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15 Modern Dining Room Chandeliers to Elevate Your Space

Modern dining rooms are ideal places for friendship, fellowship, and creating memories. In order to create a comfortable dining room, it is essential to consider the room's lighting scheme and primary accents. Dining room chandeliers are often focal points of the room thanks to their functionality and beauty. In order to select the best modern dining room chandelier for your home, consider these ideas, guidelines, and instructions on how to use lighting in your dining space.

Dual Lighting

Instead of placing one large chandelier above your dining table, you can elect to use two smaller chandeliers or pendant lights. With this arrangement, you can better illuminate large tables, distribute lighting over a bigger room, and create a fresh style in your space.

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Linear Design

In order to illuminate a long dining room table, you may choose to use a linear chandelier or pendant light. These fixtures come in many different sizes, and so they can easily be tailored to complement your dining table. In general, linear chandeliers are half or three-quarters the length of your dining table and are placed directly above the middle of the table.

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Low Hanging Light

Since dining room pendants and chandeliers are placed above a table and not a walkway, you can comfortably place the light lower without worrying about walking into it. While not all modern dining room chandeliers are placed at this low height, doing so can create a unique look and disperse light over the table to create a warm space perfect for gathering.

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Circular Thinking

Round tables are often paired with round chandeliers. This is because the structure of the light reflects that of the table and fits into the room's footprint better than a long chandelier. With that being said, round chandeliers are incredibly diverse. Standard crystal chandeliers, round rattan lights, or contemporary fixtures like the one shown here are all aptly suited to complement round dining tables.

Fine Finishes

One way to tie your entire dining room's design together is to use repeating metals and finishes throughout the room's primary accents. This vintage modern dining room features plenty of chrome in the chandelier and chairs. Even with that, the glass surface of the table reinforces the reflection of the metals and rounds out the room's design. Consider how recurring finishes can create a well-rounded design in your personal dining room.


Not only are dining room chandeliers practical, but they also serve the room stylistically. The temperature of the lighting, its intensity, and the direction of the light(s) all impact the room's tone and lighting scheme. In addition to that, the lighting fixtures can be crafted to serve as a unique work of art. The chandelier displayed here by Hubbardton Forge is merely one example of how a chandelier can positively impact the room's lighting scheme, tone, and aesthetic.

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Open Concept

Many of today's modern homes feature open concept floor plans where the dining room is open to the living room, kitchen, or both. In these scenarios, it is important to choose a dining room chandelier that complements the dining set and any adjacent spaces. This modern home shows how using the same colors of black and gold throughout both the dining and living room can help tie the spaces together and ensure that each room complements the other.

Mid Century Modern

Mid century modern style may have been popularized in the middle of the 20th century, but this aesthetic is still perfectly suited for today's homes. The Ace Chandelier from Troy Lighting is specifically inspired by the space age, which overlaps with mid century modern with similar design philosophies, use of shapes, and artistic minimalism. Ultimately, your dining room chandelier can reinforce whatever style you are hoping to create and complement your room's primary furniture, architecture, and artwork.

Unexpected Design

Oftentimes, the dining room chandelier incorporates shapes that are displayed elsewhere in the room. However, this room's chandelier features round circular shapes while the rest of the room's furniture, architecture, and accents highlight rigid rectangular and square shapes. Since the light is the only place these rounded shapes are shown, it makes the light stand out as a central focal point and unique accent. You may similarly defy expectation and incorporate a unique shape or material in your dining room chandelier.


Art Deco is a style that frequently uses bold patterns, luxurious materials, and glossy finishes to create an air of luxury. While this dining room features many Art Deco elements, the room's scheme wouldn't be complete without the central chandler above the table. The artistic, polished light exemplifies this elegant style and rounds out the entire room's scheme. No matter what aesthetic you fall into, your dining room chandelier can complete the room's design and encapsulate your personal aesthetic.

Complementary Design

If you are struggling to choose a ceiling light for your dining room, it can be helpful to study the room's architecture, built-ins, and other furniture for inspiration. This room in particular features many clean lines in the table, cabinets, and the ceiling. These features then tie back to the lighting fixture, which helps create a complementary and cohesive design.

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Maximizing Design

Creating the proper balance between the room's key accents and focal points can be a difficult task. One way to create that balance is to choose a singular detailed accent and keep the rest of the room streamlined and simple. This dining room has plenty of design elements to appreciate, but the light is clearly the focal point as the it diverges from the linear lines and simple finishes of the rest of the room. You may similarly choose to highlight an extravagant light in a simple dining room scheme, or you may incorporate many artistic elements to create a more eclectic design.


Black iron is a classic material that can suit both vintage and modern dining rooms. This metal comes in many different finishes ranging from a clean polish to distressed antiquing. Those details along with the shape of the light itself impact how the black iron feels with tone and what interior design aesthetic it lines up with.

Elevated Design

Whether your ceiling opens to the second floor or is simply taller than average, you can accentuate the ceiling's height with your chandelier. By placing the light higher in the room, you draw the eye upwards and throughout the rest of the space, which can help you and your guests appreciate the grand architecture and any other elements at that elevation.

Island Life

Kitchen islands often feature pedestal seating or physically connect to a dining room table. In these scenarios, you may choose to center a light over the table itself or align them with the kitchen island. In this case, the lights are over the island itself, which helps create a more practical workspace. Even so, the light carries over to the table and creates more ambient dining. You must decide what lighting is needed in your room to create the proper workflow and ambience.

Modern dining rooms are perfect spaces for hosting family and friends. With the 15 modern dining room chandelier ideas, inspiration photos, and guidelines detailed above, you can now confidently design your ideal dining space. Remember, your dining room is your own, and your lighting fixture should suit your one of a kind space and accentuate your personal aesthetic.


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