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Glacier Brass Chandelier

Check out the latest project by Los Angeles based duo L'Esperance design. The stunning hollywood organic glam room was brought to life by Principals Paul L'Esperance and Daelen Cory. This project was done for the Orange County Philharmonic House of Design and the wow factor was off the charts. Walking into this room is like taking a shot of adrenaline and the realization that life is indeed not boring. We sat down with the duo to hear the latest on trends in design and what inspires them to be so awesome!

Interview with Paul L'Esperance & Daelen Cory

Thank you guys for your time to share with us some of your secrets. As one of the more progressive design houses in Los Angeles what do you love about LA?

LE: "One of the greatest things is being able to relax at the beach and then you can drive over to Ciccone's and it's hopping! It really is a place that you can take a serene walk in a quiet neighborhood with old architecture and a few blocks away is a vibrant part of town. It's sort of like New York but you can go in and out of it."

What inspires you to do what you do?

LE: "Everything! Exploring the balance of design, the wonder of the risks nature takes in creating colour schemes, the experience when you walk into room, not being the norm, not being afraid, having to create constantly and always wanting to create more, always studying and searching, History, the interface of fashion-design-art. The honor of being in this arena of fellow designers. The joy of working and discovering a clients mind and ideas and creating their home. Functionality. How things are built and work."

How do you prefer to balance lighting with your interiors?

LE: "Lighting is Art. All interior design is a composition of elements. All of the elements are a part of the layering and the drama. You must have them all exist to have great spaces. Lighting can set a mood, illuminate and be a wow factor. Lightopia is always on the forefront of lighting deign."

Legrand Adorne Softap dimmer with wallpaper backplate

What's the hot color now?

LE: "I think Tony Duquette vivid coral is hot. I use Benjamin Moore “Embroidered Flower” CSP-1190. It’s in a new line that is mixed not using black or white pigments.

Lighting tips to share?

LE: "Don't under light. Use dimmers. Light important art. Think of lighting as art,its that important."

Allegri Glacier Wall Sconce

What inspired you to use the Glacier collection in your latest project?

LE: "We wanted the spectacle of crystal without the traditional applications that we’ve experienced in the past. We’ve used many different versions for clients in this collection. The play of the colours and the floating aspects are really appealing, and the built in LED hidden light source. We used the gold version for our room at the Philharmonic Design Showcase House in Monarch Bay with our Wallcovering we designed."

Who were/are some of your design idols in the beginning of your career?

LE: "So much great work, one inspiration is interior designer Nicky Haslem, Tony Duquette was an amazing artist, and Steve Chase was a Palm Springs designer in the 1980's."

Who does your hair!??

LE: "Eytan Ben,(eytan_ben,Instagram) he’s great! I have a thing for rock n roll hair, suicide blonde, spray, un-natural etc."

How can potential clients get in touch with you?

LE: "Check out our contact page on our website,"

We had so much fun working on this project with you and seeing your creative minds and effort, design is more than drawing, there is a lot of physical work too!"

LE: "There are millions of stores to go into and websites to browse, our job is to get into someones brain and get to know them well enough to figure out what they want. Then use our team of artisans to make it happen!"


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