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6 of the best Living Room Track Lighting Ideas

Track lighting is as diverse as it is versatile. These lights come in many different aesthetics to suit modern living rooms, rustic dens, and highly contemporary spaces. When including track lights in a living room, it is important to consider what purposes they'll fulfill and how they'll further the room's grand design. Keep reading for some tips, tricks, and inspiration on using living room track lights in your home.

Specialized Spacing

Symmetry is a powerful tool in interior design, but perfect symmetry isn't necessary to create a cohesive room. In this living room, a series of track lights point directly at the bookcase to provide great lighting, but on the opposite side of the room, only three lights are used to show off the artwork. Even though there isn't an equal balance of lights, this type of layout works because of the consistency of using the same lights and using them intentionally with their designated areas.

The Great Outdoors

Outdoor track lights are a great option for decks, patios, porches, and outdoor living spaces. These lights can be directed at specific elements like a water fountain or statue, or they may be directed to give off general lighting to the space. No matter what function they serve, outdoor track lights are both practical and stylish.

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Great Galleries

Track lights are perfectly suited to accent gallery walls and your favorite works of art. Since track lights can be directed in specific directions, you can intentionally shine light onto the artwork in a very natural, artistic way. Aside from highlighting the artwork, the track lights add ambiance to the room thanks to their lighting direction and how the light beams fall.

Framing The Room

Whether your room features an expansive array of artwork or not, you can use track lighting to surround the entire room and highlight all the room's walls. This room uses white track lighting to complement a contemporary living room art gallery, but you can use a similar setup to show off the room's architecture, highlight cabinetry, or just create a unique aesthetic.

Off the Rails

Track lights are often installed on rails, but these lights can be mounted in other ways to exemplify your style. In this case, small white track heads are mounted to the ceiling itself to create a more minimalist modern aesthetic. This simplicity allows other elements of the room to shine, such as the various ceiling lights, chandeliers, and textures shown in the room's furniture.

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Recessed Rustic Lights

In a similar vein to track lights, recessed ceiling lights are also ideally suited to cast light over specific areas or create general lighting for an entire room. Recessed ceiling lights used to be solely associated with modern aesthetics, but these lights are now diverse and versatile enough to work in vintage or rustic styles as well.

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When including living room track lights in your home, you have plenty of options with how the lights are mounted, how they're placed, and what direction they're pointed in. With the living room track lighting ideas listed above, you now have the knowledge and inspiration to use these lights to style your home.


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