Top 3 Adjustable LED Desk Lamps

Tala Knuckle Table Lamp

Desk lighting is a very important part of home, school and office lighting. Desk lighting tends to fall into the task lighting category and provides light for specific areas that need a larger concentration of light. For instance reading a book or illuminating your desk space would call for a localized light source.

Graypants Wick Portable Table Lamp

Since the introduction of LED lighting, desk lamps have taken a turn in another direction. Bulbs are smaller, and the heat that radiates off of the bulbs is a lot less. This has left lighting designers with the ‘skies the limit’ designs.

Artemide Tolomeo Desk Lamp

Adjustable is a design feature that just makes sense. Tasks and reading work may never be in the same place, so giving the consumer the option to freely move the desk lamp head around as needed will only add positive illumination benefits.


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