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Nothing says outdoor party like festival string lights strewn from one side of the house to the other. The warm glow and enchantment of these lights floating in the air is romantic, fun, and captivating. On top of all that, they are a great source of soft warm even illumination outside. Outdoor string lights should be UL Wet listed, which means they are designed, tested, and approved to be installed outside, and ok to get wet! Most party lights on the market are basically a thick 120 volt cord with sockets spaced every 18 - 24 inches. What's nice about these is that you can swap out the bulbs for different occasions, red and green for the holidays, and go back to a low-wattage incandescent for everyday use. With the advancement of LED light bulbs, you can now use LED bulbs in these types of string lights. Generally speaking there are two types of string lights on the market, line voltage (120 Volt) an Low-Voltage (12 - 24 Volt). There is a minor difference between the two in terms of volts:

Line Voltage: 110-120 volts of electricity is commonly referred to as line voltage or house voltage. This is the voltage most everything in the house uses, from your receptacles, television, appliances, pretty much everything. Only certain items in the house take a higher voltage (220 Volt) those would be car-charger in the garage, air conditioner, pool system, and other bigger items. Thus, if you are using line voltage string lights you could easily plug into an outdoor receptacle or have an electrician hard wire them into an outdoor electrical junction box. You would then need to have them switched so that you can turn on and off, or if you plug in just unplug it!

Low-Voltage: 12-24 volts is considered low-voltage and is safer because it is not strong enough to cause a fatal shock. Thus, low-voltage is used for landscape lighting and can also be used for outdoor festival string lights. In fact, these types of string lights can be wired into an existing landscape lighting system very easily! If you have landscape lights already, then you must have an existing low-voltage transformer nearby. It's safe and easy to run a low-voltage wire, 10- 12- 14- or 16-gauge wire (size depending on distance, lower gauge is thicker and carries current further away from transformer) directly to your string lights and do a quick outdoor wire nut connection, done!

Check out the newest LED Festival Light String products available for your outdoor space!

Exhibitor Light String - Tokistar (low voltage led)

Tokistar Exhibitor Series is a wet-location festoon lighting system widely used in amusement parks, shopping centers, street decorations and promenades. Exhibitor fixtures may also be surface mounted to accent rooflines and many other architectural features. For a distinctive look, our custom shades can be attached to Exhibitor festoon applications or Exhibitor Pendants.

Swell String Lights - Pablo Pardo (120 volt)

Elegant and infinitely flexible, Swell is a modular LED lighting system designed to seamlessly blend the line between indoor and outdoor lighting. Formed from spun aluminum, Swell’s 3 shade designs pair fluid, undulating lines with a radiant brass interior and can be mixed and matched to create dynamic groupings. Swell can be suspended individually, as a chandelier or as inter-connectable shade strings to perfectly complement residential, commercial, lounge and hospitality settings alike.

Light string - Bulbrite
  • Bulbrite's stylish String Light kit with LED S14 bulbs is the perfect way to enhance any outdoor or indoor space. These lights are ideal for parties, outdoor events, weddings and will bring new life and style to the interior of your home!
  • Perfect for patio lighting, gazebos, porches, outdoor events, parties, restaurants/bars, weddings, living rooms, bedrooms and more.
  • These string lights are ideal for any decorative or practical use, both indoor and outdoor.


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