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Illuminated LED Mirrors have it all when it comes to form and function. With the tiny profile of LED lighting it's very easy to integrate this lighting technology into or behind a decorative mirror. Lighting designers love the idea of including functional light into a mirror while not compromising on the overall design aesthetic. 

Eternity Oval Lighted Mirror

Today we are seeing very small edge profiles, mirrors hanging with leather straps, dusted crystal inlays, and warm woods and metals. Black and brass finishes are becoming more popular so now there are lighted mirrors with those finishes to complement modern bathroom designs. LED mirrors eliminate the need for flanking wall sconces or a vanity light bar above which helps free up the space to focus on tile or wallpaper. In fact, some LED mirrors backlight the wall behind to help the wall treatment become the star in the room. We always advise integrating a recessed LED downlight with a spot beam spread optic to focus on the sink. This is the main work area and highlights the vanity finished surface you have chosen. Some illuminated mirrors are better than others at the actual amount of task lighting produced. In a powder room that is not used for daily personal maintenance a lumen level of 800 lumens is sufficient coupled with the downlight. In a bathroom that requires good lumen output for tasks, a light level of 1500 and up would be best. Below are some more decorative LED mirrors that may integrate well into your space.

Eternity Round Lighted Mirror

Eternity Round Lighted Mirror by Electric Mirror is designed to maximize direct illumination, making it ideal for those tasks that require a steady hand. Plus, with its white powder-coated chassis and corrosion-resistant DuraMirror glass, this mirror is both stylish and built to last. Available in 30 or 36 inch diameters.

La Plus Belle Lighted Mirror

La Plus Belle Lighted Mirror by Flos features built-in light sources that can be dimmed using the optical sensor, making it perfect for any room in your home. The aluminum frame is available in a variety of modern finishes.


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