Lightovation Trend Report


As we venture more into the world we continue to be inspired by nature in design. Here's our 2022 Trend Report on embracing nature!

The Pandemic brought a lot of us together over the last few years in many ways, and mostly in quarantined indoor spaces where we felt safe and secure. However, the human spirit can only be cooped up for so long until we all go a little crazy and need to get outside. The great escape turned into the great outdoors. Travel and exploration exploded in 2021. Other past times were as simple as walking on the grass without shoes, which is extremely therapeutic and establishes a direct link with nature. There are numerous healing benefits of walking barefoot outside. For those that were too timid to hit the National Parks maybe they spruced up the backyard to expand their habitat. There was nobody in line for concerts and sporting events as they were all at the garden centers and plant depots standing in line to buy hydrangeas. The trend of embracing nature was not entirely new, it just really took off. Backyard expansion and development has grown popular as has bringing the outside inside. Mother Earth's many materials of nature can have a soothing effect on an indoor environment and we are seeing a lot of decorative lighting fixtures with organic elements woven into interior spaces. What is more calming then the sun trickling through the trees at dusk? A nice light fixture that can mimic that same feeling. Lightovation 2022 showcased a lot of nature in design, below is a list of some of our favorites, please inquire within for more detail.

Merry Currey

Christmas came early for those wanting rope woven light fixtures, in an oval shape! The Mereworth chandelier let's light move through it's natural brown abaca rope to emit a beautiful warm glow. Like the light through the trees, the beauty lies within the find details of the painstakingly wrapped abaca shade. The wrought iron soft brown frame perfectly carries this neatly designed piece that is perfect for a beach side retreat or cozy urban farmhouse.

Mango Wood

The organized geometry of light mango wood creates a sensation of motion with its gentle wave movement frame. The Archer pendant from Capital Lighting is sourced from a sustainable source to put you in touch with nature without harming her resources. The matte black frame and oval shaped chain let the wood stand back as the light drifts through the trees and creates a contemporary organic feel that just feels good.

Plant Lamp

The Piero Medium Chandelier may appear to be woven from a natural plant material, but it is made of iron in a white finish. When the white chandelier is illuminated, textural patterns will enliven surrounding surfaces. We also offer this design in small and large sizes.


Studio M launched it's newest lighting collection designed by Nina Magon Studio to much fanfare at Lightovation. The Megalith series celebrates the beauty of stone with three oval shaped panels of Spanish Alabaster and veined Striae Arya. The closeup texture and depth of the stone is as attractive as a bowl of rocky road ice cream. The interior white glass globe creates the perfect backdrop to backlight these natural pieces.

Palecek Launches Outdoor Wall Lights

New released exterior wall lights by Palecek feature handwoven rope shades designed for the elements. The all-weather synthetic rope and glass covered sockets make these sconces suitable for indoor or outdoor locations. The soft woven shades create a subtle light leak that is perfect for a cozy patio area to set the mood.


It's as though Minka Air cut down a tree and whittled some fan blades by hand, actually that's what they did. The Timber fan with it's boardwalk maple hand carved wood blades is stunning in it's authenticity and texture. The sanded finish and white shadow grain finish add to it's depth and sophistication. Available in either a 68" or 84" blade span, this fan has the weight and presence to carry a grand great room with 8300 CFM"s of air movement and 2200 Lumens of earth friendly efficient LED lighting. Yes please.

Capiz Artichoke

Kalco Lighting launched the Samal collection in a Scandinavian Artichoke style. Utilizing capiz shells hand soldered into place with an oxidized golf leaf finished frame the light emission through these natural shells is stunning.

Would you rather?

Take your pick! The popular Everly chandelier from Palecek is now available in a new Espresso Abaca color, yes please! Or Currey and Co. Maura Natural chandelier created with a natural glass cloth shade.

Buoy Ring

During the pandemic, movies were one of Clarence Mallari’s sources for inspiration: “I became fascinated with the shape and function of a lifebuoy and wondered how I could translate it into lighting. It took me some time to come out with the design due to the fact that it was challenging to conceive and arduous to make.” The frame on this Portmeirion Chandelier is made of wrought iron around which abaca rope has been wrapped for the nautical feel that inspired it. This small version of the Portmeirion has six lights, while the larger version has 12 lights, both of which are suspended on an aircraft cable to make the fixtures seem like they are floating in the sea.


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