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Tala Voronoi LED Blown Glass Pendant

One of the hottest trends in lighting is the ability to cluster pendants into odd numbers and different heights that float down from the ceiling in a random collection. This lighting form mimics nature while adding a tint of sophistication and fun, depending on the actual fixture you choose. The biggest benefit of working with these collections is the ability to conform your lighting to any space. By just picking a different ceiling canopy configuration, you can tailor to the height limits or height freedom of any space, including clustering canopies to multiply the effect. Depending on your style ranging from traditional to modern, you can find a pendant that fits your space and just add more. It's important to understand that not all pendants will go with all canopies. Some manufacturers create chandelier canopies with pendants that cannot be customized. Other manufacturers create multi-light ceiling canopies that can accept a wide variety of different pendants.

Bocci 14 Series Multi-Port

This image is a great example of fixtures created using the multi-pendant design. As you can see, they are very popular in stairwells as they mimic the shape of high ceiling areas. The cascade creates visual interest and illumination. Most companies typically have many different size and light options to create the style and look for your space. If you are looking for an a la carte system, whereas you are purchasing many light pendants from one vendor that does not offer multi light canopies, that maybe a trying task. The obvious answer is to build a custom canopy for your needs. Some lighting manufacturers will create a custom size, shape, and number of lights at your request. The other source would be to explore ceiling canopies offered that can be used as an a la carte system to build the fixture you desire. Below are a list of manufacturers and links to help you see the multi light pendant products available today.

The first factor to address when looking at canopy options is to determine whether you are working with line-voltage (120 volt) or low-voltage (12 volt) fixtures. When working with line-voltage the cord will be a heavier gauge with various finishes such as plastic, cloth, or metal. Low-voltage pendant wire is a much smaller gauge and will utilize the outer wire as an actual conductor. These wires are usually silver or bronze and can sometimes be sheathed in plastic. Low-voltage pendants commonly carry fixtures that are under 5lbs because of the connectors associated with this type of lighting. The wire with low-voltage pendants actually does serve the purpose of supporting the fixture as well as carrying electricity to the light source. Meanwhile, larger and bulkier collections will usually be supported with a 120volt power cord as this can handle heavier weight.

*All lighting companies have different variables when working with hole diameter and cord diameter. Please be aware that some line voltage cords that are cloth covered may not work with the canopy system you choose. It's best to order the canopy and a cord set first if possible to test.

*All lighting companies have different length cord sets, some are 6 feet, some are 10 feet, and some can be custom cord lengths as long as thirty or forty foot long. Make sure to confirm all these details for a successful project.

Line-Voltage Multi-Port Canopy Products (scroll down for Low-Voltage options)

Stone Lighting

Tech Lighting

7-Light, Rectangle 42" x 14": Satin Nickel or Antique Bronze

Innovations Lighting

Progress Lighting

Seagull Lighting

Kuzco Lighting

Low-Voltage Multi-Port Canopies utilizing Freejack, EZ-Jack, Fastjack type connectors

It's important to note that you may need specific connectors when working with these canopy systems. It's always best to work with a seasoned Lightopia designer that has the ability to provide a scaled drawing based on your project. We can also help manage installations in terms of transformer locations, switching, and dimming.


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