiates elegance and charm.

Traditional Lighting

Elevate your outdoor ambiance with this elegant, sleek outdoor lamp post. Its modern and minimalist design effortlessly complements any outdoor setting, offering both style and function.

Timeless Lamps

Modern outdoor post lights are the perfect way to add a touch of contemporary flair to your landscape. This timeless lamp post stands illuminating the front yard, exuding a sense of traditional elegance.

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Color Harmony

There's nothing quite like a well-thought-out color scheme to bring a space together. This brown lamp post effortlessly complements the rich brown of the door and the subtle brown accents found within the stone backdrop, creating a cohesive and visually appealing outdoor display that beautifully illuminates your front yard.

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Two Is Better Than One

Adding multiple light posts to your landscape can take your architectural design to the next level. The geometric design with sleek lines enhances the aesthetic of your backyard while adding a touch of beauty and simplicity to your outdoor space. It's a stylish way to take your landscape to the next level.

Tranquil Lighting

This sleek, modern lamp post adds a contemporary touch to the edge of this glistening pool. Its minimalist design complements the pool's clean lines and mirrors the reflective surface of the water.

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Stand Out With Silver

Step away from the traditional black lamp post and go for something more glamourous. This gleaming silver lamp post adds sophistication and modernity against the clean white tiles and green plants. Blend style and functionality together with the Twiggy Grid Lettura Outdoor Floor Lamp.

Sleek, Modern, & Radiant

Looking for something sleek and sophisticated to upgrade your outdoor space? This black lamp post topped with a globe style bulb, casts a soft, warm glow, adding both style and illumination to your surroundings.

Illuminate The Night

Enhance your outdoor design with this beautifully simple lamp post from Flos. This sleek black outdoor lamp post boasts a stylish and contemporary design with a curving stem that adds a touch of artistic flair to your outdoor space.

Contemporary Driveway

Not all lamp post have to be tall. Take the Box Outdoor Bollard Light by Sonneman, for instance; it elegantly illuminates your driveway while adding a touch of modern aesthetics. With its sleek and contemporary design, this light sets a captivating ambiance in your front yard.

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Shaded Elegance

Light up your patio, garden, or deck with the beautiful Flos KTribe F3 Outdoor Floor Lamp. The intricate braided shade adds a touch of elegance, making it the perfect addition to your outdoor decor.

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Dual Lighting

This dual style lamp post creates a distinctive look that captivates the ambiance of your yard and home. The Reals Double DC FH/FW Outdoor Bollard Light is a great choice for those seeking to illuminate their yard with a modern and sophisticated lamp post.

Lavish Design

Enjoy a beautiful sunset on your patio, under the gentle glow of the Superarchimoon Outdoor Floor Lamp. This flexible outdoor floor lamp features a luxurious woven shade perfect for creating an unforgettable ambience and lasting memories.

Extravagant Pool Lighting

Looking for something a little more extravagant to light up your pool area? The Reeds Outdoor Floor Lamp adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your landscape. A simple design that amplifies the beauty of your pool.

Upscale Design

Create a radiant outdoor setting with this contemporary and beautiful outdoor lamp post. The Forscarini Havana Outdoor Floor Lamp's elegance and natural silhouette infuses a sense of upscale design into your outdoor area, creating a radiant and inviting atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Splash of Pink

Create a vibrant outdoor space with a splash of light using the IC Lights Indoor/Outdoor Floor Lamp. Its radiant globe-style bulb beautifully lights up this backdrop of pink hues, creating a captivating outdoor setting.

Tiny But Mighty Radiance

In search of a more compact lighting solution for your driveway? These small lamp posts with curved stems are perfect for the job. Bring sophistication and charm to your landscape with the Flos Caule Outdoor 120V Bollard.

Illuminated Waters

Illuminate your outdoor area with two sleek and modern black lamp posts at the edge of your pool. These contemporary fixtures serve as stunning design elements, where modern design meets the tranquil allure of the water's edge.

Outdoor lamp posts are the perfect way to bring your outdoor areas to life. They not only illuminate the night sky but create a welcoming atmosphere for all to enjoy!


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