Natural warm lighting from a cozy campfire or the golden hour at sunset evokes a feeling of relaxation and calm that is essential to good health. Humans crave organic natural sunlight. Warm dim LED light is part of a Human Centric lighting system, defined by Lighting Europe, that can benefit the biological, emotional, health, and well being of people. Human Centric lighting is lighting that mimics the Kelvin Color Temperature (CCT) of sunlight throughout the day to follow the natural circadian rhythm of life (see image below). This corresponds to the harmony of the Earth's natural lighting cycle, described by Stan Walerczyk's article on Human Centric lighting as: low light levels and low correlated color temperatures (CCT) in the early morning, high light levels and high CCTs at mid day, low light levels and low CCTs during evening, and extremely low light levels and a medium CCTunder moonlight. These varying light levels are at the heart of a human being’s 24-hour internal clock.

One of the greatest benefits of traditional incandescent lighting is it's ability to warm dim. An incandescent light is by nature a gas powered light source that works by heating a filament to the point of glowing light or incandescing. Incandescent light thus mimics fire by it's relationship with CCT Color Temperature and the heat or light it provides. Therefore, when incandescent light is dimmed it does get warmer. Their is nothing more cozy than a dimmed Edison style lightbulb behind the shade of a table lamp. From an energy standpoint, incandescent lighting is extremely inefficient. 95% of the energy required to illuminate an incandescent light is actually given off as heat instead of light, thus making this extremely energy inefficient. Que the energy-efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) to the rescue! LED's are semi-conductors that produce light through Electroluminscence. This process has a very low amount of heat as a by product and thus is an incredible source of efficient lighting. The early LED semiconductors were covered with phosphor to produce a given Kelvin Color Temperature (CCT) of a source. Over time scientists have been able to have multiple LED's mix together at different intervals to thus mimic the natural warm dimming of traditional incandescent bulbs. And thus, the warm dim LED revolution started. Now you can just dial in your mood!

How can you incorporate warm-dim LED lighting into your home environment? There are many products now on the market to be able to make your entire home Human Centric. Recessed Lighting is typically the largest light source in homes and account for as much as 75% of the total lighting. Manufacturers have focused specifically on warm dim led lighting technology as the new standard in CCT light output for the residential market. Traditional light bulbs have started to move over to warm dim technology so that table lamps can be as comfortable as ever. Other main areas would be LED linear strip or tape lighting that can be contained in a variety of products from LED chandeliers, to LED mirrors, and all types of wall sconces and other architectural lighting. Let's take a look at a few of them here:

Traditional light bulbs that warm in CCT as you dim down. Both standard light bulbs and MR16 bulbs can now warm-dim.

Warm Dim LED Tapelight is the perfect choice for linear cove lighting applications, stair lighting, bar lighting, task lighting, and any other accent areas like toe-kick or shelf lighting that would help create a cozy lighting landscape.

Simply dial in the color temperature you are in the mood with by dimming with a standard wall box dimmer.

Nora Iolite Recessed Downlight

Warm Dim Recessed downlights will have perhaps the biggest single impact to your whole home lighting system and will help create a Human Centric lighting environment for you to live in. Research has shown that this can have tremendous impact on emotional health and wellness. Nora's Iolite and Tech Lighting's Element are two excellent recessed can products that dim to a beautiful warm white.

Element Entra Recessed Downlight

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