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25 of the best Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Farmhouse kitchens are known for being classic, cozy, and welcoming. While there is a lot that goes into creating this sort of farmhouse kitchen, your lighting fixtures play a large role in defining the room's style, tone, and functionality. With that in mind, here are 25 farmhouse kitchen lighting ideas, tips, tricks, and inspiration photos.

All In The Details

More traditional, classic, and vintage ceiling lights tend to feature more detailed finishes and scrollwork throughout the fixture. The lantern lights shown here may have a fairly standard base, but the detailing on the upper bars honors the long history of lantern lights and highlights a more traditional style. With that in mind, carefully look at all the details of a light to determine what style it conveys.

A Complete Scheme

Kitchens are highly practical, used spaces, so it's important to choose lighting fixtures that maximize the kitchen's functionality. This farmhouse kitchen masterfully combines lantern lights, recessed lights, and under cabinets lights to create a complete lighting scheme. Since these lights all convey the same lighting temperature and tone, they work together practically and stylistically to create a perfect farmhouse kitchen.

Maximizing Lights

Using mirrors or reflective surfaces can help brighten your kitchen and set the proper tone. This modern cottage kitchen places to pendant lights directly in front of a mirrored wall to brighten the space, but this is merely one example of how to use kitchen lights with mirrors.

Farmhouse Sinks

There are some areas of the kitchen that should always have ample lighting to ensure that the task can be done easily and completely. Your sink is one area where it's wise to include pendant lights, wall sconces, or cabinet lights to optimize the space. This simple black and white kitchen proves that lighting can be both functional and stylish.

Double Feature

Farmhouse kitchens that are used for entertaining frequently feature two kitchen islands: one for food preparations and one for eat/socializing. This kitchen shows one potential lighting scheme for this scenario. By placing two pendant lights above the first island, you have plenty of light to prepare your food. This also helps create balance by resting in the middle of the room.

Countertop Lamps

Using a countertop lamp inside your kitchen is a great way to illuminate a specific area and provide stylish lighting. These lights can also be highly practical, since you can easily move them to the side when you need more room or move them closer to you to brighten your workspace.


When designing a farmhouse kitchen, it is important to determine what function the lights should have in the room's overarching aesthetic. Will the lights serve as a primary focal point, or will they support other details in the room? This room is a great example of the latter, since the lights are simple and complementary towards the other details of the room.

Light and Bright

To create a beautiful cottage farmhouse kitchen, use cream and off-white tones in the room's primary accents, lights, and furnishings. Repeating the same color again and again does not have to be dull and uninteresting; by using similar colors in different shades, textures, and materials, you can create a light and airy farmhouse kitchen.

Subtle Differences

At first glance, it's easy to miss the fact that the lights above the island are not identical to one another. The middle pendant light is a similar shape and matches the finish of the other lights, but its structure does have some differences. That subtle break of pattern helps define the unique style of the kitchen. You can similarly experiment with lights from the same collection or designer to create a unique lighting scheme in your farmhouse kitchen.

Modern Flair

In general, modern styles tend to highlight geometric shapes and clean lines. This modern farmhouse kitchen falls into that category with the linear tile and shaker cabinets, but the lighting fixtures also exemplify modern style through their shape and structure. Your room's lighting fixtures are a prime area to introduce a more modern style to your cottage, rustic, or traditional farmhouse kitchen.

Complementary Tones

Farmhouse style kitchens often use dark and light colors to contrast and balance one another. This simple farmhouse kitchen acts on that style by using dark wood ceiling beams and a dark ceiling light to contrast the light tones of the walls, counters, and cabinets. This dramatic color scheme and lighting style can work wonders in monochromatic farmhouse kitchens.

Subtle Motifs

Farmhouse style uses a lot of plants and flowers to bring the outdoors in. You can use real or artificial plants as accents in your kitchen, but beyond that, your kitchen's lighting fixtures can subtly incorporate natural motifs through their structures and detailing. The Amicus Pendant Lights shown here are inspired by leaves and plants, which works wonderfully with a natural part of farmhouse style.

Complete Collections

Today's homes often have open concept layouts where walls do not separate rooms and spaces. In these cases, you can coordinate your kitchen's lighting fixtures to those in a neighboring space. Whether you use lights from the same collection or from the same designer, you can create a cohesive room and stylistically tie your kitchen to other areas of the room.


Kitchen lights should be practically suited for your space, but they should also convey your desired tone and mood. Candle lights such as these are often used to create a calming and ambient kitchen as opposed to practical task lighting. This in itself is completely acceptable as long as there is practical lighting elsewhere in the room with recessed lights and/or under cabinet lights.

Less Is More

Although the kitchen island shown here is quite large, only two pendant lights are used to illuminate the whole area. This helps define that seating area as more relaxing with soft ambient lighting provided in the lanterns' candles. When creating more streamlined, modern farmhouse kitchens, maximize the accents you have and keep the space as uncluttered as possible. Modern design strives off the anecdote that "less is more."

Infusing Color

Green is a popular accent color for farmhouse kitchens. This color can be incorporated into the room through wall art, accents, dishware, and even lighting fixtures. The Argo Pendant Lights displayed in this kitchen convey a soft and delicate tone through their use of sage green, and thus they contribute to the room's overarching color palette and aesthetic.

Lighting Temperature

The lighting temperature of your kitchen lights is as important as the lighting fixtures themselves. Lights are tailored to create warm light, cool light, or a more natural light. Each of these lighting temperatures convey their own tone. In general, warm lights are used in more traditional or cozy farmhouse kitchens like this one.

Farmhouse Elegance

Although farmhouse style is known for being very homey and approachable, you can easily elevate the style with the use of kitchen ceiling lights. The elegant gold candelabra shown here is a stark difference from the simple table and kitchen, which allows it to stand out as a unique and elegant accent.

Grand Design

Grand, luxurious kitchens can accommodate larger chandeliers and ceiling lights. When choosing a large chandelier for your kitchen, consider its placement and scale in comparison to the roo;m and any islands you have have. As an example, your horizontal chandelier should extend about half or two-thirds the length of your island in order to provide enough lighting and maintain visual balance with the surface.

Guiding The Eye

Aside from serving as practical fixtures, your kitchen lights can help guide the eye throughout the space to show off all the room's details. Consider how the color of the lighting fixture stands out or blends in with its background and how the lights balance with nearby accents; planning these areas in advance will help you create great visual flow throughout the room.

Focal Points

If your kitchen ceiling lights are a primary focal point, you can further draw attention to the lights by choosing larger fixtures. The oversized lanterns displayed above this small kitchen island may not be scaled to match the rest of the room, but it is because of this that the lights stand out and shine as primary focal accents.

Design Principles

Soft, rounded shapes often convey a lighter tone than rigid shapes or straight lines. That is why it can be effective to use lights like these that feature round glass bowls and soft details in farmhouse style kitchens. The lack of sharp corners helps create a more light and airy kitchen.

Lovely Classics

Lantern lights are popularly used in modern and vintage farmhouse kitchens. The structure of these lights harkens back to a simpler time, and the addition of multiple candle lights in each lantern further solidifies that style and aesthetic.

Island Lighting

There are many ways to use pendant lights with kitchen islands. In this inspiration photo, there lights are placed in tandem with three chairs. This sort of symmetrical layout is ideal for creating a farmhouse kitchen that feels traditional and classic.

Matching Metals

Traditional or classic farmhouse kitchens often feature matching metals throughout the room's key fixtures and details. This can come through in the hardware on cabinets and drawers along with faucets, artwork, and lighting fixtures. Even if the metals are not an exact match, it is helpful to use metals that all convey the same general warm or cool tone.

Chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces, under cabinet lighting, and other light fixtures all have their place in farmhouse kitchens. No matter what types of lighting fixtures you choose, you now have the knowledge and inspiration to design choose your farmhouse kitchen's perfect lighting fixtures and accents.


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