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25 of the best Modern Outdoor Wall Lighting Ideas

Outdoor lights can optimize your landscape, create comfortable sitting areas, and generally improve your home's functionality. Modern outdoor wall lights in particular are highly practical and customizable with their various styles and placements. To assist you in designing your perfect porch, patio, deck, or other outdoor space, here are 25 modern outdoor wall lighting ideas, tips, tricks, and inspiration photos.

Perfect Partnership

While you can just use wall sconces alongside an exterior door, you can also pair wall sconces with other types of light to provide more illumination. This transitional modern home features wall sconces along with recessed outdoor lights in order to create a brighter entryway. Not only does this make for a comfortable hang-out spot, but it also impacts the porch's ambiance and practicality.

Architectural Inspiration

When choosing an outdoor wall light for your porch, look at your architecture and furniture for inspiration. This modern porch features clean, linear lights with the wall panels, the sofa, and other accents. Those details are further highlighted with the rectangular wall sconce in this case. You may similarly choose a modern outdoor wall light based on your home's architecture and fine details.

Complete Customization

Modern outdoor wall lights can often be customized to suit your home's unique needs. The Cerno Calx Light shown here can be customized with different lighting temperatures, finishes, and dimming options. These are all facets to consider when choosing your best outdoor wall light.

Little Details

The little details of your outdoor light area monumental part of determining the light's style and aesthetic. The Hubbardton Forge Banded Seeded Glass Outdoor Sconce shown here highlights seeded glass to introduce a more vintage aesthetic to a modern light.

Directional Lighting

Modern outdoor wall lights are available in many different shapes, sizes, styles, and designs. One model to consider for modern or industrial spaces are can wall sconces that directly light upward, downward, or in both directions. Wall lights like these can create intentional spotlights on decor and seating areas, or they can simply provide ambient lighting throughout your outdoor loft.

Architecturally Sound

The architecture and details of your building can guide you in choosing the best outdoor wall lighting fixtures. While you can choose a light that perfectly follows the lines of the house, you can also break the mold by orienting your light in a different way or choosing a different shape entirely. This modern home primarily features horizontal lines, which is why the inclusion of a vertical wall sconce successfully fits the mold while also expanding on the home's grand design.

Size, Height, and Scale

Your modern outdoor wall lighting fixtures should pair well with nearby architecture and accents. In the case of this contemporary home, Hammerton Studio's Cascade Wall Sconces complement the height of the building and posts. Considering the scale, height, and size of your wall sconces is vital for creating proper visual balance.

Dimensional Design

Using the same light in multiple locations can help create a unified landscape. This modern home shows that perfectly by using the same light against different surfaces and at different heights. Simple variation in placement can create a multi-faceted, stunning landscape.

Tasteful Traditions

Lantern wall sconces are very popular for outdoor settings, since lanterns convey an air of class and tradition no matter what specific design they fall into. Like this home, you may use transitional lanterns that blend modern and traditional sensibilities. However, other outdoor lantern lights may feel rustic, industrial, or highly contemporary.

Black and White

Monochromatic black and white homes are popular in various interior design styles. Whether you are creating a simple modern deck, a modern farmhouse home, or something more vintage, your outdoor wall lights can complement this style and further define the monochromatic color palette.


Outdoor wall sconces convey many different tones. When using a wall sconce by a front door, it is important to choose a light that conveys the proper message. The warm light shining through this lantern creates a very welcoming entryway that is perfect for inviting guests to your home.


The lighting fixtures you include in your outdoor space dramatically impact the mood of that space. By limiting yourself to a wall sconce on the building, you can create a soft glow elsewhere in the yard that is fitting for relaxing summer nights.

Simple, Clean, and Stunning

Modern design is defined by its simplicity and functionality. This modern home exemplifies that principle through its architecture, details, and simple lights. The simplicity of the lights along with the even distribution of light makes this home a perfect example of modern style.

Recurring Motifs

Your outdoor wall lights can serve as primary decorative accents. Along with that, wall sconces can also guide you towards other decorations you use in your space. This cozy deck features hanging lantern lights and plenty of lanterns on the floor to accent the space, which creates a very unified and cohesive spot.


It is not hyperbole to say that there is unlimited potential with outdoor lighting fixtures. The number of lights available, all their sizes and finishes, and their relationship to different homes makes them incredibly versatile. This lantern shown with a traditional home may naturally convey a more classy aesthetic, but this same light could be used with a mid century modern home as well. That shows how much potential there is for using outdoor lights to personalize your home's design.

Two Story Lighting

Wall sconces are often used to accent first floor walls, patios, and entryways, but wall lights can also adorn the home's second story. Like this home, your second story lights may illuminate an upper deck or porch. However, these lights can also accent standard windows or other architectural features.


If you have an enclosed porch or patio, you can add wall lights to every area surrounding your outdoor space. Like this home, you may use lights in very symmetrical, balanced ways or you can spread out the lights to accommodate your porch's unique layout.

A Work of Art

Outdoor wall lights range from highly intricate and detailed to completely minimalist and basic. The wall sconce shown here from George Kovacs creates an artistic design with its metallic bars and structure. You may similarly use an outdoor light as a unique work of art.


Not every front door has enough room to accommodate wall sconce or pair of wall lights. In these scenarios, you may find it beneficial to place a wall light on an adjacent wall. This layout will sufficiently brighten the home's entryway without overwhelming the space.

Mid Century Marvels

Mid century modern stye is quickly rising in popularity thanks its artistry, use of shape, and texture. If your home falls into that style, consider how your lighting fixtures can exemplify mid century modern style. Simple rectangular lights like this, placed in perfect symmetry, are aptly suited for accenting MCM porches and entryways.

Down Lighting

There are many benefits to using downward pointing lights like these outside your home. While they can perfectly accent seating areas like this, they can do so without contributing to light pollution or detracting from the night sky.

Setting The Mood

While the wall sconces themselves are very important, it is equally important to consider where you will place the lights. This home shows how effective it is to place lights outside an alcove. This layout does not create a bright sitting area; instead, it sets the alcove apart as very moody and ambient.

Country Cottage

Lantern lights are incredibly versatile, but one area where they truly shine is in a cottage or countryside setting. With their classic charm, finishes, and detailing, lantern lights are perfectly suited for accenting cozy spaces like this.

Perfect Symmetry

Symmetry is a powerful tool of design. In general, symmetrical spaces tend to feel more elegant, formal, and traditional. Like this home, you may use two perfectly aligned wall sconces to solidify the home's symmetrical design. Alternatively, you may use outdoor wall lights in different and unique ways to break the mold.

Cohesive Design

Wall sconces and wall lights are often used in tandem with ceiling lights like outdoor chandeliers or outdoor pendant lights. In these scenarios, the lights should all have some similar design elements to create a cohesive space. One simple way to design an organic entryway is to use lighting fixtures form the same collection or designer.

Modern outdoor wall lights are highly stylish, practical fixtures that can accent any home. Whether the lights are used as entryway sconces, accent lighting, or lighting for seating areas, these fixtures can exemplify your personal style and create a functional outdoor space. With the 25 modern outdoor wall lighting ideas, tips, and tricks detailed above, you can now create your perfect porch, patio, or general outdoor space.


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