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Welcome to Lightopia's annual What's HOT top decorative designer lighting for 2021. Six months into 2021 and we can confidently show off some of this years hottest contemporary lighting fixtures on the planet! Designer lighting is no doubt one of the sexiest ways to dress up or down any space. With the advent of LED lighting in many shapes and sizes, designers have more technology and materials than ever before to dream up fresh new concepts. Glass and Metal in lighting have been big themes this year, and our list is full of handblown glass, polished metals, and metallized glass! In reverse order, scroll through the finish!:) Enjoy!

21. Bend Collection by Arteriors

The Bend series casts dynamic, directional patterned light through a long, narrow half-cylinder of rippled glass. A celebration of the subtle variations of hand-blown glass, Bend's textural smoke glass floating shade encases a modern, pill-shaped blackened steel plate, creating a bold interplay of materials and forms that make it an ideal choice for corridors and vanities The Bend sconce is available in silvery grey Smoke and warm Amber glass.

20. Kabuki by Kartell

Floor lamps are not typically on a hot lighting list but the Kabuki is a design unlike anything we have seen before. Kartell is the master innovator at all things plastic and this woven meshed geometric sculpture is breathtaking. Designed by Feruccio Laviani, the injection molded technology used makes it possible to create a woven structure similar to lace with a unique perforated surface through which the light is diffused. Available in indoor and outdoor versions.

19. Quinn by Palecek

The look everyone wants this year is Baha Contemporary for that easy-going vibe. Quinn creates a meshed light filtered coastal calm environment with it's natural basket style. The Quinn family is made in the Philippines of hand-sewn wood and coco beads. The frame, chain, and ceiling canopy are matched with a powder coated off white finish to compliment the beads.

18. Orion by Lee Broom

Orion comprises simple modular lights with opposing opaque and solid polished gold spheres along with opaque and solid polished gold tubes. These connect and expand horizontally and vertically to create bespoke constellations of light with infinite adaptations.

17. Gravity chandelier by Moooi

What goes up does not always come down, unless you are referring to light. The Gravity chandelier is suspended in mid-air with crystal LED

16. Vitre by Hubbardton Forge

Exquisite, thick, handmade glass features abstract white "swirls" that command attention. The Vitre Large Linear LED Pendant is perfect over a dining table, large island, or even a billiards table. Bright and beautiful, this double-rod lighting fixture's LED light-guide platform creates an up-and-down wash of light, illuminating the stunning glass elements and its environs.

15. Serif by Kuzco.

Last but not least. The Serif Collection features clean, angular geometrics colliding in harmony. Minimal yet impactful, the rings of light seem to float organically in air. Each piece of the Serif Collection is adjustable to fit your style, from minimal and clean uniform rings, to free-form. This versatility makes it the perfect mixture of both two- and three-dimensional art depending on the ring formations you create. Serif was awarded the coveted Red Dot Design Award for Best Product Design 2021. The Red Dot Design Awards honor leaders in design from across the globe annually, hosting winning designs in the coveted Red Dot Museum in Germany for one year after winning their category.

14. Lindley by Hudson Valley Lighting

Lindley takes the LED ring to the next level. Two pieces of glass come together and encapsulate each LED light for a look that is intriguing when unlit and absolutely stunning when lit. This elevated design not only adds sparkle it also sparks the imagination—each piece of glass can be twisted in different directions, putting you in charge of the look and the light.

Appareil LED Pendant

13. Appareil by Kelly Wearstler for Visual Comfort

The Appareil collection designed by Kelly Wearstler is an indirect minimalist LED lantern collection that creates a circus of organized light, while keeping true to form. The slight angular lanternesque shapes give this contemporary collection something new to talk about while creating a flow through of empty space where you typically expect to see the light bulbs. The neatly organized metal frame, linear led diffusers, and crisp finish are tastefully detailed and structurally sound. Appareil is another contemporary, chic and geometric design perfect for modern homes.

12. La Plus Belle by Flos

The most beautiful mirror you are. Of course sculpted by the master designer Phillipe Starck for Flos. This Italian masterpiece is one of the only mirrors to make our top lighting list and you can see why. The simple organic frame surrounded by flattering LED light is available in aluminum, gold, copper, and our favorite polished bronze:):)

11. Juliet collection by Modern Forms

Modern Forms, maybe inspired by it's newest acquisition of Schonbek lighting, is revitalizing cut crystal with this no doubt edgy and contemporary luxury known as Juliet. A chiseled luminaire with a captivating sculptured texture. This design features solid faceted crystal spears dramatically carved for a prismatic impact. The canopy plate mounts horizontally or vertically to satisfy your lighting needs.

10. Luke Lamp Co.

Luke Lamp Co. creates amazingly simple bespoke lighting fixtures that play with the linear features of LED lighting. Their signature Tracer Loop series works with brass frames that drapes LED inside a flexible braded exterior. The even diffused light bleeds through it's textured rope skin to create warm glow. Made in the USA, the Tracer Loop series offers the ability to play and shape the light for your own impression. Ground breaking light inside a woven fabric, what will they think of next?!

9. Soap by Bomma

The magical quality of irridescent that is Soap by Bomma. Varied colors, transparency and continuously changing shapes – the characteristic features of soap bubbles--inspired this BOMMA collection. When lighted, the metallic sheen of its surface transforms to iridescent and translucent, exposing its crystal character. The entire collection is produced using the technique of hand-blowing without a form. The seemingly perfect droplet of molten glass is given a unique shape, as well as a unique color spectrum. Among Soap Collection’s main advantages are the options to create impressive compositions from a larger number of individual light fixtures or combining their color schemes.

8. Mona by Brokis

Designed by Lucie Koldova, the Mona collection is based on the concept of penetrating forms. The light source boldly traverses the ample volume of smooth handblown glass to reveal the thrilling tension inherent in the design. The collection’s essence, however, lies in its unconventional construction and refined combination of materials. It also boasts dimmable tubular LED light sources, developed by Brokis, each with a different colour temperature.

7. Artists Hand by Niamh Barry

As if written in the air, a message to you, a signature, a note hand formed in bronze. This sculptural LED by Niamh Barry crosses into the art form with it's namesake, Artists Hand. Available in multiple finishes by commission only, it's captivating and soulful.

6. Talia by Visual Comfort

The Talia family has been one of our most popular families of all time. Any time you surround lighting with a colleciton of handblown glass with movement you experience the ultimate in dazzling light refraction. Dimming a fixture like Talia creates a warm glow that makes any room feel comfortable, inviting, and cozy. Available in polished nickel, brass, or plaster white, get them before they're gone. 2021 launched an expansion of Talia with a grande entry and linear sizes to add to the family. Designer Julie Neill creates contemporary lighting fixtures that sparkle and dazzle with interest and class. Get yours before they're gone!

5. Nyra by Tech Lighting

Part of Sean Lavin's collection at Tech Lighting is the beautifully layered waves of LED panels that make up Nyra. The suspended acrylic blades help soften the led strip lighting to emit a generous amount of diffused lighting. The only suspension and bath bar family to both be hot, the Nyra collection is a simple clean lined solution for modern spaces.

4. Illan by Luceplan

Technological innovation, research on materials and sustainability converge in harmony in the Illan suspension.

The lamp is composed of a very light body made with extremely thin, flexible plywood, cut by laser along densely packed equidistant lines. This is a precious and varying material whose unique natural character can be seen in the typical grain pattern. These characteristics are the distinctive features of the project. Once suspended from the ceiling, Illan takes on volume thanks to the force of gravity and assumes its characteristic form that floats in the air.

The highly decorative and emotional impact expressed through the intelligent and original use of materials, make it a truly special lamp. Skillful use of the LED source creates very comfortable, relaxing diffused lighting. Illan is available in multiple sizes up to one meter in diameter.

Design Zsuzsanna Horvath, 2019

3. Bau by Tech Lighting

The Bau Pendant by Sean Lavin for Tech Lighting celebrates the influence of the Bauhaus movement with four geometric metal stamped fins housing integrated LEDs providing a generous amount of indirect illumination to any space. Available in two modern finishes Nightshade Black and Natural Brass that will patina over time, the Bau Line-Voltage Pendant is an American Modern take providing a stunning focal point to your interior design. Complete the look with alternate sized Line-Voltage Pendants, Linear Suspension and Bath Bar.

2. Flock of Light by Moooi

Flock of Light, by Studio Toer, transforms from a light and airy artistic design piece at daytime, to a swarm of bright lights at night. Flock of Light comes in two sizes: 11 and 21, after the number of light sources. Both sizes are made from brass cups, bronze wires and semi-transparent polycarbonate diffusers. This suspension lamp brings a bright, warm and poetic glow right after dark. A Flock of Light captured in stillness.

1. Pyrite by Bomma


The sculptural structures of minerals and their perfectly smooth surfaces are among the most precious treasures from the very core of the Earth, only revealing their optical magic once they encounter a source of light. This BOMMA collection was inspired by pyrite, the golden fire-stone in the shape of a perfect cube, while the silver version of the shade reflects its inspiration in salt crystals. By blowing a molten organic substance into a precise cold form, the skilled hands of our glassmakers create a unique light fixture of elemental, yet perfect shape. The gleaming surface of this hand-blown crystal cube is enclosed from three sides by a polished metal component in either silver or gold tones. The Pyrite Collection excels in both exceptional design and top-quality materials. Easily combined, it invites you to create your own unique lighting constellations.


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