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The Importance of Lighting in Your Dressing Area

If you’re a fashionista, you deserve the perfect dressing room to inspire all of your fabulous outfits. When it comes to establishing a place to strut your runway walk, try on different color combinations, and decipher the perfect way to accessorize, we at Modernize understand the importance of quality lighting. Boost your morale, body image, and outfit creativity with these simple tips.

Boost Your Body Image

Have you ever tried on a knock-out dress at your favorite store, only to come out of the dressing room disappointed, and with a negative self-image? You’re not alone. Poor lighting can create unflattering shadows on the body, highlight areas you wouldn’t normally emphasize, and overall turn your happy mood into a downer. You should be able to rock your outfits and feel confident as you put your wardrobe together, so take matters into your own hands.

Create your at-home dressing area with a full-length mirror system. We recommend a three-way mirror, so you can check out your look from all angles. This open mirror display reflects light in the best way possible.

When it comes to accessorizing your dressing room and playing up your figure, we recommend overhead lighting from Lightopia. Channel some glamourous ritz with an exquisite chandelier, like the Murano Leaf Chandelier, which will have you feeling like Hollywood royalty. Or, stick to the essentials with flattering overhead ceiling lights, wall sconces and flush mounts.

Focus Lighting for Detailed Tasks

Incorporating a vanity into your dressing room is a great way to try new makeup and jewelry combinations and coordinate with your wardrobe. For your vanity area, you’ll need a close-up mirror and some soft, flattering lighting, which will allow you to swipe that winged eyeliner with precision, and curve your brows perfectly.

Lightopia has an expansive selection of table lamps, but we love the sleek design of the E.F. Chapman Task Table Lamp. This lamp can be positioned until it’s perfect for your task at hand. If you need a soft background light that doesn’t necessarily have to be adjustable, we love the neutral and modern style of the Logico Table Lamp. Track lighting can also be a powerful tool when installed stylistically over the vanity mirror.

Up Your Glam Factor

Want to feel like a true Hollywood star? Frame your full-length mirror in flush mount lights, or build your own mini runway and strut your stuff along track lighting. Make sure to pivot and show off the whole outfit!

Your dressing room should be a place that boosts your morale and self-confidence. Creating outfit combinations is a release of creative energy, so don’t let poor lighting ruin the exciting experience for you!


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