Indoor Wedding Lighting: How to Illuminate Your Wedding

Wedding lighting is no little feat, in fact lighting for your indoor wedding can make or break the overall feeling of how you and your guests feel during the ceremony and the wedding reception.

When considering chandeliers, pendant lights and accent lighting you may want to take in to account these 8 helpful hints:

    1. Your overall layout
    2. How much electricity/amps you can devote to just lighting
    3. Do you have anything to hang lighting from
    4. Your wedding theme
    5. Your budget
    6. Lighting color
    7. Pin spot or the focus point of certain beams of light, i.e. a centerpiece, a wedding cake, or the bride and grooms table
    8. Will the events take place in the daylight or the evening hours

Here are few popular lighting trends for indoor weddings and wedding receptions:

    1. Shadow designs, create enchanting images such as stars, snowflakes and waterfalls on your walls and ceiling
    2. Flameless candles
    3. Up lighting can transform that average church space into a dreamy and memorable cathedral
    4. Aromatic candles
    5. Dance lights
    6. Lighted balloons
    7. Indoor ventless fireplaces
    8. Go rustic DIY with mason jar lighting and more

Just remember have fun, enjoy your day and for more examples of indoor wedding lighting ideas visit: Wedding Wire


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