Best in Show: Sean Lavin - Collier Chandelier

Lightopia's annual trip to Lightovation 2022 was greeted with some cooler temperatures in Dallas, however upon entering the Dallas Market Center we warmed right up to the abundance of soft brass and glass lighting. The theme of the show can really be summed up by brass and glass, back in black, and back to nature. As part of our three part series we will showcase standout designs in these main trends. The brass, bronze, and brown tones relate and can coexist into a lot of organic natural, what we are calling baja modern environments. The glass was excellent this year, from hand-worked glass to textured glass and raw crystal to clear crystal with emphasis to production glass that we started to see a shift towards quality with a bit thicker glass. Thicker glass feels luxurious and we saw lots of it!

Sean Lavin is setting the pace

Get to know Mr. Sean Lavin and his amazing lighting. He has been designing lights for Tech Lighting since before LED was a thing. This year Lightovation sparkled with our top jaw dropping design: The Collier collection. The Collier series is luxurious lighting defined. With it's faceted crystal surrounding a warm white led source, the sparkle and light create a diamond necklace on your ceiling. This customizable family can be specified to exact sizing and played with to design a signature fixture for any contemporary luxury space.

Schonbek unveils it's modern contemporary fashion with Schonbek Beyond

As a new wholly owned subsidiary of WAC Lighting, Dirk Wald wanted to inject some pizzazz into the aged brass traditional crystal brand of Schonbek after they acquired it. Schonbek had history, it was a place him and good friend RJ once walked the halls of as employees. They wanted the new collaboration of Schonbek Beyond to have designer contemporary crystal and WAC LED lighting technology, it can only be described as one amazing Benediction.

Sean Lavin, oops he did it again.

Yes the Aspen series is all brass and it's made for the outside, which doesn't mean you can't put this light inside, because you absolutely should do both:) LED with Brass long last. Next to the Aspen wall lights is the Gable LED chandelier collection, also available in a linear format and with black finish.

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelllly Kelllly..Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. - Woody Harrelson, Cheers.

Please don't stop with your brassy simple self Kelly. We are loving this new series from Kelly's new collaboration with Tech Lighting, this is Phobos. Phobos has an amazingly small laser etched tube inside glass that is illuminated from one end and softly dissipates throughout the fixture. Yes this is real brass and real cool, get some.

Fine Art Lamps Strata

Leave it to the masterful artists at Fine Art lamps to organize these crystals perfectly into a tetris crescendo of light. Wow they must have a lot of time on their hands...please tell me this light comes assembled or at least with good instructions for the 47 crystals that come along. Accenting this is a beautifu bronze painted finish that is hand applied in the great state of Florida in the USA, go USA!

Paloma Contreras - Welcome to the team!

It's a great squad of designers over at Visual Comfort, and they just picked up the talented Paloma Contreras and her new Orsay collection. Simply elegant.

Cascade Round Multi Light Pendant

Cascading effect

At the end of a long cascading effect will sometimes be a crystal ball, or is it the other way around?... With this fixture by Modern Forms we suggest getting under it and looking up, but if that's too much, catch it's side eye sparkle:)

Sydney Chandelier

Simply Sydney

Simply beautiful, curves, u-shapes, rounded edges are definitely also on trend, oh yeah, you also get LED uplight and downlight for your table and your ceiling.

Constellation Aquila Minor Chandelier

Sonneman goes brass and it was worth the wait.

The trend in brass couldn't be more confirmed than it already is until you see something new in brass. The Constellation series from Sonneman is a playful vertical experience that plays with many points of organized light. Typically coming in chrome and nickel, this series now warms up to brass....and also 2700k instead of 3000k takes this series to another level.

Asscher Cut Glass

Nice rock. This block of diamond jewelry is a column of channel set clear hand-cast glass. Made in Salt Lake City and taking after Asscher cut diamonds, which are often described as architectural and typically attached to the Art Deco style of the Roaring 20's where they were so popular.

All Emeralds are not green

The Emerald collection is not green, it's made of a vintage gold leaf plate with a warm soft globe. Corbett Lighting created this simple but mesmerizing light to help everybody calm down. It's a zen light and one that should go into every Politicians office:) Yes the world would be a better place.

Roxx, a literal interpretation

Rock Crystal never looked so good....we can't imagine how long this takes to put together, yes this one does come assembled:) If you thought your rock crystal necklace was expensive than this is a deal for you, a lifetime supply of rock crystal and good juju, it's full of positive energy!

ET2 playing with nature

The Reed pendants with their detailed rib texture frame and glass pair well together while the Diaphine pendants with rock crystal illuminate a bit of nature.

Kulma Pendant

Kelly Wearstler - Continues with jaw dropping design

If we could just have a light that lets us see through the light without any distractions, that would be great. Oh Kulma collection thank you so much. This singular plane of glass and burnished metal frame is perfect for simple spaces.

Avenue Lighting Rolls back the clock with Waldorf

"Can't repeat the past?...why of course you can" - The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald. Avenue Lighting's Waldorf collection is a lavish nod to the glitz and glamour of the Roaring 20's!

Brock Wall Sconce

Marie Flanagan, not that's a piece of glass!

How about a block of lce illuminated that doesn't melt? The Brock series has an LED source with clear wavy glass to harness the awesome power of brass and glass.

Full Circle

Sean Lavin is the hottest guy in Lighting in 2022! He has been designing with Tech Lighting for a number of years, and has really been the designer behind the curtain. When Visual Comfort group teamed up with Tech Lighting they hit the jackpot with the mind of Sean Lavin, and Sean has now rightfully been fully noticed by the group that represents designers in lighting better than anyone else, Visual Comfort. Designers should be celebrated, they make life better, pleasing, and more beautiful. So cheers to Sean and all his excellent work, we can't wait to see what he dreams up next. Below is his Orbet LED chandelier, milk glass orbs coupled with a classic brass ring.

Lightovation at the famous Dallas Market Center in Dallas Texas!

The Lightopia Team! Lightovation 2022


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