Reflective Flow: World’s Largest Chandelier Weighs 39,683 Pounds

The world’s largest chandelier, Reflective Flow, was designed for Al Hitmi’s office building that is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf in Doha, Qatar. Reflective Flow plays two roles in the building’s design, during the day the chandelier is an exquisite sculpture. However when the sun goes down, and the lights switch on, the world’s largest chandelier becomes a color changing LED lighting masterpiece.

The chandelier was designed by Scotland’s Beau McClellan, it took two years to complete from start to finish. Reflective Flow measures 19 feet high at the tallest point of the body, 41 feet in linear width, and 126 feet in linear length and weighs a whopping 39,683 pounds.

Beau McClellan’s Reflective Chandelier
Beau McClellan’s Reflective Chandelier

The Reflective Flow chandelier is suspended from a glass atrium between two office complexes. The snake like design is hung in between the offices atrium structures. The chandelier is made from more than 2,300 hand-ground optical crystals, uses 165,000 LED lights and is considered by the Guinness Book of World Records to be the world’s biggest interactive LED chandelier.


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