Cerno Launches California Modern Outdoor Lighting

We sat down with Cerno to find out a little bit more behind their outdoor led sconces and what went into there design.

Cerno is the Southern California lighting manufacturer started in 2009 by Laguna Beach childhood friends Bret Englander, Nick Sheridan, and Daniel Wacholder. They saw an opportunity to marry lighting design and energy-efficient LED lighting technology into modern forms. In fact, they pioneered the concept of creating a company solely dedicated to LED, much like Tesla to the electric car, Cerno never even messed around with Incandescent bulbs. They innovated in a tired lighting market by introducing new designs focused on wood craftsmanship, lighting functionality, and led heat sinks. It worked really well, and here they are today continuing to push forward by designing lights for an area three surfers know a lot about, the beach. Their new exterior led wall sconces were engineered to comply with UL Wet listed ratings while the materials and components were meticulously designed to withstand the elements.

Calx Outdoor Downlight Wall Sconce

What inspired you to take your lighting design to the outdoors?

California design is filled with amazing indoor/outdoor areas and we wanted to explore lighting that was could be used in both spaces. It felt like a very natural progression for us. We knew that many of our designs that work well for interior environments could be adapted to suit exterior environments.

What did you have in mind when designing your exterior lights for California homes?

Our strategy was to engineer the lights to handle the harshest of environments, making them more than capable of handling California's climate. It was essential for us to preserve our clean lines and natural material palette that you see throughout the rest of our products.

What type of materials did you rely on, given our sometimes harsh environments by the beach?

The line is mostly metal with some concrete as well. Two natural materials that come from the earth and are proven to be very resilient in any climate. Some of the line is Marine Grade Stainless steel and very well suited for the saltwater air.

Acuo Outdoor Wall Sconce

Where do you see the future in Cerno's LED product line headed?

We believe that people will become more informed about the benefits and harm of different types of light. We are excited to explore the health benefits of light and see how we can incorporate them into our products.

How has the covid pandemic influenced your fixture design outlook?

We are listening to our clients and customers but trying not to be too reactive. We think there will be some lasting impacts, but it's still yet to be seen what those will be. Hopefully, people see an opportunity to incorporate more quality design into healthcare, which is a trend that was happening before the pandemic.

Favorite SoCal surf spot?

A surfer never tells. But we still typically surf in Laguna at little novelty waves across the town.

Always staying local, Cerno recently shifted their lighting production during Covid to produce masks for the community. Designing what's around you to make a difference, a change, and an impact seems to be the Cerno way and we will all look forward to the LED lighting fixtures home grown in California for years to come.


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