At Lightopia, we are proud to work with over 200 lighting manufacturer's from all over the world. We see the finest quality recessed lighting systems in terms of craftsmanship, light quality, design, and engineering available. There are a wide variety of features and pricing in the market that help us determine which system offers the best value for residential consumers. What has all the bells and whistles at a reasonable price? Simple, the Nora Iolite LED lighting system.

Recessed lighting is typically the main engine for illumination in homes today. Also called can lighting, the first recessed light, the H1, was invented in the 1950's by Halo to hold an incandescent light bulb in the ceiling. After many years and iterations, Halo by Cooper still sells the classic aluminum six inch diameter H7 can. Nowadays, most H7 cans are being retrofitted to LED because of energy-efficiency and maintenance. The features of yesterday were an economic light in the ceiling, with easy maintenance, and low cost. Lighting technology has come a long way since then. Outside of the technology, there is now a lot of importance on aesthetics. Aperture size and shape are important, finish to match ceilings is needed, and trimless and flangeless installations that create a clean quiet ceiling is every architects dream.

Architectural lighting plays a major role in what type of recessed light should be specified. Lighting design 101 is to focus on illuminating surfaces like walls, furniture, art, and cabinetus instead of floors. With the right type of recessed light you have the ability to adjust and aim, flood and spot, all the areas of your space to adequately light those unique features.  

The final frontier of all LED lighting has been Kelvin Color Temperature (CCT) and Color-Rendering (CRI). From the beginning of LED downlights there was a choice for consumers as to which color temperature they prefer. Warm white at 2700kelvin, Neutral Warm at 3000K, White at 3500K, or cool white at 4000K. Although, these colors can be swapped out, the static color cannot be changed. Thus, dimming the led will just provide less lumens and at the same color temperature. Que warm dimming LED. Now we have the ability with LED to provide the full color spectrum of neutral warm white at 3100k all the way down to a very warm 2200k light. Therefore, the color acts just like traditional incandescent lighting and warms up as you dim the lights down. Wallah! Problem solved. In terms of color rendering, CRI, California has created very stringent guidelines to eliminate the "wild wild west" of LED that existed prior to color regulations. Thus, anything greater than 90CRI is excellent color rendering for lighting your home.

Other trends in LED recessed lighting including the ability to have square or round trim options. Sizes from 1" aperture to 2" to 3" are very favorable these days. Multiple LED lights within one housing have been prevalent with modern architects for years. Anything an architect can do to clear up and quiet a ceiling and make the lights go away is a big bonus. Multiple light units have been primarily abundant in commercial buildings like specialty retail. Today, this feature is available in your home with an IC rated housing (IC=Insulated compatible).

So what product in the market checks all of these boxes and then some? Simple, the Nora Iolite LED Recessed family. Combining years of experience and understanding what homeowners want and need for their homes, Nora developed this quality line of LED recessed lights that not only checks all the boxes, it's priced perfectly in between a cheaper big box flush lens led and an architectural led downlight that is hand built.

The NORA IOLITE Checks all the boxes:

1. 1" 2" and 3" aperture diameter size choice

2. Multiples available: Housings with multiple lights

3. Static color temperature choice, as well as Warm-Dim Comfort Dim feature

4. Multiple Lumen light outputs from 600-2500 Lumens

5. Round or Square trims with over 10 finishes available

6. Three mounting styles: Standard Flange, Trimless, or Flush Mount

7. Adjustable, wall wash, pin spot, deep regress trim options.

8. Spot, Flood, Narrow Flood, Wide Flood optics available

9. Frosted Optics available.

10. Hex Cell Louver and Snout options available

11. IC-housing contains a sliding mechanism that allows the user to access the driver by pulling on a tab, allowing for easy maintenance or upgrading for life.

12. RETROFIT AVAILABLE! Just when you thought you needed to build a new home to get the most advanced recessed LED for your home you don't! If you are remodeling or just updating your lighting or if you want to change a regular can into an adjustable LED, now you can get the IOLITE Retrofit. As long as you have a standard 4" socket based incandescent style recessed housing you can retrofit using the can adaptor.

NORA IOLITE Lighting Design for your project at no charge!

Please contact us today to setup a complimentary layout and design consultation. We also have volume discounting and contractor pricing on all home remodel and new construction projects. Homeowners and contractors call us 7 days a week to answer your LED recessed questions at (877) 559-7516 or [email protected].


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