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24 of the best Landscaping Ideas With Lights

Lighting should be an integral part of your landscape design for your home. A well-lit home has better curb appeal which can increase your home’s value. It’s also inviting for guests and your family. Take the time to come up with a landscape lighting strategy for your home and read on for ideas you can put into action.

Four Types of Light

This exterior space combines multiple lighting strategies for a cohesive effect. An outdoor fire pit is the obvious focal point, but spot lights and wall sconces provide a secondary layer of light and warmth. A coordinating post light adds to the rustic charm.

Cohesive Colors

If your bedroom features more than one light, consider using similar colors in all the fixtures. In this simple chic bedroom, the table lamp features a black base while the pendant light above the bed uses black as its primary color. The consistency of color helps unify the room's overarching design and set the proper tone.

Go for Gooseneck

Gooseneck outdoor wall sconces have an elegant style and cast plenty of light along the surface of a wall. Here, a series of them is used to light an outdoor courtyard. The fixture style is versatile and works with everything from traditional architecture to farmhouse style homes.

Sense of Scale

Elegant outdoor pendants are suspended from an overhang next to a pool. The light fixtures help mitigate the scale of the home and create a more intimate atmosphere for the outdoor living area. The fixtures complement the modern architecture of the home and create a cohesive look.

Pier-mount Lanterns

There pier-mount lantern fixtures are perfect to light an area around the pool. Here they are mounted atop a rustic stone wall, flanking a water feature on one side. The oversize fixtures make a traditional statement and lend a casual elegance to any outdoor space.

Recess Time

Recessed can lights aren’t just for the indoors. Try installing them under the eave of your home or within a covered outdoor porch. The effect is sleek and modern and allows you to shine light just where it’s needed. Combine them with outdoor fans for a comfortable experience year round.

Try a Post Light

Outdoor post lights are both durable and stylish and deliver plenty of landscape lighting. They are a great choice to light a path, mark an entrance or simply add ambience to an outdoor space. This particular fixture delivers a modern take on Arts and Crafts style.

Seamless Experience

Coordinating post lights and wall sconces seamlessly lead the way up the stairs and onto the porch of this modern abode. The fixtures safely guide guests while highlighting the landscaping and the architecture of the home. Lighting can contribute to creating a consistent experience for the outdoor spaces of a house.

Old World Charm

Coordinating pier-mount lanterns and wall sconces inject Old World–charm into this rustic outdoor space. A swing lounge and fire pit set the stage for cozy conversations. The lighting adds ambience and warmth to the space.

Ambient Art

Lights do serve practical purposes in illuminating your bedroom, but that is hardly their only purpose. Modern pendant lights can serve as artistic accents above your nightstands and create an ambient, relaxing bedroom.

Up and Down Lights

Wall sconces that cast light both up and down are versatile outdoor fixtures. They allow you to wash an outdoor wall with light without creating glare. The effect is welcoming and also it allows you to highlight the architecture of the facade of your home.

Stair Lighting Idea

Slim-profile wall lights cast light down on outdoor steps. These architectural fixtures are minimal and not noticeable by daytime. At night they safely guide the way while enhancing the architecture of the home and landscape design.


Joe Human of Designs By Human created an urban respite with built-in seating, lush plantings and outdoor light fixtures that cultivate ambience. A lantern and floor lights create a cozy vibe for this outdoor balcony space. You can approach designing your outdoor living space the same way you would an interior living space.

Mix and Match

Try grouping several portable table lamps poolside to create a festive vibe. These lights can be set by the pool for an evening swim and then moved to a seating area later for drinks or dinnertime. Mix and match different colors for an eclectic feel.

Moody Outdoor Lighting

While outdoor lighting is important for way finding and safety, it’s also a design tool to add interest to your home. These dramatic wall sconces cast light against the surface of wall for a moody effect. Try placing a series of multiple fixtures in a row for a dramatic look.

Perfect Pendant Lights

Portable Light

A portable landscape light is an extremely flexible outdoor fixture type you’ll find yourself using in many different ways. This versatile fixture can be used to light an outdoor tabletop, or carry it around to light the edge of your pool. The fixture is rechargeable, and you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

Turn a Corner

These modern flush wall sconces have a minimal profile but deliver ample light to mark the entrance of this home. Try turning the corner using wall sconces to indicate the location of the front door from multiple angles. Safely guide guests or light an adjacent outdoor seating area.

Facade Lighting Ideas

If your home has a flat or sloped roof with deep overhangs, utilize them to install down lights that illuminate the facades. This works particularly well for a porch or recessed entryway. Here, a single wall sconce illuminates the address numerals and marks the entry.

Welcome Home

Sublime Homes illuminated the exterior of this home with multiple sources of light for an inviting effect. Wall sconces flank the garage doors, guiding the way home. A modern lamppost serves as a welcoming beacon from the sidewalk. Concealed porch lighting emits an inviting glow.

Consider Bollard Lights

Bollard fixture are lower pole-style lights that can be used to define a pathway. This modern design features a simple form that casts light downward. The fixture aims light where it’s needed without causing glare or contributing to nighttime light pollution.

Bollards Along a Path

Modern bollard lights lead the way to the back entrance of this stately home. The path lights illuminate textured stone pavers that are staggered. The back entrance is lit by dual wall sconces flanking the doors, for an inviting effect.

Front Porch Escape

Integrated step lights lead the way to the front door of this covered outdoor space. A single wall sconce marks the entrance to the home. Lush plantings and outdoor seating make the front porch area a comfortable space to lounge.

Portable Pendant

Pendants aren’t just for the indoors. This conical outdoor pendant is a flexible fixture featuring a hook that can double as a cord winder. It can be placed pool side or suspended to provide light to any outdoor area. The look is unexpected and modern and lends a polished look to your outdoor space.

Light the Way

These stylish stair lights cast light downward on the surface of the steps to aid in safe passage. They integrate well with the modern design of the home. The fixtures themselves have an architectural feel and avoid creating glare or light pollution.

Many of the same lighting principles that apply to the interior of your home also apply to the exterior. By using a variety of fixture types and building up layers of light, you can come up with a solid landscape lighting strategy. We hope these ideas have been helpful for your home’s landscape lighting design!


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