How To Install LED Deck Lighting

Outdoor deck lighting, over the years with the introduction of LED lighting into landscape lighting has initiated many new products into the world of landscaping and outdoor accent lighting. The addition of LED rope lights and super flat LED strips has allowed for homeowners to create their own lighting paradise within their backyard, via color changing, dimmable, energy efficient accent lighting.

If you have been looking for that less expensive, DIY alternative to hiring a professional landscaper the addition of ambient under railing lighting can turn your “nice porch” into a place that your friends will be envious of.

There are many different LED strip lights available, however for under railing lighting you will need a strip light specifically for wet locations. Other details to consider should be:

  • What color LEDs, multi-color or single color?
  • What size railings?
  • Dimmer?
  • How wide are your railings? i.e. how much space will you have beneath the railing to install the light strips?
  • Will you cover the entire porch, including stairway railings?
  • Where will you install the power box?
  • How will you mount the strips to the railing? Think weather resistant.
  • Test all lighting before final installation.

And just remember you are working with electricity. Every year many DIYer’s injure themselves and their property while trying to save a few bucks. So if you get into the project and realize you don’t know what you doing, do yourself a favor and consult or hire an electrician.


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