If art emulates nature, and lighting is art, why not have lighting emulate nature? Maybe Aristotle said it best when he discussed the mimesis of nature defined as the perfection, and imitation of nature. Art is not only imitation but also the use of mathematical ideas and symmetry in the search for the perfect, the timeless, and contrasting being with becoming. Well, Aristotle would be amazed with the lighting of today, mainly because artificial light is a thing, but once he digested that and took a gander at the artistic nature of structure and light together.

It all started in 2006. Lindsey Adelman introduced the Branching Bubbles chandelier. The first project I saw this on, was over a long kitchen island in an open spaced A-frame loft. No words could express its effortless existence in the space, very natural, balanced, and perfection. This piece really started a movement, lots of other fixtures came after and maybe some did come before, but Branching Bubbles was a game changer, people love it, they love the way it makes them feel and spreads light over a space. They don't care how much it costs, they just want to be around it

If I could have one chandelier in all the world it would be Tord Bootje's Blossom. This sculpture is dripping with beauty and just the right amount of shine. It's careful organization and balanced branches make the real rawness of its natural form juxtaposed with its Swarovski bling make your jaw drop. Currently dressed with LED's the original version had halogen lamps that gave it a bit more sparkle. The blush colors of soft lavender and honey smoked crystals weighted by a flurry of clear crystals create a perfect symphony only outdone by nature itself. Tord, thank you for making this, from everyone.

Heracleum Big O Chandelier

Nature meets technology as the Heracleum Big O Chandelier designed by Bertjan Pot for Moooi, is inspired by none other than the Heracleum plant. The Endless beauty is in fact skin deep, as the metal coated painted is actually part of the low-voltage conductive properties that feed the LED encased buds the juice they need to light up. This family comes in multiple formations and finished in nickel or copper. Heracleum is pretty to look at, it's easy to understand, and puts a smile on your face.

We can't have a branch chandelier conversation without the incredible David Wiseman. His branch chandeliers are so life like, you'd think it was plucked out of your backyard. The stunning detail combined with the pure softness of ceramic Yucca bloom flowers is godlike. When the light emanates from the blooms at night as they sit on the branches it could possibly be the definition of peace and beauty.

The minimalist directive of Michael Anastassiades comes through with his Mobile Chandeliers. Featuring hand worked brass or black metal and a simple globe light balancing in the distance. These fixtures discuss the balance and play of nature and how they all just work together.

The Mid-Century modern Dallas Chandelier has been a favorite for some time. The vast collection of lights really pushes the effect into a wow factor. The slightly bubbled balls help create an effervescent natural touch on a rigid branch interpretation that is able to carry a table and a room as the perfect centerpiece.

Slide Pendant

The Slide by Hubbardton Forge is about as close as you can come to ever saying 'sexy branch' in your life. The wispy sculptural lines is undoubtedly sensual all the while being handmade out of wrought iron that says I'm more than good looking, I'm a strong light fixture.

The Bocci Armature patiently waited to debut it's modern branch adorning 28 series glass. The glass is mounted throughout a strong steel branched frame in a subtle black finish. The seamless feel of the frame with soft double blown glass 28 series glass fixtures creates a satellite galaxy in your space. The off balance architecture and carefully placed limbs add to it's simple organic expression.

The Antler glass bubble series by Siemon & Salazar utilizes modular components so that you can create the size and scale of your dreams. Adorned with hand blown bubble series glass and the signature effervescence, the light sparkles with joy inside the lead free crystal. The frame is comprised of rigid lines that help to disturb its appearance just enough like bark on a tree.

The Bowie chandelier by Stone Lighting is an elegant take on the classic branch with its off balance shape and small double glass walled satellites. A perfect solution for a long table or to float in a large space. Available in brass or black.

Fairfax Chandelier

Avenue Lighting's Fairfax Chandelier has clear dimpled glass globes add a touch of elegance, while the industrial vine design gives it a modern edge. The chandelier is available in several finishes, and comes with a variety of down rod lengths to customize the look.


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