Our eyes are full of wonder when we see the beauty of our world and our environments. Conversely, they sometimes notice the imperfections of it all. When it comes to design, designers see every minute detail, they notice uneven lines, color tones that don't match, and the improper size and scale of furniture and architecture. If something doesn't fit or sticks out they often ask why. Why does it need to be this way, and how can we fix this or at least make it better? In some situations we all just roll up our sleeves to find a solution. However, when it comes to electrical components and systems we all tend to just take a step back and wish, we wish it could just be better. Well one wish has come true! When it comes to ceiling canopies, they never look great, they look oversized and out of place and you don't need to be a designer to notice. We all wish they would just disappear! Well they can:) The new vanishing point system from Edge Lighting allows you to eliminate these clunky cover-ups and create a seamless installation between your lighting and your ceiling.

First with the terminology. These plates that cover the electrical box can be referred to as a ceiling canopy, ceiling escutcheon, ceiling plate, lighting canopy, light cover, electrical cover plate, thingamabob, etc. They serve many purposes from a functional standpoint, mainly they hold the lighting fixture from falling to the ground! Believe or not, these are very unique items as one canopy for one light fixture will not necessarily work for another. Some handle chain link chandeliers and others have electrical wires and support cable wires running through them. From a design standpoint, some customers don't like these and almost all designers loathe them:)

There are now a few solutions that will work with standard 120 volt line-voltage and 12 volt low-voltage pendants. Our friends at Edge Lighting that specialize in mud-in recessed installations call it the Vanishing Point. After years of hearing how much people love ceiling canopies they decided to do something about it. They designed this ceiling box cover to blend into it's natural environment without any protrusion, thus it sits flush with the ceiling. The Vanishing Point has a few different configurations in order to work with a drywall mud-in installation or to sit flush with your millwork hardwood ceiling.

Drywall Mounting

Drywall Plaster-in option has no visible canopy outline, fixture cord vanishes in to the ceiling. Pendant/Fixtures sold separately.

0.25" diameter opening for cord, accommodates fixtures up to 5lb

0.25" diameter opening for fixtures with cord and 1/16 Aircraft cable, accommodates fixtures up to 10lbs

MillWork Mounting

Connection point at ceiling 2.0" canopy sits flush in Millwork ceilings for a clean look. Pendant/Fixtures sold separately.

Is it legal? Yes the Vanishing Point system is ETL and CS listed. It has a Pro-rated 5 year warranty and is assembled in America. There are some exclusions but you can install any UL, ETL, or CSA cord listed fixtures with 2 or 3 18# gauge wires, 120 volt.

Edge Lighting Vanishing track heads for both drywall and wood installations.

Now you can also install your favorite low-voltage or line voltage track heads with a very minimal footprint via the Vanishing Point system. This achieves the most minimal connection producing a refined and continuous architecture in any environment. These can be installed via a remote transformer for the smallest connection and no visible canopy line, or via an ELV transformer in a junction box that produces a small 2" outline that is flush with the ceiling.

Recessed Mud-In Track Lighting System

If you would like your entire track system to disappear check out the TruTrack from Edge Lighting!

And for even more adventure, Pure Edge Lighting produces TruLine for flush even lines of light up the wall and across your ceiling. PureEdge pioneered the TruLine 1.6A is a Plaster-in, fully dimmable 24VDC LED system that Recesses within 5/8" drywall, without any joist modification. Redefining the relationship between Lighting and Interior Design, this Innovative and highly Efficient system blends seamlessly into the drywall, becoming part of the Architecture. The slim extrusions, LED strips, and lenses are field-cuttable and ordered in 1-foot increments (up to 40 feet before re-feeding). Multiple runs of channel mount flawlessly together providing smooth and Glare-free general illumination using Designer-grade Color Rendering LEDs (95+ CRI). With the ability to run in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal directions, the compositions are truly endless.

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