There is a lot to love about living in Southern California - the weather, beaches, real estate values, and proximity to the mountains. It's true you can surf in the morning and ski in the afternoon here, but you can also get to Mexico in dos horas and Vegas in four. The latter is always a last minute decision, should you go to Vegas or not? Seeing as the biggest Architectural lighting show was going on, and I'm a lighting guy, heading off to the city of lights was an easy decision. I decided to do a quick day trip to Lightfair and check out what's happening in 2022.

It's been a few years since Lightfair has been well attended or even held, so there was a lot of anticipation throughout the hall. That expectancy was happily connected with a busy response, and once again energy filled the room at Lightfair. It was great to be back, see familiar faces, and see what's new.

1. Pure Edge Lighting - Wiz Pro Introduction

It's not Lightfair without stopping by the Pure Edge lighting booth to see what founder Gregory Kay has come up with next. Kay is the inventor of Tech Lighting's Monorail system and has been dabbling in low-voltage lighting since its infancy. After the turn of the century, he turned his attention towards LED strips and developed one of the first systems for linear recessed and surface mounted channels. The next peak to climb was how to simplify its control. Through Pure Edge's new LED lightbulb and WiZ Pro Smart Technology, they have simplified and connected CCT control and RGB control through wall controllers and mobile devices. This also works with multiple smart home apps to perform scene control, scheduling, and circadian rhythm lighting. Bravo Mr. Kay, and thank you for another amazing contribution to the lighting industry. Gold Star for you!

2. Bios Lighting - Circadian Lighting

Get more wellness out of your lighting is the tag line, and who isn't interested in wellness these days? Developed by NASA Scientists, Bios lighting focuses working with Kelvin Color Temperatures of white light to bring lights natural color movement outside to the indoors. This humancentric type of lighting system has been shown to help improve physical, mental, and emotional well being. Most captivating is the different color temperatures within the pendant fixtures, as seen below the cooler color temperature was on the top side of the fixture like the sky and a neutral light permeated through the bottom of the pendant evoking a very natural lighting effect that was extraordinary.

3. Tivoli Flexile

Tivoli's new Flexile 360 degree luminaire is designed to help you design whatever it is you desire. This is essentially everything you ever wanted in a neon replacement lamp that you can actually tie into a knot! With a multitude of color options, 95 CRI, dimmable, max run of 20', and beautiful nickel and brass finish accents, there is nothing you can't do with this product. You can even stick inside mounting tracks to get the same 360 degree illumination in a more organized format. Up to 350 lumens a foot. Bravo Tivoli!

4. RGB String Light

White glass LED globes can be white but they can also be full of color. With Blackjack lighting's new RGB globe lamps you can control the color for any environment. The globes offer 360 degree illumination and are available in different sizes. These can be used for all types of residential as well as contract hospitality projects.

5. Wave on/off lighting!

Thank you Satco lighting for developing lights that we can all interact with. With a built-in wave sensor all you need to do is wave your hand to turn the bottom light on, wave again for the top light, and a third time for both....then one more time to turn it off. Now you just need the clapper to dim it, just kidding. This is dimmable and is available in either wood or black finish. With 20 watts of LED 3k light, this is perfect for any linear task application.

Goodbye Las Vegas! Lightfair 2022 was well attended - there were fewer manufacturers on display than a typical show, but a packed event nonetheless. It was wonderful to spend the day at the Las Vegas Convention Center and take in all the latest and greatest new artificial lighting. However, nothing can compare to Mother Nature and her bountiful natural glory of light bursting through the clouds on the way home in the Mojave Desert.


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