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25 of the best No Island Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Have a smaller kitchen without an island? There are plenty of great lighting ideas to make the most of your space. Read on to find out some of the best kitchen lighting ideas if you don’t have an island.

Like an Island

This kitchen by Nadia Watts may not technically have an island, but the counter on the left serves as one for all intents and purposes. Therefore, the lighting is handled in the same way: with two pendants that hang above. These black drum shades add a touch of elegance to the space, which already has plenty of texture.

Mixing Tones

Mixing cabinet tones is a popular trend in kitchens, especially those with no islands, Try combining natural wood and black for a refreshing contrast. These pendants cut an angular profile and contribute to the kittens modern feel.

Simple and Sleek

A simple, slender brass and glass pendant above the sink elevates this kitchen without an island. White surfaces and plenty of plants make the space feel high end. Additional semi-flush mount fixtures round out the lighting scheme.

Make a Statement

Even if you don’t have a kitchen island, that doesn’t mean you can’t hang a series of dramatic pendant fixtures in the space! Here we see a simple over-the-sink fixture, and then a series of three dramatic chandeliers throughout the center of the space. You can make a statement with lighting without lighting the surface of an island.

All About Nature

This compact kitchen is all about the view. A large window frames views of the forest beyond, making nature the focus of the space. A single, simple over-sink fixture is all t hat’s needed for task lighting in this minimal kitchen.

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Light on Style

This galley kitchen might be tight on space but it is not light on style. White cabinets and walls make it feel larger than it is. These clean surfaces are balanced by brass hardware, light fixtures and pops of color in the form of art, flowers and rugs.

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Magazine-worthy Design

A small kitchen can still make a bold impact. Combine black cabinets with bold textiles‚ such as window shades and floor rugs. Add in brass hardware and coordinating overwork lighting as well as over-cabinet lighting. Then you have a magazine-worthy space.

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Multiple Choice

This bright kitchen features warm wood tones, including open shelving and a wood-topped table. A single, oversize white pendant helps tie the space together, in tandem with two wall sconces above the open shelving. Recessed lights provide the rest of the task light needed.

Neutral Tones

Kelly Taylor Interior Design used a combination of recessed lights and an over-the-sink pendant in this warm kitchen. Warm-colored wall tiles lend texture and rhythm to the space. Brown counters and white cabinets keep the space neutral and consistent with the rest of the home.

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Traditional Style

Nadia Watts Interior Design created a square-shaped kitchen with a functional layout. One side functions similar to an island to provide seating. Above hang three decorative pendants that tie into the traditional design of the space.

Small Space, Big on Style

This soft gray kitchen is small in terms of space but manages to maximizes on style. An eclectic flush mount fixture ties the space together and serves as a focal point. Open shelving displays collectible pieces while art becomes a focus.

Coordinated Brass

Coordinate your over-sink lighting to your cabinet hardware and faucet. Here we see a sophisticated combination of brass, which is consistent and intentional. Bonus points for the brass-framed painting with brass light.

Statement Kitchen

Teal cabinets pop against white hexagonal tile walls in this cheerful kitchen. Open wood shelves and brass hardware round out the look. With so much going on, all that’s needed in terms of lighting are a simple above-sink fixture and recessed cans.

Crowd Pleasers

Spectrum Design Group stuck to traditional favorites in this kitchen with no island. Warm wood cabinets and white subway tiles are crowd pleasers. An overhead pendant fixture with traditional glass globes handles the overhead lighting.


Even if your kitchen doesn’t have an island, you can still approach the lighting scheme as if it does. Here, an expanse of counter is lit with two pendants much like one would an island. The white fixtures play into the white-painted brick wall aesthetic.

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Draw the Eye Up

Make your kitchen without an island feel spacious by hanging multiple pendants. These fixtures draw the eye up and make the space feel taller. Using white finishes also helps. Here we see fixture with brass details that coordinate with brass wall sconces.

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Add Color and Texture

Just because you have a small kitchen without an island doesn’t mean you should stick to only light colors to make it feel larger. Instead, embrace the coziness and opt for color and texture. Here, a single light hangs above the sink, drawing the eye up to the tin ceiling. Patterned wallpaper and blue cabinets round out the vibe.

Moody Blue

Opt for a moody blue kitchen by painting the cabinets and the trim to match. White counters look crisp for contrast. This globe flush mount is perfect for over the sink. Its simple design keeps the focus on the view.

Over the Sink

Vantage Design Studio went with gray cabinets and white hexagonal backsplash tiles in their bright, cheery kitchen. Brass hardware and faucet coordinate with the over-sink pendant. Don’t overlook hanging a fixture above your sink for both decorative and task purposes!

Jewel-like pendants

Just because you don’t have an island in your kitchen doesn’t mean you have ate sacrifice on style. These jewelry-like pendants work equally well over standard counter space. Pair them with wood cabinets and dark tones for a dramatic design.

Wood, White, Black

Short on space? Opt for white walls, black counters, wood accents and stainless appliances. A simple over-sink light with a modern profile will round out the look. Wood tones further soften the space, in the form of exposed beams and wood floors.

Go Dark

If you have a small kitchen with no island, don’t shy away from dark cabinets. These black cabinets still work in a tighter space, thanks to white walls and bright light. An oversize glass fixture serves as over-sink lighting, coordinating with light countertops.

Three Is Better Than One

Who says an over-the-sink fixture has to mean just one? Try a series of three pendants ore semi-flush fixtures, if you have a lower ceiling in your kitchen without an island. These black fixtures pop against a neutral backdrop.

Go Bold

With a small kitchen minus an island, you shouldn’t be afraid to go bold. Here we see bold wallpaper, red cabinets, and vibrant counters. A simple overhead fixture with brass ties together. Wood shelving helps to keep everything organized.

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While kitchen islands lit by pendants are ubiquitous in interior design circles, you can still have a great kitchen design without an island. We hope these ideas have inspired you to light your own kitchen. Just about every fixture type can be used whether you have an island or not.


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