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35 Chandelier Ideas to Illuminate Your Home

Chandeliers are some of the most popular lighting fixtures used in today's homes. With their various shapes, sizes, structures, and designs, chandeliers are well suited for spaces ranging from vintage to modern and anywhere in between. Since these lights have so much possibility, it can be a daunting task to choose the best chandelier for your home. To guide you through the process, here are 35 chandelier ideas, tips, tricks, and inspiration photos.


When designing an open concept space, you may use chandeliers to create distinction between different areas. Like this room, you may choose to center a chandelier with the dining space to distinguish that area as being set apart. However, complementary chandeliers can be used in the same space with stunning results.

A Modern Classic

Candelabra chandeliers are often associated with more traditional or classic styles. However, today's candelabras have been tailored to suit more modern homes. With simplified structures, limited ornamentation, and symmetry, candelabras like the one shown here are perfect for modern yet classic homes.


Modern homes often use cold and warm colors in tandem to create remarkable contrast. Hudson Valley's' Abrams Chandelier highlights this contrast through the sleek black base and warm aged brass rods. Black and brass, black and gold, and black and white are all popular color palettes for modern chandeliers.

Details on Details

Many elegant homes feature bold details throughout the room's wallpaper, artwork, and chandeliers. It is fine to simplify the room's design and limit the amount of details, but pairing detailed lighting fixtures with wallpaper or carvings can solidify the room's tone as highly luxurious and truly elegant.

Vintage and Modern

Although vintage and modern styles may seem to be opposites at first, these two styles can easily be blended to create a highly personal style. When combining styles like these, look at your room's furniture, artwork, and chandelier. If the furniture leans into amore contemporary aesthetic like this room does, then your room may benefit from a vintage chandelier to make the room feel more historic and timely.

Colossal Contemporary Lights

Modern and contemporary styles often limit their use of accents and furniture in order to create a minimalist aesthetic. In these schemes, your central chandelier can add a pop of artistry to a minimalist space and serve as a central focal point.

Softening The Scheme

No matter what room needs a chandelier, the room's architecture and furniture can serve as guidelines to choosing the best chandelier. This entryway has a lot of rigid, clean lines throughout the space, and so a similar lighting fixture could sufficiently fit into that scheme. However, another option is to take inspiration from this room and break the mold with a more rounded, softer chandelier.

Contemporary Candelabras

Candelabras may have traditional roots, but they too have been adapted to suit modern styles. The Wolfe Linear Chandelier may not have traditional candle sticks or flame-like lights, but it does mimic the shape of candles with its light rods. Such a modern take on a classic style will instantly transform any dining room to feel more contemporary.

Creating Conversation

Living room chandeliers are essential for providing lighting for this key space. A centralized chandelier can distribute light equally over a living room, but it can also serve as a key focal point for the room and help define the living room as a comfortable conversation place.

Lines and Curves

In general, curved and rounded edges present a softer tone than rigid linear lines. This principle is heavily utilized in this contemporary room through the chairs, table, accents, and ceiling light. If you are designing a contemporary space, consider how abstract and rounded chandeliers can best display your personal aesthetic.

Perfect Imperfection

Symmetry is often used in modern chandeliers to create a timeless, balanced aesthetic. Even so, choosing a light that is asymmetrical or more whimsical can have a great impact on the room's overarching tone. Like this chandelier from Mitzi, you may choose a light that plays with the position of light bulbs and accents to create a functional work of art and a great conversation piece.

Mixed Materials

Many modern, minimalist lights will limit their finishes and materials to be as streamlined as possible. However, other lights will intentionally use different materials, finishes, or colors to create a bold statement. The Yellowstone Chandelier highlighted here is one example that shows how traditional iron can be paired with rustic wood. Unconventional designs like this are ideal for creating truly custom spaces.

Balancing Complexity

Contemporary living rooms often include artistic details and patterns in unexpected ways. Whether your living room has a highly detailed wallpaper on the ceiling or on the room's walls, a chandelier can balance these details and create a stunning contemporary living room.

Subtly Coastal

The painting on this fireplace mantle is not the only sign that this room leans into a coastal style. The chandelier subtly conveys a coastal aesthetic with its use of natural materials, texture, and rounded shapes. Chandeliers like this are perfect for complementing coastal styles along with bohemian or rustic farmhouse spaces.

Anything But Boring

Some people consider white to be a bland, uninteresting color. This couldn't be further from the truth! When white is presented in numerous mediums, materials, and finishes, it can be a chic and stylish color. Your lighting fixture can be a part of that scheme and add dimension to any room.

Inspired Design

Lighting fixtures can serve as works of art in any room of the home, but they can truly excel in entryways and grand foyers. Like this foyer, you may align a chandelier with a table to create a key focal point. Not only is this an effective design choice, but since no one will walk directly beneath the chandelier, you can choose a low hanging fixture such as this one.

Starring Staircases

Entryway chandeliers are highly complementary with sprawling staircases. When the lights are placed near a staircase, they can create visual balance with a key architectural feature, draw attention to the stairway's details, and obviously provide essential lighting for safe passage.

Vintage Glam

Vintage and glam are the two primary styles of this bedroom, and that unified aesthetic would not be complete without the Amadeus Chandelier. The combination of vintage metals, old-fashioned detailing, and clean construction make this light perfect for not only this room, but for any room that wants vintage elegance.


Lighting designers are artists in their own right. With that, they often take inspiration from the world around them to create highly artistic lighting fixtures. The Agave Americana Chandelier finds its roots in the outdoors and flowering trees, which inspires the organic flow of the light and highlights a whimsical and yet classic tone.

All That Glitters is Gold

Gold is one of the most popular finishes for modern chandeliers. The warm tones of gold finishes are ideal for creating a warm and welcoming tone in any room of the home.

Complete Lighting Schemes

As bright as chandeliers can be, your room may require more lighting fixtures to create enough lighting for larger spaces. With that in mind, consider how a chandelier can complement other lighting fixtures like table lamps, floor lamps, and wall sconces. This luxurious master bedroom chandelier connects to the table lamps through similar rounded shapes and tone, but you may create other stylistic connections to suit your room's unique aesthetic and lighting scheme.

Elevated Farmhouse

Farmhouse style is often more homey and simple with its charm. However, a more elegant iron chandelier like this can instantly elevate the room's tone to create a more elegant, traditional farmhouse aesthetic.

Heavenly Retreat

This spa-like bathroom exudes comfort with its light color palette, gorgeous standing tub, and built in fire display. While these elements are enough to create a heavenly retreat, the central chandelier rounds out the room's design and is the final touch in creating a perfectly relaxing escape.

Complementary Design

In a previous example, the lighting fixture was set apart from the nearby architecture by featuring round shapes against rectangular and square architecture. This dining room however shows how the same shapes can be used to create a very focused and connected grand design. A round table, rounded chairs, and rounded chandelier all work together in this room to create a very soft modern aesthetic. Your room may similarly benefit from consistent shapes and edges.

Tasseled Texture

Chandeliers made of natural materials are ideal for adding visual interest to minimalist modern spaces like this. Because the light features so much variation in the threads, their placement, and flow, this light adds natural and texture to any room.

Infusing Color

Monochromatic color palettes are popular in today's homes. In these settings, a chandelier can perfectly reinforce that color palette, break away from the scheme entirely, or find balance between the two extremes. In this case, the chandelier mostly falls into the black and white color palette, but the warm metallic accents infuse new life into the room and break up the monotonous color scheme.

Unexpected Elegance

This tropical, jungle-inspired living room may not appear too elegant on its own, but the inclusion of a grand chandelier quickly changes the room's tone so that it is indeed highly luxurious. Do not underestimate the power of a well placed chandelier in determining the room's overarching style and tone.

Rustic Class

Rustic style is often combined with other aesthetics to create more modern or contemporary takes on the style. In these settings, the room's chandelier can convey modern charm and rusticity with simple branching arms and traditional candles.

A New Perspective

When choosing a chandelier for any part of the home, it is vital to consider how it will appear from different angles and perspectives. In the case of this stairwell, the light is perfectly placed so it is an accent as you ascend the stairs, as you pause on the landing, and as you descend to the first floor. This intentional placement creates visual balance and an essential focal point for longer staircases.

Original Tastes

Chandeliers truly come in every interior design style. The simple chandelier shown here is reminiscent of a Chinese lantern light with its shape, structure, and floral detailing. The subtle homage of this chandelier positively impacts the tone of this room and the eclectic style of the entire home.

Elegant Bedroom

A crystal chandelier can elevate your bedroom to feel like a luxurious retreat. Crystal, glass, and cast resin are three materials that are frequently used in high end chandeliers to create perfectly elegant chandeliers.

Caged Candelabras

Candelabras are incredibly diverse with their use of materials, finishes, and structures. Crystorama's Zucca Chandelier highlights one variation on a candelabra by surrounding the candles with a simple cage. Lights such as this should serve as inspiration for how vast the lighting world is.

Tiered Design

A two-tiered chandelier can instantly elevate whatever space it's placed in. When adding a two-tiered chandelier to any space, it's wise to center it above a table or island to ensure that no one will walk beneath it and bump into it. This rule does not necessarily have to be followed if you are using a two-tiered chandelier in room with a vaulted or taller ceiling.

Unending Possibilities

Vertical chandeliers are some of the most popular options for ceiling lights, but horizontal chandeliers are another great option for customizing your home. These horizontal chandeliers are often placed over kitchen islands or dining room tables to provide more even lighting across the whole surface and complement rectangular fixtures. However, these are just two scenarios where you can take advantage of linear chandeliers.

To New Heights

Rooms with tall ceilings are aptly suited to complement chandeliers. One standard way to use chandeliers with arched or vaulted ceilings is to center the light in the middle of the room, at the tallest portion of the ceiling. This creates perfect visual balance and helps distribute light equally over a wider space.

Chandeliers are full of potential. With so many options with styles, finishes, and designs, these lights can complement any interior design style. After seeing so many wonderful examples of chandelier types, finishes, and designs, you may now design your home to convey your one of a kind aesthetic.


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