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30 Wall Sconce Ideas to Illuminate Your Home

Wall sconces are incredibly diverse, both in style and in functionality. These lights can adorn a bathroom vanity, accent a living room, illuminate a bedroom, or even shine a light in outdoor spaces. Even those ideas are merely are a few ideas for wall sconces. Continue reading for more inspiration and ideas on how and where to use wall sconces inside your home.

Fireplace Focal Point

The fireplace is a natural focal point of living rooms and dens. To further define that fireplace as a central piece, use wall sconces to complement the fireplace's designs and colors. This does not mean that the fireplace mantle and lights must be the same color; like this room, you may choose to contrast warm and cold tones to create a richer designer.

Mid Century Vibers

Mid century style is known for its unique use of materials, shapes, and texture. The wall sconce shown here perfectly highlights that style while simultaneously being transformed to suit a modern aesthetic. Mid century modern spaces are full of artistry, intentionality, and texture. Your room's wall sconces can be the beginning or final accent in that scheme.

Bedside Beauty

Wall sconces can be intentionally chosen to pair with your room's furniture, artwork, or other accents. In the case of this modern bedroom, a linear wall sconce perfectly complements the stripes of the wallpaper and the other modern furniture nearby. Simple connections like these have a large impact on the room's overall cohesion and tone.

Contemporary Art

Yes, wall sconces should be chosen for their functionality and utility. But that does not mean that wall sconces cannot be stylish or serve as works of art. Contemporary fixtures like the 5th Avenue Wall Sconce shown here exemplify how a wall sconce can be both functional and highly artistic.

Small Spaces

Not all bedrooms have room for large nightstands and ornamental chandeliers. In these cases, consider using wall sconces along either side of your bed. This will help you free your nightstands for other uses while still giving you points of visual interest and necessary lighting.

Completely Unexpected

Shockingly, the central light in this room does not resemble a light at all. The Hinkley Lighting Stag Wall Sconce can easily blend into the room's decor when it is turned off, and when it is on, it acts as beautiful ambient lighting and a unique artistic piece. Allow this room to show you just how expansive the lighting world is and inspire new ideas of what your room's lighting fixtures can be.

A Different Idea

Wall sconces are often placed directly next to mirrors and artwork. Even if you have the room to place a light there, you may also set the light in a different location. In this room, the wall sconce is shifted to the nearby wall, which helps it cast light differently over the mirror and nearby table. Consider your room's unique layout and functionality when choosing a light, and do not be afraid to break away from the norm in order to suit your one of a kind space.

Soft Modern Spaces

Modern styles tend to use clean, linear lines in order to create a tidy space. However, such a heavy reliance on perfection and linearity can create sterile or cold spaces. Your wall sconce can shatter that tone by simply introducing a round, soft shape to the room's scheme.

Hidden Details

Wall sconces do not have to be placed as the most prominent accent in the room. In this outdoor space, the light is partially hidden behind the trees and the shadows they cast. However, the light will make itself known at night and cast its own unique shadows with the textured building and nearby trees. That alone is worth having the light away from the forefront of the design.

Luxury Spa

To create a spa-like bathroom, frame your bath with two beautiful wall sconces. Framing out the area with two lights, a mirror, and other decorative accents can help you design a room that you'll never want to leave.

Setting The Mood

While the lighting fixture itself is important for conveying your ideal tone, so is the lighting temperature and the direction of the light. Like this room, you may create a more moody space by limiting the light, casting it downward, and choosing a dimmer option. In other cases, you may decide to take the opposite approach to create a brighter, vibrant space. The choice is up to you.

Simply Classic

Torchiere wall sconces are simply classic with their traditional structure and simplicity design. Whether you are decorating a highly traditional space, a transitional living room, or a purely contemporary space, torchiere wall sconces can add an air of class and sophistication to any room.


In outdoor areas, it is common to use a variety of lights and lighting types to establish each space as unique. Even so, it's fair to use the same light across different areas. This will allow for more seamless style connections across the spaces and gives you the freedom to show off the light against different colors, textures, and materials.

Inset Vanities

Like this room, you may have a vanity or desk set between two shelves. In these cases, consider placing wall sconces on the sides of the shelfs and direct light inward and downward towards your table/mirror. This setup will not only create visual balance, but it will also add essential task lighting to the space.

Modern Class

Although modern and traditional styles may seem at odds, these two aesthetics can actually be blended very easily. The wall sconces displayed here feature a traditional concept with a branched arm and light lampshade, but the colors and rigid rectangular shapes suit modern aesthetics. This is one example to inspire you and show how different styles can be blended to create a new aesthetic.

Mixed Materials

Using similar or matching materials between wall sconces and other accents is pretty standard, since that clean balance is visually appealing. However, you may intentionally use at least two different materials to create more contrast and expand your room's color palette. This line of thinking is present in this bathroom, and it produces stunning results with the warm woods of the mirror and the warm metals present in the sconces and faucet.

Cool, Calm, and Collected

Silver, chrome, and nickel are three examples of cool metals. These cool metallic finishes pair well with other cool or neutral tones. Whether you are choosing lights for a blue bathroom like this or another room of the home, you can see how these cool metals can create a calm, subdued space.

Perfect Symmetry

Spacing out wall sconces between windows is an ideal way to create an even lighting scheme and establish a symmetrical space. Symmetry is a powerful tool in creating very classic, tidy spaces like the kitchen shown here. Using symmetry with your lighting fixtures and other architectural/decorative details can help you create that perfect traditional tone and aesthetic.

The Bold And The Beautiful

This room is anything but basic. While the bookshelves, dominant colors, and accents are all enough to create an interesting space, the lights add their own interest with their unique shapes, finishes, and detailing. Never mind simplicity; if you have a bold personality and style, show it off in every area of the room.

Aged Beautifully

Wall sconces are finished in different ways. Polished metals, brushed metals, and aged metals all convey their own tone and unique aesthetic. As you can see with the wall sconces displayed here, the antique brass finish makes the space feel more worn, homey, and authentic.

The Great Outdoors

Outdoor wall sconces can act as an accent for nearby doors, seating areas, and dining tables. Since the light isn't directly centered within a main seating area or above the dining room table, the wall sconce will provide more ambient and general lighting to your unique space.

Balancing and Contrasting

This contemporary bathroom has a highly complex backsplash taking up the entirety of the vanity wall. Because the backdrop is so extravagant, the lighting fixtures are extremely simple and straightforward with their placement and design. When your room has a complex background or other detailed accents, it can be worthwhile to choose simple wall sconces to complement it.

Pure Warmth

Gold and brass are two metallic finishes known for creating warm tones. When you intentionally pair these warm finishes with other accents, you can define your room as warm, welcoming, and vibrant.

Outside The Box

Oftentimes, we think of wall sconces as small fixtures. While that's often true, wall sconces are far more expansive than that. Long linear wall sconces like these are available and ideal for accenting posts and narrow walls like this. Let this room serve as inspiration of how unique wall sconces are and how they can be styled as works of art.

Imitation Is The Greatest Form of Flattery

If there is a particular design element you love, you can use that element in numerous ways throughout the same space. In the case of this entryway, the circular mirror is further complemented by the circles and round bulbs of the wall sconce. The recurring shape helps solidify the room's style and creates a unique aesthetic.

Bookshelf Lighting

Wall sconces can serve as gallery lights and highlight bookshelves, built in hutches, and other unique furniture. Directional lights like Thomas O'Brien's Signoret Task Wall Sconce are perfectly equipped to cast light in the proper direction, provide essential task slighting, and create general ambiance.

Hallowed Halls

Dare to design differently by using wall sconces in your hall instead of traditional ceiling lights. Aside from breaking the normal design conventions, this placement allows you to show off lights as unique works of art and sufficiently brighten your room.

The Big Picture

Depending on the size and function of your room, wall sconces likely will not be the only lighting fixtures present. With that in mind, it is wise to take a step back and plan the entire room's lighting scheme. When you take that approach, you can choose wall sconces, chandeliers, pendant lights, and other fixtures that match through their finishes, details, and overall styles.

Tasteful Traditions

Traditional style is known for using rich warm woods, intricate scrollwork, and refined pieces to create a very classy environment. The Hubbardton Forge Scroll Wall Sconces used in this bathroom perfectly showcase the beauty of traditional design while fitting into the modern day. Although modern styles are highly popularized in today's lighting world, there are still highly traditional and classic wall sconces out there to furnish your luxurious classic room.

Dynamic Design

Texture is a key part of interior design. By using different materials, finishes, and textures, you can create a highly dynamic space. This room serves as an example of that principle. By using a reflective gold wall sconce, a glossy piece of art, and silver metallic decor, this room creates a highly diverse yet focused design.

Wall sconces can be used in any room of the home with great results. Whether the light serves as subtle ambient lighting, task lighting, or general lighting, they can provide practical illumination and functionality to your room. With the wall sconce ideas detailed above, you can now confidently use wall sconces in any room of your home and show off your unique aesthetic.


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