After moving past the brass, which was hard to do, the stark black finishes drew us in deeper at this years Lightovation. Black is still very much in play and has a pure quality about it that let's it disappear into a design landscape, quietly just being there. This finish is not flashy like chrome or nickel, shiny like gold and brass, not as natural as bronzes and browns, it's subtlety is what draws you in, it's simplicity keeps you there. We are not talking about gloss, it's all about matte black, a black that feels like honed granite and doesn't reflect, it absorbs everything, including the Sun. So give black a try, try it on door handles, flatware, and lighting, it will get along with other furniture, paint, and stronger elements in the room and stay simple, it doesn't want to be the star in the room, and sometimes that's exactly what is needed. Here are our black stars from Lightovation 2022!

Hubba Hubba Double Bubble

The glass is floating in a ball of glass, how is that possible? We don't know but it's this awe inspiring quality that makes the Double Bubble by Modern Forms our top black finished fixture for 2022. This family is also available in satin nickel and brass and comes in a wall sconce and many other pendant shapes and sizes. This version, delivering over 2700 lumens of dimmable LED light is the perfect centerpiece for dining room lighting. And the diffused LED light drifting through the laser etched crystal balls is a conversation piece worth having. Bon apetit!


New at Lightovation was the Stagger LED architectural wall series by Mick De Giulio. Seamlessly blending light into your space, the ultimate simple indirect light source for those that don't light pointing in their face! Fully dimmable LED and does ship with it's own junction box for a minimal European finish at the wall, or mount to an existing jbox. Available in a multitude of different sizes...challenge yourself and maybe put a series of them on your ceiling...?

Martini Time!

A shower of jewels that we can't stop staring at, which is helpful because the light is hidden above and is not a direct glare. Suspended in mid-air, the Martini pendants by Schonbek come either in optic or optic haze crystal elements composed of natural quartz gemstone illuminating at varying heights. Cascading from above and perfectly designed for over breakfast tables or nightstands in a bedroom, these can also be done in larger configurations for stairwells.

Flame Star series is En Fuego!

The fluid form of the smoke flame glass is perfectly darkened for the light to dull at it's brightest point and drift up as a flame does. Designed by Norwell's Lighting over 70 years of experience, the star chandelier and wall sconce have the perfect presence for this modern hurricane style look. Incorporating the iconic Flame uplight/downlight combo, this chandelier takes a graceful new turn with its six-pointed, asymmetrical star-shaped arm.

Black veins wins our black heart

Nero Madera marble stone is black marble with white veining that could only be enhanced by the neat blackened brass that Hudson Valley lighting chose to mount it with. The streamlined Pedrock up/down wall light is clean and modern while the Hobart sconce gracefully illuminates the black marble face to produce a sleek simple form.

Black Stunner!

We have all seen rings of LED lights one by one or maybe two or three at a time....however this six ring circus of lights is it's own Barnum & Bailey of wow. The Aria fixture from Avenue Lighting can be arranged in different positions to get just the right composition you are looking for. 165 watts of 3000k LED light is more than enough for a grand entryway or a high ceiling stairwell application. With over 216" of cable included you have over 18feet or cord to create the perfect statement for any space.

Z-Lite turns out the black lights on the competition!

Z-Lite turned it's showroom black at Lightovation and took their lighting collection to the next level. The Eclipse and Barwick are just a few examples of the amazing designs released this year. With a shift towards streamlining it's modern collection of lighting, their LED launch is clean and ready for primetime, one of our best values this year.

Introducing Schonbek Beyond!

The new look of crystal and beyond was encapsulated in this new LED pendant from the special rock crystal like formations taking place inside each of these crystal inlays. This creates a contemporary fixture that does have some inherent organic coloring giving this a rich and textured feel. The geometric ring shape could be perfect for a dining table or entry way as the led light encircles the inner frame creating a perfect framed presentation for each piece.


Is a genus of plants that are very cruciferous, we are not sure what Kelly Wearstler had in mind when naming this collection for Visual Comfort but who cares we are thrilled with Brassica! This almost hand-formed style series is a simple but effective play between light and form. The uplight intention of Brassica will certainly take attention away from its sculpted metal design and draw focus on the path of it's illumination also consider Visual Comfort.

Counting the ways we love Abacus

This calculating tool was designed not for ancient times but for 2022! Designed with LED in mind, the Smoke Abacus glass beads can be moved along the path just like the movable beads and objects strung along a wire long ago. The black finish completes the smoky sultry feel. Made in the USA, by Hubbardton Forge, this Abacus installation is completely customizable for a unique installation, with low maintenance, in any space.

Our 2020 Light of the year, Glacier has gone dark!

We asked and Allegri delivered!! Our light of the year for 2020 is baaack! Back in Black! And not just any black, the soft matte black finish of the Glacier series is very different from the original shiny chrome framing it's known for. The black let's the crystals stand on their own a bit and presents them with simpler refined approach that we find appealing. This is for those that love the look but not all the glitz, this tones things down for a subtle approach.

Corbin looks good indoor or out

Playing on the modern industrial black vibe is the Corbin family from Capital Lighting. Simple with a nautical industrial feel and clear vapor jar style glass, this can be used for decorative wall sconces in bathrooms and also finish nicely on the exterior as well. The family is available in multiple sizes.

Nexpo is what's Next

Tim Flannery of George Kovacs is on point with this all matte jet black armature chandelier, featuring adjustable arms. With a 41" wing span this is the perfect size for most rectangular or oval dining tables. 8 candelabra sockets provide plenty of lighting spread out over a large branched configuration that can be moved to to your specification.

Real Wood Real Black

The Irene fan from Matthews Fan company takes the cake when it comes to real black wood blades. The grain and texture is real because this is real wood! Even though this is a very light blade it's fabricated out of real Mahogoney wood and painted matte black for a beautiful finish. Chuck Matthews of Matthews fans loves working with real wood blade materials that add quality and warmth to his fans. Walk through their Dallas Lightovation showroom for the most comprehensive Matthews Fan experience available here: Showroom Tour

Austen in Dallas

Centered on the entrance to the Hudson Valley, Troy, Corbett, and Mitzi lighting showroom is the Austen open and airy chandelier at an impressive 58". This is technically an aged old bronze finish...but it feels black:) the Spanish Alabaster really set's off the look. This is available in multiple configurations.


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